Arc 6: Ghost Ship
Chapter 112: Party

They were all rescued a minute later.

Soon after being rescued onto the ship, Su Min saw a shark swim over. He could tell in an instant that it was the shark that was supposed to kill himself and Su Ying.

But amazingly, it just swam around them, as if it didn’t see the cruise ship. It then disappeared into the depths of the water.

It was as if the ship didn’t exist.

Su Min stood at the edge. The sea breeze sent chills down his body and his clothes were completely soaked and uncomfortable.

There were four people on the deck, two men and two women. They weren’t particularly old and were wearing ordinary clothes. The women on the other hand were wearing gowns.

They were probably on this cruise ship for a holiday.

Qin Mu Yin comforted Xia He Yin and apologised awkwardly.

Su Ying followed behind Su Min and pretended to be afraid.

A short-haired woman stepped forward and asked: “Did something happen when you were out at sea?”

Qin Mu Yin replied: “Yes, we encountered a storm. Fortunately, we met you or we would have all died out there.”

The short-haired woman smiled, “Your clothes are all wet. If you don’t change out of it soon, you’ll catch a cold. I’ll call the captain.”

Qin Mu Yin:  “Thank you.”

Xia He Yin next to him whispered: “We should borrow their phone and get a boat to come and pick us up.”

She didn’t want to stay at sea any longer.

“I’ll ask them if they’re going back.” Qin Mu Yin reassured her: “If they are, we can just go with them.”

Xia He Yin nodded. “Okay.”

After waiting a few minutes, the short-haired woman brought a middle-aged fat man wearing a hat out of the cabin.

Someone called out: “The captain is here.”

Su Min’s eyes were fixed on the captain. Since the ship is a ghost ship, the captain must have something to do with it.

The captain looked just like those chubby middle-aged men. His beer belly was rather large, and it was prominent in his clothes. As he walked, it would shake along.

He looked at them and said: “My name is Zhang Chen Tian. I am the captain of Victoria. It is obvious something had happened to you all. We still have empty rooms available here. Would you like to change out of your clothes first?”

Hearing this, they felt relieved.

The captain seemed to be quite easy going. With this, it looks like they didn’t need to worry about getting kicked out.

They should change first before getting to business.

The captain took them to a room. Probably because they were in the middle of a party, balloons still hung above.

With soft music playing, groups of men and women danced. It was a very normal party on a cruise ship.

Su Min watched on from beginning to end but couldn’t find anything wrong with it.

After passing this floor, they reached the next floor down. Next to the narrow corridors were doors leading to the individual rooms. Room numbers were clearly marked on the doors.

The captain opened a door, “There are only two occupied on this floor so you can pick your own rooms. It is fate that we have met so you don’t need to give us anything.”

Despite the small space, the room was actually quite okay.

They could tell in an instant that the captain was quite generous.

Qin Mu Yin was elated. He quickly said: “Thank you captain. We’re so lucky to have met you today.”

The captain smiled: “Of course, we are too.”

Qin Mu Yin didn’t think much about those words of his.

The captain said: “There are clean clothes in the rooms. You can change into them. We’re currently having a party so you can join in later.”

Qin Mu Yin nodded, “Okay.”

The captain turned and got ready to leave. Xia He Yin quickly stopped him. She then apologetically removed her hand, “Captain, when will you be going to shore?”

The captain thought for a moment, “The time hasn’t been decided yet, but it won’t be long. At most a few days because we only have so much food prepared.”

Xia He Yin asked again: “Do you have a phone I can borrow?”

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The captain thought for a moment, “Because of the storm, the signal isn’t working right now. You won’t be able to call out even if you borrowed it.”

Xia He Yin smiled reluctantly, “Okay, I understand. Thank you.”

It was fine as long as they could go back. A few days wasn’t long. If the captain was willing to accept them, she was fine with it.

After the captain left, Qin Mu Yin said: “Let’s change first. If we catch a cold, we won’t be able to get it treated.”

In fact, he didn’t know what to say. He could only feel relieved that they were able to survive. If he continued to speak, he was worried that an argument would arise.

Su Min said: “I’ll use this one then.”

He randomly picked a room in the middle.

He chose it because he felt that the rooms on the sides were more prone to accidents and because he felt that being in the middle was more psychologically reassuring.

The rooms that were occupied couldn’t be opened and soon everyone found a room each.

Su Ying followed Su Min into the room.

She was still thinking about the scene earlier, “The captain’s belly is really big. Even my teacher’s beer belly isn’t that big. He looks like he’s pregnant.”

Hearing her say that, Su Min said: “Such a thing is quite normal.”

He opened the cabinet and took out a few sets of clothes out. There were male and female ones and of very ordinary design.

Su Min found clothes that was his size.

“There are no clothes for you here because there aren’t any children.” He randomly grabbed the smallest set, “You’ll have to deal with it. I’ll help you tie it up with a belt later.”

Su Ying took the clothes into the bathroom, “Okay then.”

Because she is now in a body of a nine-year-old child, everything that she wore was big. Adult shirts could easily be worn as a dress.

When she came out, Su Min found a rope and wrapped it around her waist, “Done.”

It was really troublesome taking care of a child.

For the first time, Su Min felt that children were troublesome. He not only had to take into consideration all kinds of things, he also needed to make sure he didn’t hurt their feelings.

Su Ying asked: “Are you internally complaining about me?”

Su Min said: “No.”

Su Ying: “With you denying it like that, it looks like you were.”

Su Min didn’t have anything to say in response to that.

He turned around and went into the bathroom with his clothes. He thought for a moment and warned her: “Don’t go out. It’s dangerous outside.”

It was still late at night. No one knows what might be waiting outside.

Su Ying nodded, “I’m very obedient.”

After changing, Su Min saw the young girl sprawled across the bed reading something with interest. She didn’t even notice him coming out.

He reached over to grab the paper, “What is this?”

Su Ying sat up, “This is an introduction to the cruise ship. Look, it says that the ship is called Victoria and that the captain is called Zhang Chen Tian. It was built a long time ago.”

Victoria was the name of this cruise ship.

They didn’t know why a ship filled with Chinese people would have an English name. Perhaps it was because they felt that it sounded more luxurious?

The captain’s photo was printed next to his name and his identity could be confirmed. It was indeed he himself, not a replacement.

After the movie experience last time, Su Min was left with some psychological shadows.

There wasn’t much written on the paper and he didn’t manage to find out anything. They even only wrote a few lines about Victoria.

Someone knocked on the door, “Su Min are you ready?”

Su Min responded: “Almost done.”

Qin Mu Yin’s voice travelled in from outside, “Then hurry up. We’re going to go upstairs and have some fun at the party.”

Su Min opened the door, “Done.”

Qin Mu Yin was surprised for a moment, “So fast. I thought I would need to wait a while for you.”

Su Ying poked her head out from behind Su Min, “We can go now.”

This floor was very quiet but the floor above was completely different. The lights were colourful and they were even dimmed down.

 The people in the centre of the room twisted and turned to the music.

The captain was nowhere in sight. He wasn’t here and the people from the deck earlier had already left.

Tang Yishu expressed emotionally: “It’s nice to be so rich. If not for this, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy a cruise party like this in my entire lifetime.”

Just the thought of it was amazing.

Song Nan Nan said: “I’m quite willing to stay here a few more days. It’s free and the captain is very accommodating.”

Su Min remained calm on the surface.

With the captain being so accommodating, there definitely was a problem. This is a ghost ship. It wouldn’t be peaceful for long. In any case, something was bound to happen.

He was not interested in the party and just quietly sat on the side watching the others.

With him like this, Su Ying also behaved bored. Like a little girl who was tired of the world, she acted disinterested.

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As a result, several people came over expressing their concern.

Every time, Su Ying would shake her head or nod silently. She maintained the principle of only speaking when necessary.

Over time, they no longer came over.

There were small cakes, tea and snacks on the table. Su Ying whispered: “Are these edible? Will there be crazy things inside like fingers?”

Su Min glanced over, “It shouldn’t.”

Su Ying didn’t feel reassured. Fingers had appeared in two of the movies she had seen. In addition to it being disgusting if you ate it, it also was a sign that something problematic would happen.

She crushed the cake and only took a bite after confirming that there wasn’t anything strange. It was actually pretty good.

Su Min asked: “Didn’t you already have a big birthday cake earlier? You’re already hungry?”

Su Ying said: “Didn’t they put it here for us to eat?”

After finishing one, she licked her lips and looked around. She whispered, “It seems to be quite normal right now.”

Su Min said: “Maybe something will happen at night.”

When something happens, everyone here would find out about it. At that time, things won’t be peaceful anymore. It was something horror movies like to do.

Su Ying suddenly thought of something, “I checked before we came. There is a saying that you shouldn’t dress up as a ghost for a boat party because it would attract ghosts.”

She pointed to the centre of the room, “Isn’t that women dressed up as one?”

Su Min looked over. It was a woman in a white dress. Probably because of her dress and makeup, she did indeed look like a ghost.

When she noticed his gaze, the woman in the white dress also looked over.

Su Min looked away. He then heard the young girl ask: “With it so dangerous here, do you think she’s a real ghost or a fake one?”

Real or fake, it was still a problem.

Su Ying was only commenting about it casually. She then changed the topic, “Su Min, there’s a beautiful lady over there. You should ask her for a dance.”

Su Min: “You’re calling me by name now?”

“Okay, fine. Brother.” Su Ying said, “If you don’t invite her now, you won’t have the chance to do it later. Don’t regret it afterwards.”

Su Min said: “What’s there to regret?”

He had no interest in women and he also didn’t like dancing.

There were more than a dozen people at the party. Including the six of them, there were more than twenty filling the room.

Su Ying turned around and looked at him, “Did you not see the other person’s face?”

Su Min: “No.”

He lowered his head and poured himself a glass of water. After carefully examining it, he took a sip to clear away the salty taste in his mouth from the sea water earlier.

Su Ying patted his shoulder, “She’s coming over to ask you for a dance.”

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