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Arc 6: Ghost Ship
Chapter 113: Women’s Clothing

Su Ying said that with confidence. Su Min glanced over a little and frowned slightly. When did the other party appear?

He was certain no one was standing there earlier.

The people dancing in the centre earlier weren’t wearing a dress like this. Did a ghost suddenly appear?

After observing for a while, he couldn’t find the answer to his question. He then turned around.

He was then stunned, “Chen Su?”

The woman standing before him was gorgeous. Her hair fluttered in the air. Matched with her dress, she had delicate make up on and there was even a gorgeous necklace hanging from her neck.

The problem was……..That face looked like Chen Su.

The Chen Su from last time was extremely handsome whereas the one before him was gorgeous. He didn’t know if it was something achieved by the makeup.

The beautiful woman spoke up: “Shall we dance?”

Su Min stood there in shock for a while. There was still a trace of his voice in that woman’s voice. He pinched his face, “Is this real?”

He thought it might be a shell.

Chen Su: “……….”

Su Min drank some water. The shock he received this time wasn’t small. He carefully asked: “But are you suddenly dressed as a woman………”

And he was even better looking than the female protagonist.

Chen Su: “Of course it is in order to dance.”

He said that as if it was a very proper reason.

Su Min said: “You really have an obsession with dancing.”

In the last movie, he constantly had the word ‘dancing’ hanging from his mouth. He didn’t even dance along with the others and just sat there but it seemed to have left Chen Su with a strong impression.

Why was he so insistent on dancing……..

Su Min again wanted to reach out and pinch his face, but he held himself back: “I don’t know how to dance. You will be disappointed.”

Chen Su smiled, “I’ll teach you.”

Su Min was just about to speak but he was pushed by Su Ying, “Go. Don’t stand here bothering me enjoying my cake.”

Su Min: “???”

He was sitting on a high stool. With that push, he fell forward and was caught directly by Chen Su.

Su Min could hear Qin Mu Yin’s sound of exclamation from nearby: “Wow, damn lucky!”

It really was indeed a lucky meeting, he quietly grumbled.

Su Min had not recovered from his shock. Every time he saw Chen Su’s face, he couldn’t help but want to study it closely. How did he manage to wear those clothes and make it look like a woman’s body?


Chen Su looked down, “Do you want to touch?”

Su Min: “Touch what?”

Chen Su said: “Then why are you staring at my chest?”

Su Min: “…….Your chest looks good.”

Chen Su: “Thank you for your compliment.”

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Hearing that, Su Min quietly moved his line of sight away. It was just that he hadn’t seen it before. Le Ling at that time had a flat chest and it couldn’t be seen at all. He surprisingly had a chest.

He couldn’t figure it out. The key thing was that Chen Su was very pleased.

As a study god who only spent his time studying, he didn’t know much about things like this. Since this was a movie, Chen Su could do anything he wanted.

Chen Su moved closer to him: “You’re not happy?”

Su Min silently glanced at him, “……Pretty happy.”

Chen Su was originally quite tall, and that fact didn’t change.

Su Min almost wondered if he had made a mistake.

The two of them entered the centre of the room without attracting anyone’s attention. Instead, they managed to mix in with the group.

A long time ago, his school had a special ballroom dance class, but Su Min wasn’t very good at it.

Now with Chen Su pulling him along, the first thing he did was step onto his feet.

Su Min was embarrassed: “Sorry.”

Chen Su wrapped his arm around his waist, “It’s okay.”

When he talked to him, his voice had returned to his original deep and magnetic voice. The end of his words also dragged a little.

Chen Su also said: “Just follow me.”

He only wore one layer after changing his clothes and Chen Su’s fingers were as cold as ever. His hand rested slightly below his waistline.

Su Min wasn’t touched there in years and it felt a little strange.

The two were standing close together. Their heights were similar so they could feel each other’s breaths distinctly. The people around them didn’t pay them any attention.

Su Min subconsciously slowed down his breathing.

He gently pushed but wasn’t able to push him away. He reached out to touch his waist and ended up touching his fingers.

Fine then.

Su Min had nothing to lose. He decided to just go ahead and satisfy Chen Su’s wish. In any case, it was just a dance. It wasn’t a big deal.

Hearing his sigh, Chen Su chuckled.

Dancing wasn’t something tiring. Su Min didn’t do much and was guided by Chen Su the entire time. After dancing for a while, he began to find it quite fun.

It’s no wonder Chen Su was so obsessed with dancing.

Su Min wanted to ask about his identity, but he eventually changed his question: “Why do you want me calling you Xiao Su?”

Hearing this, Chen Su touched his lips and said softly: “That’s something you should ask yourself. You shouldn’t ask me.”

Su Min didn’t understand. He didn’t remember being acquainted with him in the past.

“Are you going to appear as a human from now on?” He also added: “Since the movie last time, did you become human?”

Chen Su said: “Of course not.”

A ghost was more convenient.

He liked being a ghost. He liked the feeling when only Su Min could see him.

When they returned back, Su Min drank some water. Su Ying had already eaten three small cakes.

Su Ying asked: “How did it feel?”

Su Min said: “You can give it a try.”

“There’s no young boys to invite me.” Su Ying rolled her eyes, “Where’s brother Chen Su?”

Su Min only now remembered him. He looked around and said: “Probably disappeared again. He’s always like this.”

He would appear whenever he wanted and leave whenever he pleased.

As he looked back, Su Min saw the captain standing in the corner. He was looking over in his direction with a smile on his face.

He was still wearing that large hat. It covered the entirety of his head.

Seeing Su Min look over, the captain smiled at him and raised his glass.

Su Min smiled back and looked away.

Su Ying was eating fruit, “The fruit here is really fresh. I thought there wouldn’t be fresh food when you’re at sea.”

Hearing her say that, Su Min’s eyes also fell onto the fruit on the table.

This cruise ship was very rich in resources. The fruits and cakes were very fresh. The fruits even still maintained a healthy glow.

Su Min wasn’t in the mood to eat.

Food could suddenly change in a movie. Su Ying however had been eating nonstop and nothing seemed to have happened.

As he thought this, the captain came over with a pile of food.

He placed it on the table, “This is food we prepared for tonight. It’s a gift for our meeting.”

Tang Yishu rushed over, “Thank you captain.”

The captain said: “You’re welcome.”

He turned and left.

Su Min looked at the plate. He then couldn’t help but look back up at the captain only to see him glancing back at them as he walked away.

Seeing him look over, he looked back and disappeared out the door.

Su Min had a bad feeling.

This feeling of being watched made him feel uncomfortable.

Song Nan Nan covered her mouth and cried out: “AHH!”

She quickly slapped away Tang Yishu’s hand and violently shook her head. She even took a few steps back in fear.

Tang Yishu had a look of confusion, “What are you doing.”

Song Nan Nan was still in a state of shock, “Don’t eat, don’t eat. There’s………”

Before she could finish talking, she stopped.

Tang Yishu asked, “What did you see?”

Song Nan Nan rubbed her eyes. She said in disbelief: “Did I see wrong?”

Seeing her changes, Su Min felt that something wasn’t right. He asked: “What did you see on it?”

Song Nan Nan glanced at him and whispered: “I saw earlier some……disgusting bugs…..but now I don’t see it anymore.”

She reached out and pointed somewhere on the plate.

Tang Yishu looked over, “There’s nothing there.”

At this moment, a bug crawled out. It happened right before him, scaring him to death. He almost fell to the ground.

Song Nan Nan cried out: “It’s this!”

This time everyone saw it. The bug was still alive, and it was twisting and squirming around. It looked extremely disgusting.

Su Ying still had a fork in her hand. She poked at it using the fork and threw it onto the ground.

She then stomped onto it.

Those actions of hers didn’t take more than a few seconds. Song Nan Nan was a little in awe, “Wow, amazing…”

Please read this from kk translates

After being trampled to death, they couldn’t tell what it was anymore.

Su Ying retched after she was done, “Brother, you have to change my shoes when we go back. I might not be able to sleep from disgust otherwise.”

Su Min: “…….Okay.”

He didn’t expect his sister to be so brave.

Su Ying used the fork to stir through the rest of the food and several more appeared. Faced with this situation, they could no longer remain calm.

It was too disgusting.

Qin Mu Yin thought they were eating something good and brought Xia He Yin over only to be shown a scene like this.

He almost vomited back out the food he ate the day before.

The ground was a mess. Everyone stood far from that mess.

Qin Mu Yin learned of what happened and said: “Why don’t we ask the captain? He wouldn’t have deliberately given that to us.”

Su Min internally thought: ‘He did it on purpose.’

Xia He Yin didn’t have a good expression either, “They probably didn’t know that it had expired. It’s better to let them know.”

Song Nan Nan calmed herself down, “Let’s go.”

They proceeded to walk over.

Su Min and Su Ying walked at the back. They followed them slowly.

“The cake earlier was definitely fine.” Su Ying looked back at the three empty plates on the table, “They’re fine.”

If she found out there was a problem, she would vomit it out immediately.

Su Min said: “It’s probably because you ate the food Chen Su left.”

He recalled smelling cake on Chen Su. He thought it was some kind of perfume but now that he thought about it, this kind of reasoning sounded more plausible.

Su Ying was stunned for a moment, “Wow brother Chen Su is amazing. He not only can take care of a family, he can even fight monsters. Men like these are hard to find. You should cherish him.”

Su Min said: “When did he fight monsters?”

Su Ying said: “Ghosts are also monsters. You can’t deny that.”

Su Min: “…….Okay.”

Despite the exclamations and commotion earlier, the people dancing didn’t appear to have noticed it.

When they passed by the dance floor, Qin Mu Yin saw the short-haired woman. He tugged at her arm and asked: “Excuse me, where is the captain now?”

The other party’s arm was a little cold. He quickly let go.

The short-haired woman looked around and said: “Downstairs. You just need to call out and you’ll know. CAPTAIN——-”

When she was done speaking, she shouted out.

Not long afterwards, the captains chubby figure appeared at the door. He wore his big hat and his belly jiggled as he walked in.

He asked: “What’s wrong?”

Tang Yishu rearranged his words and advised him: “Captain, the food you gave us earlier may have……expired a little.”

The captain immediately denied it: “Impossible!”

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