Guess Who I Am
Chapter 33: Unknown Penalty

At this moment, everyone’s attitude towards the invigilator had changed. Afterall, this Mr. 001 had just destroyed the examination centre and even saved their lives.
They had always thought that Qin Jiu was equivalent to the system and had considered him to be from the opposing side.
But now it seems…….not to be the case?
At the very least, it wasn’t completely so.

They didn’t expect the invigilator to also end up receiving punishment. They were very surprised by this.
However, the system appeared to think that it was an internal affair between them and did not have any intention to elaborate further.

Those crows opened their mouths together and added:
【After the deduction, the total score is still higher than this exam’s average score.】
【Reward: Examinee You Huo has received the right to draw once.】

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Considering the results from the last examination too, it looked like rewards will be issued if total scores were above average or if there was outstanding performance.
The rewarded examinee would be the one who earned the most points during the exam.
This time You Huo scored nine points by sending out the packages to the villages so he naturally was the one to receive the reward.

The examination centre was destroyed. The system was about to be angered to death yet it didn’t forget to issue out the rewards.
Was this system crazy?
Everyone present was totally confused.
Chen Bin was even more so. He had never expected that, even after all the punishment and deductions, their final result was still higher than average!


With a ‘ding’, Qin Jiu’s phone received a notification.
He didn’t waste time speaking nonsense and proceeded to pull out a box of familiar looking cards.
You Huo stared suspiciously at his hand.
Qin Jiu fanned the cards out and moved it over to him: “Does my hand look nice? You’re looking at it for a long time.”
You Huo: “………..”

This invigilator here didn’t take the punishment seriously at all and still had the nerve to tease the examinee.
Watching You Huo’s cold expression turn green with anger was probably the only fun thing to do while he was working.
“Or were you worried that I would cheat you?” Qin Jiu said.
You Huo: “………Who knows if you’re going to pull out a deck of trash cards.”
“Relax, the rules don’t allow that. In this exam, the rules hold the most authority.” Qin Jiu blinked a few times: “Trust me. If it wasn’t restricted by it, the system would give you a box of guaranteed pass cards to let you pick from.”
You Huo: “…………”

Hearing this, everyone realised something.
Why was the system still rewarding You Huo despite the fact that it was about to be angered to death by him?
It wasn’t because they’re crazy. It was because they wanted to send this God of Misfortune away.


Unfortunately, this wish fell through.
The lucky king You Huo drew a card and managed to draw a good student card.

> Outstanding Examinee. You will be rewarded for your efforts.
Note: This is recognition of the examinee’s intelligence, physical fitness and morals. You are a kind and excellent examinee. I hope you can keep up the good effort.


Who is this mocking?

The examination room was silent. Only the crows fluttered its wings and said in a rigid voice:
【A total of one drawing opportunities have been used. The drawing is over. Congratulations.】
Although it said ‘congratulations’, it sounded like ‘go die’.

“Would you like to keep this card or should I temporarily hold onto it?” Qin Jiu asked.
It’s as if this garbage card was extremely valuable.
You Huo rolled his eyes and walked away.

With all the rewards and punishments settled, the crows spread their wings and flew away. The circled a few times before plunging into the sea of fire.
“Fuck……….” Everyone made a sound of exclamation.
It was as if they had completed their task and were now sent to feed the fire.

The fire burned for a few more seconds before it suddenly disappeared.
The whole thing happened in a blink of an eye and everyone was stunned for a long time.
They didn’t know how many years Chars Village had been here nor did they know how many examinees had been buried here.
But from now on, only scorched earth remained.


Old Yu looked around, “It’s all burnt. I can’t see the road back. Do you think this one with the cobblestones is the right one?”
“Don’t worry, let’s just go. Roads are everywhere now.”
Yu Wen then turned and asked: “Sister, are you okay?”

Yu Yao was the most unfortunate one amongst them when they escaped from those ghost limbs. At that time there were too many of them and their momentum was too strong. Everyone was too preoccupied with themselves and in a blink of an eye, they disappeared in different directions.
When everyone found her again, she was hiding behind a thorny bush with her back against a tree. He body was covered in mud and her clothes were torn.
Fortunately, her life wasn’t in danger.

Since then, she had been sitting on some broken tree branches.
Mike’s extra large and puffy jacket wrapped tightly around her, revealing only a pale face. She was so weak; she almost had no presence.
Seeing that everyone was worried, she said softly: “I’m okay.”
“We have to leave here now. Here, I’ll carry you.” Yu Wen crouched down in front of her.

Maybe it was because she also had the same “Yu” surname, or maybe it was because Yu Yao had always been rather soft spoken and gentle natured, Yu Wen regarded her as his sister.
“It’s alright. I can walk.” Yu Yao patted his shoulder.
“Don’t force yourself.” Yu Wen said: “With your stomach, it’s a miracle for it to come so far. You’re still able to walk after just narrowly escaping from death? Who are you trying to deceive?!”

Yu Yao originally wanted to say something, but she bit her lip when she heard him say that. She lowered her eyes and said: “Then…..if you get tired halfway, you have to tell me.”
“Okay, okay, okay. If I get tired, we’ll swap, and you can carry me. Sounds good?”
Yu Yao lightly smacked the back of his head.
Yu Wen giggled dumbly.

In fact, at this moment some doubt flashed through several people’s minds.
Was it really okay for a pregnant woman to continue like this?
But perhaps it was because they had just narrowly escaped from death, Old Yu and the others were too tired to think too deeply about it.
Despite having this thought flash by, they all concluded that she was able to last this long because of Yu Yao’s stubbornness.

The cobblestone road Old Yu found turned out the be the correct way.
They walked for a long time through the scorched field, and finally reached the outskirts of the examination centre.
There was a freeway with a rusty sign standing by the side of the road. Familiar words “Intercity Bus” were printed on it. It was exactly the same as how it was when they first arrived.
As soon as they stood under the metal sign, a familiar minivan appeared.
It was even the same driver.

The driver opened the door and watched them rush in.
Old Yu didn’t hold back and teased: “What’s wrong sir? You look like you just saw a ghost.”
The driver didn’t answer.
He stood beside the driver’s seat and counted the heads.

After counting back and forth three times, he finally spoke up: “I have been driving this car for almost three years and I have only dropped people off without needing to pick them up. This is the first time for someone to come out alive and needing me to pick them up.”
Old Yu said: “Speaking of this, you really are not nice. When we came here you pretended to be mute and even told us before leaving not to go into the woods. Did you know? If not for us being rebellious, the car you’re driving would be a hearse.”
Everyone echoed his sentiments.

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“Didn’t pretend.” The driver sat back down. His voice was thick and hoarse: “The people boarding the bus is going to die anyway so chatting is just a waste of emotion. Why should I do that?”
The others couldn’t refute.

“As for the woods……..It is something I have to say every time I send someone to the examination centre. This is my rule. I can’t violate it. In this exam, the rules hold the most authority.”
This was their second time today hearing those words.
Everyone was a little curious: “Say…….sir, are you an NPC?”
Driver: “………..”

“But you are also different from the NPC’s like the black widow.” Yu Wen said: “They are part of the examination centre and would live in there. Everything they say and do follow the examination setting. You are different. You even know about the examination rules. What are you?”
The driver said vaguely: “Have you been to the rest stops? Seen the owner of the inn and store? I’m similar to them.”
“Oh.” Yu Wen then asked: “Then you must go what’s going on with this exam. Can you tell us? After two exams, I still don’t know what this exam is for. There must be a purpose for it, right?”
Driver: “…………”

This question was actually something You Huo asked Yu Wen to ask.
But unfortunately, they weren’t able to get any answers.

The driver glanced quickly through the rear-view mirror. He lowered the brim of his baseball cap and said: “I don’t know. Don’t ask anymore. If you have any questions, leave it until you reach the rest stop to discuss. There’s no point discussing it with me.”
Yu Wen looked at You Huo and spread open his hands. He mouthed: “They’re not answering.”
You Huo was not surprised.

The driver’s lips were tight, and his expression was stiff. His dark, slender arms manoeuvred the steering wheel as he looked at the examinees cautiously through the rear-view mirror.
You Huo leaned against the card reader and suddenly asked: “Are you also monitored? Like those invigilators?”

The driver almost rammed into a tree. He stopped onto the brakes, and then turned to stare at You Huo.
“What do you mean like an invigilator? I used to be an invigilator!” The driver sneered coldly. His tone was very unpleasant.
Everyone in the car was stunned: “Then how come you’re driving?”
“I made a mistake.”

Everyone was stupefied for a long time. They asked: “Then when you said that you’re the same as the owner of the inn and the warehouse……”
The driver again said: “They were also originally invigilators. Do you have a problem with that?”
“Is that always the case if you make a mistake?” Yu Wen couldn’t help but ask.
“Not necessarily.”

The driver wanted to say that they were just reserve invigilators. If they were official ones, you had too look at their ranks. The punishments are different for invigilators of different ranks.
But he thought about it and felt that it was pointless saying these things so he kept his mouth shut and maintained a cold expression.


The driver no longer spoke. You Huo however recalled invigilator 001 who was about to be punished. He wondered what punishment he would receive.
You Huo copied and pasted Qin Jiu’s face onto the driver, then onto the owner of the inn and then onto the owner of the warehouse store. In any case, without missing anyone, he pasted his face onto them one by one.
He didn’t know if Qin Jiu would be worse off or if these people were worse off.
You Huo imagined it and snorted.

The driver thought he was being ridiculed. He waved his hand angrily to drive him away: “Go away. Go back to your seat and sleep! Don’t bother be while I’m driving, or I’ll let you all die together.”
You Huo looked at him for a moment through his half-lidded eyes. He then slung his backpack
onto his right shoulder and sat on the last row without a word.


The journey back was extraordinarily long. The intercity minivan shook on for more than four hours.
The driver probably did it deliberately and drove like he was drunk. It swayed and wobbled, making everyone on board feel sick.
When You Huo woke up, it was dark outside.
Yellow-white lights intertwined into a foil and it extended further into the distance.
At first glance, it looked like city lights at night.

He squinted for a moment and for a moment thought he was back to reality.
Everything earlier was just a dream he dreamt while riding the bus.
But the next second, the driver’s shout dragged him back to his senses: “Hurry and get off the car. We’re at the rest stop.”

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