You Seem Delicious
Chapter 35: New Examinee

Yu Yao said a lot of things later and everyone managed to gain some information from it.
She said that the examination contents are varied; it could be ancient or modern, Chinese or foreign.
Each exam would correspond with a particular subject. The knowledge being assessed may not be difficult and may even be very simple, but the system would always have a way to twist it so that it could kill you.
Different examination centres could accommodate different numbers of examinees so whether or not one could become teammates would depend on luck.

As a bug, Yu Yao was the only free examinee and she could freely choose her own exams.
That was why she was able to take the same physics exam as the bald man, and that was also why she was able to enter the same centre as You Huo and Yu Wen for foreign language.
She used her identity as a bug to help out her comrades, but she didn’t make it obvious.

For example, in Chars Village.
“Those ghost limbs have a special habit.” Yu Yao said.
If there are guests who have sewn dolls and guests who haven’t, they would give priority to those who have sewn them
After Yu Yao was resurrected by the black widow, she was considered as half belonging to Chars Village. As long as she was there, the ghost limbs would subconsciously ignore that place.

As such, on the first night of the exam, only Liang Yuan Hao and Chen Bin sewed the doll and only they separated from the group, so the ghost limbs naturally went after them.

As for the second night, the ghost limb should have gone to find Chen Bin first but at that time Chen Bin was with Yu Yao and the others so the ghost limb could only retreat and go find You Huo instead.

As for the third night………You Huo himself sewed sixteen dolls, attracting all the hatred. Yu Yao conversely stayed with the others. With the ghost limbs having a clear goal, they all became frenzied.

Chen Bin now realised that he was able to narrowly escape from death not just once.
He thanked Yu Yao with gratitude and couldn’t help but ask: “Why didn’t you tell us this earlier?”
Yu Yao’s voice was soft. She said in a quiet voice: “I look like a pregnant woman. If I behave too strangely or reveal that I know too much, the first reaction from others would often be doubt and wariness. Rather than doing as I say, they would even regard me as an enemy.”
Everyone fell silent.
They tried to visualise it, and couldn’t refute.

“But you’re all special, really.” Yu Yao said earnestly: “Ever since we first met, all of you have always held good intentions. You would offer me allowance, call me sister, be punished in my stead and even lend me clothes to wear. I used to be constantly depressed and I felt like a lost soul wandering in and out of exams but now I would occasionally feel like I’m alive. I have to thank you all for that.”

“That’s why I decided to follow along to see if I could help even a little bit.” She pushed back her hair and added: “But that was just my wishful thoughts. You probably are no longer willing. That’s okay, I understand. Even I wouldn’t feel comfortable if I was in your position.”

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You Huo remained leaning against the door.
When Yu Yao finished talking, he suddenly broke the silence and said: “It’s not a matter of whether or not I’m willing. It’s the same to me regardless.”
Yu Yao remained silent for a moment.

Old Yu and his son also agreed: “If you want to follow then follow! We don’t mind. You didn’t try to harm us anyway.”
“That’s right sister.” Yu Wen also couldn’t help but ask: “Is Yu Yao not your real name?”
If it was, why didn’t the bald man recognise her when she said her name?
Yu Yao this time blushed. She said with an apologetic expression: “Sorry, I didn’t speak truthfully at that time. That was a name I made up on the spot. Because I felt that you were very kind, I borrowed your surname.”

As she said this, she flipped over the room card in her hand and pushed it over.

On the card it said:
Name: Shu Xue
Examination Ticket Number: 860575-02091318-1127
Completed subjects: Foreign Language
Total points: 12

“This is my name.”
“Mathematics?” Yu Wen was amused: “Sister, your parents have the same taste as my family. Looks like we must still come from the same ancestor despite having different surnames.” (KK notes: Mathematics(數學)=Shu Xue. Homonym to Shu Xue’s name. As a side note, Yu Wen’s name is also a homonym for 语文 AKA Chinese)”

Yu Yao…….Oh, actually she should be called Shu Xue now.
Shu Xue laughed: “I also met someone whose name was a homonym for physics. We should form a group together.”

“But……..Why do you only have one exam there? The total points also didn’t increase.” Everyone wondered.
“It has always been like that. Every time I get to the rest stops, it has only been always been the same.”
“Oh is that so…..”

The others weren’t able to process this information quick enough. You Huo went straight to the point: “Then it means that you will never be able to finish the exam?”
“Yeah.” Shu Xue fell silent for a moment. She then smiled, “But I’m happy enough just to let you guys get through this safely.”

You Huo lowered his eyes and fell in thought. He placed the doll in front of her.
The villagers were freed once they were given a doll, so what about Shu Xue? Would she be freed?
“Thank you.” Shu Xue was touched: “Actually, I would pick up this doll everyday back when I used to live in Chars Village, but nothing happened. It probably only works for the villagers………”
You Huo however said: “It’s not the same.”
“Huh?” Shu Xue was confused.

“The question said that it must be given out by an examinee.” You Huo bend down a little and pushed the doll closer to her, “I’m giving it to you now.”
Shu Xue froze. Her eyes fell onto the doll before her. She stared at it without blinking.
At this moment, she felt very nervous.

You Huo glanced at her clasped fingers. He picked up his backpack that was sitting on the table and said: “It’s up to you whether or not you accept it. I’m sleepy. Going to sleep now.”
Everyone present couldn’t help but think: Why are you sleepy again………?

After You Huo left, the others also felt that it was inappropriate for them to be there, so they similarly returned to their rooms.

Over the next few days, except for mealtimes, Shu Xue didn’t leave her room.
It was the similar for the others too.

For the first two days, they would wander around outside, but they soon found that the rest stop was too deserted. There wasn’t a single person around and even though the lights in the buildings were on, no one answered when they knocked. The lights were probably only there for show.
They couldn’t afford eating at the restaurants and the only department store there only offered small discounts.
You Huo was dragged around several times and he finally lost his patience.
He eventually locked his door and even hung up a “Do Not Disturb” sign before going back to sleep.


The five-day break went by very quickly.
Just before 7am on the fifth day, a group of people gathered at the hotel lobby.
You Huo managed to catch up on his sleep during this time so for once he wasn’t in an irate mood.
He came downstairs with earphones in and saw Shu Xue the moment he entered the lobby.

She had been holed up for five days straight, but she looked no different from before.
You Huo’s eyes swept over to her stomach. He took off the left earphone.
Shu Xue spoke up before he could say anything: “I thought about it and I still want to take another exam together with you all, so I asked Yu Wen to hold onto the doll first. I heard that the difficulty of the exams changes so the third exam is likely going to be more difficult. I’m a little worried……It’s not too late for me to accept the doll once that exam is over.”

You Huo didn’t like to intervene with other people’s decisions so he didn’t say anything. He just nodded his head before putting the earphone back in again.

At exactly 7am, they entered the department store.
In total, there were a total of eight floors. Like most shopping malls, it has pretty much everything.

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“My god, there’s even jewellery?” Yu Wen looked at the counters and couldn’t help but exclaim, “Why would they even have these and let it take up space? What kind of idiot would buy them?”
As soon as he finished saying that, his brother pulled out a men’s watch from the counter and threw it into his shopping cart.
Yu Wen: “………..”

He immediately changed his words: “A watch doesn’t count. A watch is very useful!”
If the clock in the exam centre no longer works………

For once, the department store finally had a bit more life. Several people wandered around and there were even hotel staff and restaurant owners present.
A long banner hung from the top of the building. It said:
Once a week discount day. From 7-10am, half of the products are 50% off. As today is December 13th, the 12th and 13th customer will get an additional lucky draw chance. Winning rate of up to 90%.

In his entire life, You Huo never had much luck with lottery systems like this.
So he didn’t even spare a glance at the banner and just went straight up to the second floor via the escalator.

The down jacket bought last time was ruined by the coffin boards, so he wandered around several times and picked up three new jackets.
Yu Wen saw this and couldn’t help but be worried: “Brother, hold yourself back a little. Why do you need so many jackets?”
You Huo: “Just in case.”
Just in case you break the rules again?

After picking up his clothes, he turned around and entered the supermarket. He proceeded to grab some fast food and canned food.
Although there were more discounts today, for most examinees they would only window shop. It was naturally impossible for them to buy anything.
As such, very few actually needed to check out.
You Huo glanced downstairs and saw that the checkout counter was empty; there was no need to line up.

His cart was very eye-catching.
Wherever he went, examinees would stare at him.
During the time he pushed it from the seventh floor to the first floor, the empty checkout counter had become rowdy.
You Huo ventured closer and immediately understood the reason for that.

At this moment, there was someone standing at the checkout counter. It was a tall man dressed in a smoky grey shirt. With both hands pressed down onto the counter supporting him, his defined shoulders and back was visible through his clothes.
You Huo’s footsteps stopped. He then rolled his eyes.
That back view was too easy to recognise. Who else could it be apart from invigilator 001?

A group of examinees stood in a circle not far from the invigilator. Their mouths were wide open in shock as they stared at his shopping cart.
That great master not only needed one cart, he had two………..

The cashier closed his mouth and counted the contents inside his cart with a stiff expression.
You Huo slowly walked over. He heard the cashier ask: “…….Are you sure you need four sets of clothing and two jackets?”
Qin Jiu: “Yeah.”

“You also want these cans of meat?” The cashier placed emphasis on the word ‘these’.
Qin Jiu: “Yeah.”

“This watch—–”
Qin Jiu: “Yeah.”

The cashier’s expression was about to crumble: “Then the suitcase……….”
Qin Jiu’s patience was at its limit. He tapped his finger and urged the cashier: “No need to check. I want them all. Please check them out for me.”

When the cashier tapped on the keyboard, Qin Jiu looked around. The moment he saw You Huo behind him, he raised an eyebrow and smiled: “Good morning. You’re awake today?”
You Huo: “……..Why are you here?”
Qin Jiu: “Buying some examination supplies.”
You Huo assessed him from top to bottom and said succinctly: “An invigilator still needs exam supplies? Don’t you have your own building?”

Qin Jiu let out an ‘oh’ and said: “An invigilator naturally doesn’t need it, but an examinee should at least prepare themselves a little.”
You Huo coldly snorted.

A few seconds later, he suddenly looked up: “Repeat that last part again. Who’s an examinee?”
Qin Jiu: “Me.”
You Huo’s response: “………………”
You Huo asked: “Why?”
Qin Jiu: “The system thinks that I overdid it when I provided help so according to the rules, I am punished to be an examinee for one round.”

The source of this punishment was the help card, so it naturally had something to do with You Huo.
He thought for a moment and added: “How long is one round?”
Qin Jiu said: “At present, the entire examination consists of five subjects. Just like you, it will only count if I pass.”
You Huo: “Oh.”

He thought for a moment and, not knowing what else to say, he moved to put his earphones back in.
But before he could do that, Qin Jiu spoke up: “During the disciplinary period, I have no right to choose my own subjects. According to the rules, I must follow an examinee. Examinees could be personally selected but I’m lazy so………I went with the default.”
You Huo held his earphones: “Who’s the default?”
Qin Jiu laughed: “Don’t make that face. This is the rule. I ended up like this because of your help card so you naturally can’t escape from it.”
He took off his gloves and lazily stretched his hand out: “Please take care of me fellow examinee?”

You Huo wanted to slam the shopping cart into his face.

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