HIAHM – CH153 (Extra)

Chapter 153: Hospital Love Story 4

Although Su Min didn’t know what happened after falling asleep, he knew that he slept very well because he slept all the way till dawn.

He didn’t expect the apartment to have a power outage nor the fact that he managed to get through the night peacefully despite Chen Su also being there.

For a moment, Su Min felt a little complicated.

He granted Xiao Zhang’s leave of absence and then turned off his phone. He picked up his things and got ready to make his rounds.

The first patient was having breakfast. Seeing him come over, he casually commented: “Dr. Su, you looked very good today.”

Su Min said: “Thank you.”

As soon as he said those words, he felt that something wasn’t right.

Why did so many people say that he looked good today?

Su Min recalled for a moment. People he met on his way here and even his patients had commented that. Altogether, it was no less than five people. It was too frequent.

He touched his face. Was it that obvious?

What did Chen Su do last night? Didn’t they say that if you interact with ghosts for a long time, they would suck away your life energy and you would eventually become a dried-up corpse? Why was he getting better and better instead? It didn’t make sense.

Seeing him in doubt, the patient said: “It’s true. I’m not lying.”

Su Min said: “I’m not doubting you. It’s just that a lot of people have said that today and I found it strange.”

The patient sighed: “It’s because we can really tell that you’re looking lively and well.”

Ever since they had become patients, they paid more attention to this.

Su Min’s patients didn’t suffer from any fatal illnesses. After their surgery, they just needed to recuperate in bed. As a doctor, he also didn’t need to worry about taking care of their daily needs, so it was quite easy.

He guessed that this was probably a setting the cinema set up.

After all, he wasn’t a doctor. No matter how skilled he was, not making a single mistake was impossible so it would be better not to do surgeries instead. It would also save them the trouble of including medical accident plotlines into the movie.

Su Min left the ward after checking his patients.

As for Chen Su’s side, he would ask about it at night.

At noon, Su Min went to the cafeteria to eat.

Chen Jinhang and Zhao Qingtian also just came down. They decided to sit at the same table to eat. Wang Zerui also ran over, “I couldn’t sleep for a long time after I got back last night.”

Zhao Qingtian said: “Dr. Wang, didn’t you get home at one?”

“Yeah.” Wang Zerui took a bite of meat and said incoherently: “But I went to watch a hospital related horror movie and only fell asleep at dawn.”

He was scheduled as a reserve doctor today.

If something similar were to happen to Chen Jinhang or Su Min, they would have to take the day off to avoid causing any accidents.

Zhao Qingtian: “…….You’re amazing.”

Wang Zerui glanced at Su Min, “Dr. Su, your lips look better now. I even wanted to bring some medications for you.”

Su Min’s movements stopped, “No need.”

Fortunately, no one noticed anything wrong.

Wang Zerui quickly changed the topic: “After watching the movie about a hospital, I realised that there are lots of rumours about hospitals.”

There were also many rumours back when he was studying medicine as a student.

Chen Jinhang asked: “What horror movie did you watch?”

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Wang Zerui blinked and said: “The cadaver teachers in the hospital came to life causing everyone to escape and run for their lives.”

Cadavers were basically bodies donated to the hospital. They are used for training and are basically the medical students’ teachers hence its name.

Chen Jinhang frowned: “It was probably some crap movie.”

“Yeah, it sucked.” Wang Zerui said emotionally: “I started cursing it out when I was done watching it so I ended up sleeping late.”

Just as they spoke, a woman suddenly walked over.

Almost at the same time, she called out to Chen Jinhang.

Chen Jinhang saw that it was one of his interns and thought something was wrong so he placed down his chopsticks and followed her out.

Zhao Qingtian didn’t have a good expression.

Su Min ate quickly. He originally only had a little bit left. After finishing the remaining food, he got up and said: “I’ll go back first. You can take your time eating.”

Zhao Qingtian also stood up: “I’m done.”

When the two went out one after another, they heard some small sounds coming from the stairwell.

Chen Jinhang then appeared but he was suddenly pulled.

As he was on the stairs, there was a risk of him falling. Su Min hurried over to support him.

As he did this, he asked: “What’s going on?”

The intern on the stairs saw Su Min come over and quickly released her hold of him. She then quickly ran up the stairs and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Chen Jinhang regained his balance and caught his breath.

Zhao Qingtian wanted to chase after the intern but was stopped by him.

Su Min asked: “What happened?”

Chen Jinhang said: “I don’t know what’s going on with that intern today. She suddenly wanted to attack me and I was almost thrown down by her.”

If not for his fast reflexes, he would have been kissed.

Although it was nothing, Chen Jinhang still felt that it was inappropriate and that intern usually had a quiet demeanour.

Zhao Qingtian said: “She has been acting very strange today. Turns out it was because she wanted to do something like this. No wonder she called you out.”

“She didn’t succeed.” Chen Jinhang shook his head, “I just don’t know why she suddenly did that. She’s usually quite soft-spoken.”

He felt that Zhao Qingtian was more likely to do something like that.

Su Min recalled the appearance of that intern. She indeed looked a little strange. Her clothes also felt uncomfortable when he accidentally touched it earlier.

Although he felt that something wasn’t right, he couldn’t pinpoint it exactly.

After this false alarm, Chen Jinhang and Zhao Qingtian returned to the office together. When Su Min returned, he even saw the intern flash by across the stairs.

He glanced at her a few more times.

In the evening, something happened to Chen Jinhang again.

This time, that intern went straight to his office and pressed him against the wall. It took a long time before Zhao Qingtian was able to pry her off.

She was so strong, the combined strengths of herself and Chen Jinhang wasn’t enough.

Finally, another male intern was called over to help pry the female intern off. Soon after that, the intern fainted.

When she woke up, she had a look of confusion.

When Su Min came over, the atmosphere in the office was strange.

“……I really don’t know what happened….” The intern stood on the side lowering her head in apology: “Sorry……Sorry Dr. Chen. I really don’t know. I didn’t mean it.”

Chen Jinhang felt a headache coming.

Su Min’s eyes fell onto the intern. Ever since he knew about the existence of ghosts in this movie, whenever he encountered strange things, he would naturally suspect something spiritual at play.

Afterall, it was too much of a contrast for a well-behaved and quiet intern to suddenly doing something like that.

With the intern’s weeping apology, Chen Jinhang found it difficult to do anything else apart from accepting her apology.

Zhao Qingtian who stood on the side felt uncomfortable.

After the intern left the office, Chen Jinhang said: “I want to transfer her elsewhere. I’ll discuss it with the hospital tomorrow.”

If something like this happened every day, he wouldn’t be able to endure it.

Su Min had no issues with his decision. If it was he himself, he would also do the same because he was certain he wouldn’t be able to bear it.


There was nothing else on after work today, so Su Min went straight home.

Before entering the elevator, he felt a rush of cold air. In an instant, the temperature in the elevator plummeted.

Chen Su frowned: “You have someone else’s smell on you.”

Su Min spoke calmly: “I spent an entire day at the hospital and have come into contact with many people. It would be stranger not to.”

Chen Su shook his head, “That’s not it.”

He reached out and tapped on Su Min’s arm to get rid of that disgusting smell before his expression finally eased out.

Su Min noticed his actions, “What smell was it?

Chen Su whispered: “The smell of a fox.”

Su Min was stunned for a moment. He then reacted to his words. That place was the same place that came into contact with the intern earlier today.

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Chen Su leaned close to his ear and bit onto it,

Su Min flinched. Returning to his senses, he cursed: “What are you doing? Why are you biting me now?”

Chen Su: “You’re mine.”

Su Min’s heart skipped a beat when he heard this. Fortunately, the elevator door opened just in time. He hurried out the elevator.

He was also bitten like this before, but it felt different today. He didn’t know why it felt different.

He checked himself in the mirror and was relieved to see that there were no marks left.

If there were marks, he would need to find an excuse to tell others tomorrow. It wouldn’t be an easy feat.

As he came out from the bathroom, he wasn’t surprised to see Chen Su sitting on the sofa.

Su Min remembered something and asked: “Did the apartment have a power outage last night?”

Chen Su made a sound of acknowledgement.

Su Min didn’t continue asking.

Chen Su raised his eyebrow and asked: “Why aren’t you asking?”

Su Min looked away and poured himself a glass of water. He said faintly: “Nothing to ask.”

Chen Su walked over and said gently: “It was very hot last night and you kept on burying yourself in my arms. Did you———”


Su Min quickly turned around: “Stop talking.”

He didn’t know what happened last night but just hearing Chen Su’s words made him feel extremely ashamed.

Chen Su took in his appearance and chuckled lowly. He agreed: “Okay, I won’t say anymore.”

Su Min breathed a sigh of relief.

Chen Su found this appearance of his too cute. He once again recalled how Su Min had approached him last night. Although it was a docile and harmless act of his, to Chen Su it was an act of seduction.

He licked his lips. He missed it a little.

Unfortunately, the power for the apartment was restored and he couldn’t cut out the power for the entire building. If he did that, Su Min would definitely get angry.

He was just thinking it.

Su Min was surprised by how comfortable a romance movie was.

Unlike in horror movies where he had to be alert at all times, he just needed to spend his time leisurely here.

With the intern’s involvement, the protagonist’s feelings quickly escalated. All that was left was the confession.

Every day, Su Min would watch them look at each other while blushing and then return at night to interact with Chen Su.

It didn’t take long for the intern to get into trouble again.

Chen Jinhang had transferred her away and finally had a moment of peace but, one afternoon, the other party managed to find Chen Jinhang again.

Su Min just happened to be looking for him for something too. When he went in, he saw the intern pressing Chen Jinhang down onto the table. Chen Jinhang himself was almost out of breath and he had a very bad expression.

He hurried over and pulled the intern away.

The intern revealed to him an extremely scary expression.

Before Su Min could do anything, the intern let out a scream. Across her pure face, a fox’s face flashed by. The intern then fainted and fell onto Chen Jinhang.

Chen Jinhang gasped for breath.

Zhao Qingtian heard the commotion and quickly rushed over to support Chen Jinhang up. She asked with concern: “Did she do something to you again?”

At this moment, the intern was lying unconscious on the side.

Su Min didn’t interrupt the two. He asked another male intern to take the unconscious intern away and returned to his office.

That face he saw earlier was probably the same fox Chen Su mentioned.

As soon as he closed the door, he was embraced from behind. His back was instantly enveloped with a cool sensation and it rushed up his spine.

Su Min asked: “Did you do something to me?”

Otherwise, why would that intern suddenly faint?

Chen Su licked his ear. It was the same place he bit onto last time. Su Min no longer remembered where he bit but he remembered clearly.

He answered in a low voice: “Your body has my scent.”

Su Min wrinkled his nose. He felt that it was probably because he had interacted with this ghost too much and that was why his body had his scent. It wasn’t surprising for normal spirits to be afraid.

Chen Su liked seeing the small expressions on his face. It made him appear livelier. Su Min would only  be like this when he was with him.

He liked that very much.

Su Min broke away and felt a little awkward: “Thank you.”

Chen Su said: “Aren’t you going to thank me properly?”

Upon hearing this, Su Min quickly stepped back: “Don’t expect anything else. It’s not going to happen.”

Chen Su chuckled.

After a short period of silence, he lowered his voice and said: “The movie is about to end.”

Su Min froze. He then thought about the development between Zhao Qingtian and Chen Jinhang and felt that it was about time. Romance movies themselves weren’t very long. It was normal for it to be ending soon.

He made a sound of acknowledgement and said nothing.

Chen Su embraced him again, “Will you miss me?”

Su Min lightly coughed a few times: “I won’t.”

He originally thought Chen Su would persist but, unexpectedly, he had twisted his response, “I will also miss you.”

Su Min: “………..”

He knew Chen Su was up to no good.

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