HIAHM – CH152 (Extra)

Chapter 152: Hospital Love Story 3

This apartment was a standard single room apartment. The taste of the original character was similar to his and the room was decorated simply. It looked very comfortable.

When Su Min entered the bathroom, he saw the smooth bathtub but after some thought, he decided to just take a shower.

He felt that Chen Su would use this opportunity to slip in but surprisingly he didn’t.

When Su Min came back out, the room was quiet. It was as if there was no one around. Su Min however was still suspicious.

Chen Su just up and left?

Su Min dried his hair in confusement. He then cleaned up the bathroom. When he turned back around, he saw a shadow on the bed.

……..Turns out, he was in bed.

Su Min removed the towel and watched Chen Su lie lazily in bed. He asked: “Why are you on the bed? You’re not leaving?”

Chen Su said: “Warming the bed.”

Su Min: “………”

On a hot summer’s day, what warming the bed?

With his body temperature, it would be more accurate to say that he was cooling the bed.

Chen Su took away the towel in Su Min’s hand and rubbed his hair. Although his hair was short, it didn’t dry instantly and was a little wet.

Su Min’s actions stopped. He subconsciously wanted to grab the towel back, but he found himself pushed down onto the bed into a sitting position.

“Don’t move.”

Chen Su’s voice could be heard above him.

Su Min felt uncomfortable. He wanted to take the towel back again, “I’ll do it myself. I don’t need you to do it. Move aside.”

With him drying his hair like this, it probably won’t dry for a long time.

Chen Su didn’t listen to him. He just sped up his movements a little more, “Sleeping with wet hair will cause headaches. Be good.”

Su Min asked: “Where did you hear nonsense like this?”

Chen Su himself also didn’t know. He had only heard it when he overheard other people discussing it so he naturally couldn’t explain it to him.

With him being so precious, he naturally wouldn’t let him have a headache.

Su Min on the other hand felt that he had no association with the word precious but he also couldn’t do anything about Chen Su so he could only let him do as he pleased. Fortunately, it was just drying his hair.

After a while, he suddenly remembered something: “Does this mean that I would be seeing ghosts everyday?”

Chen Su said: “If something happened near you, you can see it. Many ghosts would stay where they died but sometimes they would leave with others. They’re usually not dangerous.”

Su Min nodded: “That’s fine then.”

He didn’t want to experience a romance movie turned into a horror movie. Just encountering harmless ghosts was fine.

Su Min was wearing a bathrobe and only a belt was tied around his waist to secure it. The region between the neck and the waist was only barely covered.

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Chen Su stood in front of him. Looking down from above, he could see everything clearly.

Especially from the neck down. He could see everything inside. The owner of the lean and beautiful body before his eyes was completely unaware of this.

Chen Su’s gaze was hot. Afraid that he would notice, he regretfully averted his gaze. His hands also moved more gently.

The atmosphere in the room was strange when they weren’t talking.

Su Min bowed his head slightly. Chen Su’s skill was pretty good. At the very least, he felt comfortable, but he was also too embarrassed to show it.

He naturally couldn’t say that it felt good.

Finally, he couldn’t bear it any longer. Standing up, he said: “Okay. I’m sleepy, I want to sleep. I still need to go to the hospital tomorrow.”

He took the towel from Chen Su’s hand and threw it onto the bedside table.

Chen Su fluttered over and sat down next to him. Nuzzling up against him he said, “It is time to sleep. I’m also sleepy.”

Su Min: “………”

How could a ghost be sleepy?

Su Min ignored him and went straight to bed. The air conditioner had already been turned on in the apartment, so the temperature was just right. With a blanket on however, it was a little hot.

At this moment, he suddenly felt a cold sensation behind him.

At some unknown point in time Chen Su had also drilled into the bed and stuck close to his back. Without making a single sound, he reached out and hugged his waist.

A refreshing and cool sensation climbed up his back.

Su Min wanted to push him away, but it also felt very comfortable. In the end, he decided that he probably wouldn’t be able to push him away anyway, so he simply ignored him.

It was already the middle of the night, so sleepiness took over him in an instant.

Before he fell asleep, Su Min moved a little further away from Chen Su and mumbled tiredly: “Keep your hands to yourself.”

Chen Su naturally was not sleepy.

As a ghost, he didn’t need to sleep. He had only said those words earlier to sleep with him.

Seeing that Su Min’s breathing was gradually slowing down, he supported his upper body up and watched him.

The sleeping Su Min was not on guard. His expression was delicate and relaxed, and his lips were slightly parted, tempting Chen Su’s fingers.

Chen Su stretched out his finger and traced his face. After watching him for a while, he finally laid back down beside him. He reached out wanting to embrace him.

But before he could reach out, he felt a foot touch his leg under the blanket. Su Min was unconsciously moving closer to him.

Chen Su quietly chuckled.

Su Min was a human. No matter how low a body temperature was, it was still hot. As a ghost, his body was cold. It was no wonder Su Min would move closer in his sleep. It was because it was comfortable.

He liked that.

Before he could think too much into it, the air conditioner on the wall made a noise and suddenly stopped. The noises outside also stopped.

Not far away the night light on the wall had also turned off. The room instantly fell into darkness. All that was left was the moonlight coming in from the window.

Chen Su opened his eyes and realised something.

Unexpectedly, the apartment had encountered a power outage.


Early in the morning of the next day, Su Min woke up.

He found himself alone in bed. Breakfast was already prepared on the table. He didn’t know when Chen Su had left.

After washing up and eating, Su Min went to the hospital.

The corridor didn’t change much during the day. It was as if everything he saw yesterday was just an illusion. As for the tightrope walking ghost, that was even more amazing.

On the way there, Su Min checked for any news related to his apartment.

Unexpectedly, an accident really had occurred in the past just as the apartment was being built. A worker had fallen from the top of the building consequently dying on the spot and his family received hundreds of thousands in compensation.

Su Min suspected that the worker was probably that tightrope walking ghost from last night.

As for the female ghost in the red dress, he couldn’t find anything. Perhaps she was a lonely, wandering ghost or perhaps she was a victim of a murder somewhere.

There were many people in the hospital during the day.

Su Min’s popularity at the hospital wasn’t low. As soon as he walked through the door, someone greeted him: “Hello Dr. Su.”

“Dr. Su, you look very good today.”

“Morning Dr. Su.”

Su Min responded to each and every one of them.

As he walked down the corridor, Su Min casually noticed something on the wall and his footsteps stopped.

He didn’t notice it last night when he passed through but he now noticed that there was a picture hanging from it. It was a picture of the founder of the hospital.

He looked like the middle-aged male ghost from last night.

Su Min glanced at the introduction. He had very rich qualifications; the type that could only be seen in textbooks. Compared to current doctors, he could be considered very skilled.

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No wonder he was so addicted to performing surgeries.

Chen Jinhang came over from behind him. Seeing him standing and staring at the photo, he said: “I heard he died from overworking after completing an operation.”

Su Min gave him his respects.

“He never had any children.” Chen Jinhang thought he didn’t know so he gave him a brief introduction. “I heard that he was only interested in medicine. Unfortunately, he died too soon.”

Su Min said: “Yeah, very unfortunate.”

Afterall, there are not many who are as dedicated as he was. If he was still alive, he may have been able to achieve more things and save more people.

The two parted ways at the elevator.

Su Min and Chen Jinhang were not from the same department and they only knew each other because they often run into each other at the cafeteria.

Last night’s activity was pretty much their first real contact outside of work.

He didn’t feel much towards this pair of male and female protagonists but last night Chen Jinhang had given him a ride home in order to also have an excuse to send Zhao Qingtian home, so it left him with an impression.

The male protagonist probably had long liked the female protagonist.

Su Min recalled the movie introduction. He felt that this form of interaction was quite fun and didn’t associate it to himself.

His and Chen Su’s interactions were also quite similar.

Su Min didn’t have any surgeries today and just needed to make his rounds. When he stepped out, he noticed that the intern Xiao Zhang had not come.

He gave him a call but there was no answer.

In his memory, this Xiao Zhang was someone very passionate. It was impossible for him not to come to work without asking for leave. Did something happen?

The nurse who would always chat with him said: “I don’t know. I didn’t see him come to work today and he didn’t check in. Did he ask for leave?”

Su Min said: “No.”

The nurse said: “Then could something have happened?”

Xiao Zhang and Su Min lived in the same apartment building but Xiao Zhang rented it with a roommate whereas he had purchased the place and lived there alone.

Su Min thought for a moment. He got Xiao Zhang’s roommate’s WeChat details from another intern and added that person as a friend.

The other party quickly send a message: “You are?”

Su Min replied: “I am Su Min, Xiao Zhang’s supervisor at the hospital. He didn’t come to work today and my calls couldn’t get through. I wanted to know if anything happened.”

A minute later, the other party sent a photo over.

It was a photo of Xiao Zhang lying in bed. His face was a little pale and he looked particularly miserable.

Roommate: “Last night for some reason the apartment had a power outage so the air conditioner was useless, and he got a heat stroke. He’s still resting. I forgot to help him ask for leave, sorry.”

Su Min couldn’t return to his senses for a long time.

He didn’t know about the apartment having a power outage. He had even turned the air conditioner on last night.

Su Min took note of that and casually asked: “When did the power outage happen last night?”

The roommate replied: “It seemed to be about two or three in the morning. We were both asleep at that time and he got heatstroke afterwards.”

At two or three in the morning.

Su Min remembered that he had gone to sleep at about 2:30am but he didn’t find it hot the entire night.

He didn’t even notice that there was a power outage.

Su Min suddenly remembered that Chen Su was also in his bed last night and frowned. Could it have been because of Chen Su that he didn’t find it hot?

That couldn’t be right. How could he have plastered himself up against Chen Su?

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