Don’t Close Your Eyes At Me
Chapter 71: Earring

In fact, nightmares can spread like a contagious disease. Day by day, it gets worse.

The students in this school are classic examples of this.

Inspired by the dreams their classmates dreamt of, the next night their dreams would become even richer.

With this, it became a vicious cycle.

The most obvious indication for this was —— Before they were fortunate enough that their rooms weren’t demolished. Today, two entire buildings had collapsed.

The male and female dormitories were located opposite each other with a small road in between. There was slight misalignment of the floors to prevent boys from looking into the girl’s balconies.

The surrounding fences pointed up towards the sky like an arrow, threatening the mischievous children trying to get in.

Normally what they could do was rather limited but now the entire female dormitory had fallen, smashing into the male dormitory.

Seeing the groups of girls descending from the sky, the screaming boys instantly became more dignified.

Adolescents have a very strong desire to protect. They immediately built up their courage and moved to escort the girls.

But within a few minutes, they realised that they may have had a misunderstanding.

Those girls were completely different from what they had imagined———

The ones who were screaming were them. The ones who cried particularly badly were them. The ones who were scrambling around attacking and scratching the ghosts were also them.

Several boys who couldn’t dodge in time were mistaken as ghosts and scratched.

It was because the girls attacked with their eyes closed.

Han Ling was among this group of unlucky girls. She screamed the loudest and fought the hardest.

Together with the fallen building, she fell into the male dormitory crying the entire time.

As she cried, she ran down the stairs dragging along the hanging ghost by the hair.

She fought so fiercely because she was very scared inside.

There was no hero coming to save her, she could only save herself.

She stumbled down the stairs, kicked aside the ghost and ran off barefoot.

She would usually vomit after running 800m during physical education class but now she had probably done that several times and was still able to go on.

The school was in chaos. It was impossible to tell where they were.

Han Ling ran around the dormitory area in panic and was finally able to get rid of that hanging ghost, but she found herself in the even more terrible sports field instead.

One of the coffins was left uncovered and she immediately fell in.

The horrid stench of something rotting filled her nose.

She felt that her feet could no longer move. Her hand had a large wound and her knees were swollen. Every part of her body hurt.

At this moment, she heard rustling sounds above her.

She fearfully looked back.

Seven or eight zombies circled around the coffin.

Their skins were completely rotten. Some of them had eyeballs partially falling out while others only had dark holes for their eyes.

The zombies lowered their hands. Gurgling sounds were heard as they seemingly communicated.

Without removing their gaze, they continued to stare at her. Saliva formed long thin strands as it fell from their mouths.

It’s over. Looks like this time she’s really going to die here.

Those zombies slowly stretched out their claws.

She tried to shrink back a little further, but she had nowhere to go.

This coffin was about to belong to her……….

She subconsciously closed her eye, but she then heard some cracks.

Soon afterwards, it was the sound of something falling. It was very faint.

Han Ling built up her courage and opened her eyes. She saw that all the zombies around her had fallen and there were two figures standing near the grave mound; one closer and one a little further away.

The one closer to her had an extremely handsome figure. In his hand was a long thin knife that he had procured from somewhere.

Han Ling had never seen a knife like this. In any case, it wasn’t like the ones she had seen before.

The knife was thin and narrow, and the blade was extremely sharp. It reflected a cold light.

The person welding the knife made clean and simple movements. With each blow, a zombie’s head flew off.

He seemed to find those heads dirty. After every blow, he would always flick the knife and throw the head far into the distance.

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When he was done cutting them down, he turned around allowing Han Ling to finally see his face.

She recognised this person. He was the one sitting behind her during evening self-study.

Han Ling subconsciously called out: “Teacher A!”

Other party: “?”


When did Teacher A change his boots?

Han Ling froze for a moment.

Just as she was lost in thought, another wave of zombies rushed over from the other side.

Han Ling exclaimed in surprise: “Be careful———-”

As a result, the figure a little further away from her turned around. With one hand supporting himself using the tombstone, he flipped across the pit.

The place he chose to land on was very…….specific.

He landed right next to Teacher A.

As soon as he landed, he grabbed Teacher A’s wrist and pulled it over: “Big Invigilator, let me borrow the knife.”

As soon as he was done saying that, the zombie heads also fell to the ground.

He had cut six down in one go.

The man borrowing the knife was also someone Han Ling recognised.

It was the person sitting two seats behind her during evening self-study.

Who else could it be if not Teacher B?


Why was Teacher B’s hair a little shorter?

Moreover, why did Teacher B call Teacher A “Big Invigilator”?

Han Ling wasn’t given the opportunity to mull over this.

She heard Teacher A’s cold voice speak: “Throw it away.”

“As you wish.” Teacher B responded playfully.

And then…..Han Ling saw heads fly around.

Those two teachers probably threw them quite far.

In any case, she could no longer see them.

She could only hear the zombie’s cries.

As they did this, Teacher A said: “Can’t you find a knife for yourself?”

His tone was very cold. Han Ling felt that if it was her, she probably wouldn’t dare speak back.

But Teacher B just laughed. He then responded: “No time.”


I guess it’s true that he didn’t have time.

Afterall, they are currently in such a predicament.

Han Ling thought this.

The next second, a zombie head was picked up and thrown over.

It drew an arc and, with its eyes still open, it landed right before Han Ling.

She instinctively screamed.

As soon as she activated her vocal cords, she heard a rustle.

A figure landed by the side of the coffin and a good-looking hand reached over to pick up that head. With a “whoosh” the head was thrown away.

Han Ling opened her eyes and saw Teacher B squatting there. From above, he held up two fingers and casually greeted her: “Sorry, were you scared by that?”

Han Ling called out: “Teacher B.”

Other party: “?”

The handsome man raised his eyebrow.

A long time ago, some would call him officer. After that there were people who called him Brother Qin or examinee. It was his first time however to be called Teacher. It was a little strange.

“Invigilator A” walked over. He flicked off the blood from the tip of the knife.

“Can you stand?” He asked Han Ling.

Han Ling nodded.

“This is a school? Is there a place for people to hide?” Examinee “Qin Jiu” asked.

“There’s an underground carpark but………but there may be ghosts there too.” Han Ling felt that since it was usually quiet and empty, it was the ideal place for ghosts to appear.

She was afraid that it was probably the most affected place right now.

“Does it have a door?”

“I remember there was a door slot at the entrance. It should be able to be sealed.” Han Ling said: “I heard it was initially made to be a shelter.”

“Oh, that’s fine then. We can just kill however many ghosts there are.”

Examinee “Qin Jiu” said this.

Han Ling: “…………”

She couldn’t keep up with this kind of thought process.

Han Ling climbed out of the coffin and saw that the entire cemetery had been cleared.

She knew there shouldn’t only be this many zombie. The others may have……uh, been scared away?

At least they temporarily wouldn’t come any closer.

She said: “I’ll take you to the carpark.”

The little girl walked ahead with a red face.

With her back defended by these two, she wasn’t afraid.

“Qin Jiu” took a few steps before rubbing his fingers and saying: “Big Invigilator, lend me two tissues.”

“Invigilator A” glanced at him: “With what eyes of yours do you see me carrying tissues around?”

It was very strange. He was clearly disgusted when the knife touched the zombies, but he didn’t cut off nor move away from the hand waving next to him that had touched those zombie heads.

Han Ling ahead took a few steps and silently passed over a bag of tissues from her pocket.

She then silently turned back………

She didn’t know why but she felt that she shouldn’t say anything right now.

Firstly, with two handsome men before her, she was a little shy.

And secondly, she just felt………that it wasn’t appropriate.

“Qin Jiu” gave her his thanks and pulled out two pieces to wipe his hands before handing another to “Invigilator A”.

“Invigilator A” looked at the tissue but didn’t move to accept it: “What do you want?”

“To clean the knife. To think that such a picky Invigilator A could carry that zombie-fluid stained knife around for so long.”

Hearing the words “zombie-fluid stained knife” “Invigilator A” expressionlessly reached out and snatched the tissue.

The grass below them rustled as they walked through. The sound of tissue rubbing the knife was very faint.

For a moment, there were no other sounds.

After a while, “Qin Jiu” suddenly spoke up: “You’re unhappy.”

“Invigilator A”’s act of cleaning his knife stopped. He then looked at him with a frown: “Who?”


“Invigilator A” looked back and continued cleaning his knife.

“Let me think……..Is it because I called the other person in the dormitory room Big Invigilator?”

“Qin Jiu” walked ahead and then turned around. He tilted his head as he walked backwards and studied “Invigilator A”’s expression.


“Invigilator A” who was watched for a while finally couldn’t hold himself back. He spoke up: “Walk properly.”

“I’ll walk properly as soon as I get the answer.”


“Then walk upside down.”

“Qin Jiu” suddenly laughed.

He then said: “Big Invigilator, out of us and those two, who do you think is real and who do you think is fake?”

“Invigilator A” said expressionlessly: “Us.”

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But after a while, he suddenly said: “I feel like I’m dreaming.”


He felt like he was in a dream.

As for what reality was like, it was unclear. But dreams have always been vague and illogical.

“I vaguely remember you becoming an invigilator, but you’re saying that you’re an examinee.”

“Is that so?”

“Invigilator A” didn’t say anything else.

Afterall, his memories were also vague so he couldn’t say it with certainty.

It was as if in this place, only his personality and appearance hadn’t changed but the rest had been cut off. There was no past, and no future…….

Perhaps those two were right?

They came from a dream?

After thinking for a while, he suddenly asked “Qin Jiu” out of nowhere: “At the dormitory, why did you think the other person was real?”

“Qin Jiu” raised the corner of his lips: “Are you jealous Big Invigilator?”

Han Ling up ahead almost tripped.

“Invigilator A”: “……..”

“Qin Jiu” then said: “Okay, okay. I’ll be serious.”

He squinted his eyes in thought for a moment.

Why was it?

Perhaps it was because the lights weren’t on?

When he first saw “Invigilator A”, for some reason he felt that he was a little far. Despite clearly standing near the balcony and was at most five or six metres away, he felt that it was so far, he couldn’t see him clearly.

It was as if there were various annoying things between them, preventing him from seeing the other party more clearly.

He felt that if the moonlight was just a little brighter………perhaps he could see more clearly.

He thought about it and said to “Invigilator A”: “The room was too dark. Maybe it was because he wore an earring, so I saw him more clearly.”



Downstairs, a large group of the white-haired monkeys had perished.

The little fatty Zhang Ming could no longer speak. These two great masters were astonishingly efficient. They flew through the monkeys and ghosts like a tornado ripping through a town.

He had even forgotten about his fear and inexplicably felt exhilarated!

The most frustrating thing was that the flagpoles in the yard had been broken off and were lying on the ground.

Teacher A had used them as bamboo sticks and skewered all the ghosts and beasts he defeated onto it. Like meat skewers, more than a hundred laid scattered everywhere.

The little fatty and the other boys who were huddled together got hungry just looking at it.

Qin Jiu turned his head and saw You Huo raise his foot. The last of the ghosts was kicked into the air before accurately plunging into a pole.

Standing on a tall dilapidated wall, he lightly tapped the top of his shoe with the steel bar in his hand. He looked into the distance and then lowered his head and said to You Huo: “Are you hungry? The lights in the cafeteria are still on. Want to get something?”

You Huo: “…………..”

The boys nearby: “…………….”

You Huo stood there coldly for a moment and then turned to ask the little fatty: “What time is it?”

Little fatty: “…………..”

“Te-ten minutes past two.”

In just ten minutes, the entire dormitory area had been cleaned up…….

If it continued like this, then they really would have time to go have supper at the cafeteria.

The little fatty shook his head to throw away those ridiculous thoughts.

Qin Jiu jumped off and went together with You Huo to the cafeteria.

The little fatty and the others looked at each other and wondered if they’re really going to go have supper. They then followed behind them like ducklings.

Before they could take more than a few steps, Qin Jiu suddenly said: “You haven’t answered the question……..Big Invigilator.”

When he said the first half, he was initially going to stop there.

But he felt that it was incomplete, as if it was missing something.

It wasn’t until he added that title at the end that he felt that…….this was right.

It was as if………the man from the dream had opened a hole for him, allowing a rush of fresh air to enter.

You Huo subconsciously turned his head. He was probably afraid that he would tug at his ear again.

He pursed his lips and said subconsciously: “Because it’s bright.”

Qin Jiu: “Mn?”

After he said that, You Huo himself felt that the reason was too strange. He continued: “I forgot. I was wearing it when I woke up. I don’t remember why anymore.”

After being asked by Qin Jiu, he finally realised that he had never seemed to consider taking it off.

He couldn’t remember why he wore it, but he didn’t want to take it off.

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