Don’t Close Your Eyes At Me
Chapter 72: The Great Masters Entering the Fire

This evening was a very unforgettable evening for all the teachers and students.

Because it was too exhilarating……

They never knew they could still play like this———

Two great masters were enough to clear the field and having four of them doubled the effect.

They used Godzilla and other monsters such as the zombies as kites and walked these big monsters around to crush the other smaller monsters. All the ghosts fled from the school and would along the way kill the even smaller things.

With the little fatty’s words: “Those monsters and ghosts are so pitiful…….They’re walked around like dogs.”

The big fish ate the smaller fish while smaller fish ate the shrimp and the shrimp ate dirt.

This chain dealt with 90% of the monsters.

Although the remaining 10% were troublesome, it could still be cleaned up before sunrise.

At 4:37am in the morning, the two laboratories on the west side of the school were ablaze with fire.

Countless zombies rushed over like a wave. They attacked the large monsters and chewed them down until only bones remained.

Burnt smells that accompanied the roars travelled throughout the school.

The teachers who were helping out collapsed at a safe distance away pathetically catching their breath.

The two chemistry teachers who did the most were whispering to each other.

One said: “I knew it. Sooner or later, the school’s laboratory was going to burn down. Look at it now, both of them are gone.”

The other said: “It was obviously bombed…….”

“It’s the same. Haven’t you sung that song before when you were younger? Something about carrying a backpack to bomb the school. That dream came true tonight.”

“………You should watch yourself. It’s okay to say things like this in class to make the students happy but you shouldn’t speak nonsense in front of Director Xiao.”

Director Xiao’s heels had already disappeared who-knows-where and you could no longer make out the original colour of her dress. Even like this, when she sat on the ground her posture was still very proper. With two legs crossed to one side, she remained reserved.

She tapped on her phone a few times. The Chinese teacher Yu Luo next to her couldn’t help but turn her head and ask: “Director Xiao, what are you doing?”

“Recording the damages.”

As Director Xiao typed, she said: “Two student dormitories destroyed, two laboratories burnt, the sports field was half destroyed, four roads cracked, the bridge connecting the school broken, table and chairs in shambles……”

Yu Luo: “……….”

With the other party often maintaining a stern look, she would normally be a little scared of the director but this time she couldn’t help but say: “Director Xiao………It may seem like there are lots of damages, but it’s actually not bad. Tonight, no one was injured. At this time yesterday, we were still running around escaping from the monsters.”

She felt that no matter what, these damages shouldn’t be held responsible by those two……ahem, four.

Unexpectedly, once Director Xiao was done tapping on her phone, she looked over at her from behind her glasses: “What is this Teacher Xiao Yu? You thought I was going to get A and B to compensate us? I’m usually very strict and hard to talk to but that doesn’t mean that I can’t distinguish between black and white. I’m recording this for the principal.”

Yu Luo: “Huh?”

Director Xiao: “Show the leader how miserable we are to get some money. Little girl…..Go wash your face. We’ll need to go thank those two later.”


Teacher Xiao Yu was stunned for a moment before running off with a smile.

She washed off the dirt from her face and went together with Teacher Zheng to find You Huo and Qin Jiu.

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They found the great masters behind the bombed laboratories, but it wasn’t good news………because they had started fighting.

Teacher Xiao Yu and Teacher Zheng looked at each other with confused expressions.

“What’s going on?!” Teacher Zheng couldn’t endure it any longer. He rushed over to stop the fight but was held back by Teacher Xiao Yu.

Teacher Zheng reluctantly shrank over in the corner and quietly watched the fight.

With his rich experience in fights, he felt that the fight between those four wouldn’t come to an end.

The two sides both knew each other very well. All the moves were almost exactly the same, and their reaction times were also similar.

He watched silently for about three minutes and was a little thankful that Teacher Xiao Yu had held him back.

With his rashness, if he rushed in those four great masters wouldn’t he harmed but conversely, he would probably be left with a bruised nose and swollen face.

The two young teachers discussed with each other and decided to call for assistance.


In the distance, it was the sound of fire burning. Up close, it was the sound of wind whistling.

Mixed in together with it was the sound of metal clashing and the rustling of fabric.

Chokeholds would be choked back. Armlocks would be armlocked back.

It was extremely fierce and there were no signs of victory on either end.

Those thousands of monsters didn’t give them trouble, fighting oneself was the most troublesome.

After another attack was intercepted, the two parties were at a deadlock for a few seconds. They then withdrew at the same time.

Qin Jiu and You Huo were standing before the ruins so they subsequently jumped nearly behind the broken walls.

They used the broken wall as a shield and used this opportunity to catch their breath.

Qin Jiu suddenly laughed. He pulled at his collar and said: “This fight can’t be fought.”

On such a cold day, You Huo’s temple was damp with sweat. He pursed his lips and breathed a little harder than usual.

After recovering slightly, he said: “It wouldn’t be a problem if you dealt your blows a little harder.”

Qin Jiu: “………..”

When Qin Jiu had “Invigilator A” trapped earlier, if he was a little more aggressive, the other party would be stunned for at least two seconds, but he held back at a critical moment.

Qin Jiu turned his head and looked at him for a moment before slowly pointing out: “Mr. A, if you’re going to bicker about this, I’ll have to say that you’re no better.”

You Huo: “………..”

Where are you getting all these names……..

He internally thought this.

But Qin Jiu was right. He really wasn’t any better. It was the same for him and the other “Qin Jiu”.

And objectively speaking, the opposite was also true.

They realised halfway that the fight had become “them fighting themselves”. If it continued like this, they would probably fight until the next century.

“What to do now?” Qin Jiu leaned back against the wall.

“Did they understand what we said before?”

You Huo muttered.

They weren’t just fighting earlier and were actually exchanging words through their blows. They had told their other selves the general exam situation as well as the consequences of not completing the cleaning.

Qin Jiu: “Maybe.”

He had a feeling that they weren’t just people from a dream. He felt that………that was himself, and that was You Huo.

A You Huo from a certain time and himself from a certain time.

And that was why they would always hold back at critical moments.

Qin Jiu rested the back of his head against the wall and suddenly winked at You Huo: “What exactly did you dream about?”

That gentle wink surprised You Huo for a moment. He then returned to his senses and looked away: “A room that seems to have a table and chair. There’s also a…..”


It was a simple word but You Huo suddenly stalled.

“A what?” Qin Jiu asked.

You Huo narrowed his eyes: “A bow.”

Qin Jiu: “?”

You Huo expressionlessly spoke some nonsense: “Yeah, I was holding a bow and arrow. Probably was going to hit you with it.”

Qin Jiu: “???”

Two more seconds passed.

You Huo heard a low laugh from the person next to him.


A few tens of metres away, examinee “Qin Jiu” and “Invigilator A” were hiding around the corner of the teaching building watching for movements from the other two.

“Qin Jiu” looked on for a while before suddenly speaking up: “Invigilator, do you believe what the other two said just now?”

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“What about you?”

“I believe.”

“Qin Jiu” said.

“Invigilator A” was a little surprised: “Yet you fought that long?”

“Qin Jiu” let out a sound of acknowledgement.

In fact, “Invigilator A” also believed it. Afterall, the timeline of the other two was the same whereas his and the examinee “Qin Jiu”’s were not.

Logically speaking, if one of them must be fake, it could only be himself and “Qin Jiu”.

He was also aware of this, yet he also fought for a long time.

It was silent for a few seconds. No one spoke.

After a while, “Qin Jiu” lazily turned his head around. His dark eyes reflected light amidst the dark sky: “Actually, I also feel like I’m dreaming. As far as I know, we seem to have been in opposition for a long time.”

“Invigilator A” looked at him.

“Qin Jiu” suddenly winked at him and said: “Now that I’ve got the rare opportunity to be your teammate, I should naturally make the most of it don’t you think?”

“Invigilator A” didn’t speak.

After a while, he turned his head and laughed.

“Qin Jiu” looked at the thin lines outlining his neck and suddenly had an urge to bite down onto it.

He restored his gaze and licked the tip of his teeth.

In the distance, the sky was getting lighter. The thick darkness had slowly turned grey.

He knew that the sun was about to rise.

Soon, time was about to be up. They were the last two dreams that needed to be cleaned.

“Qin Jiu” didn’t look back: “Big Invigilator——-”


“It seems that I am always the one calling you. What do you call me? I suddenly want to know.”

“Invigilator A” stopped for a moment.

This was probably a dream of his. A fragmented dream; one without a past or future. All the scenes only consisted of the meeting room, the corridor, his blurry faced colleagues and Qin Jiu.

In this dream, he never called Qin Jiu’s name, nor did he call him anything else.

But the moment he heard the question, an answer suddenly appeared in his mind.

It was as if it was buried in his subconsciousness and had been said in private many times.

He said: “Gi.”


“Gin. Without the last letter.”

“They all call me that? Or is it just you?”


“Is this a nickname?”


“Alright then, I’ll remember it.”

“Qin Jiu” grinned and said: “The sky’s getting brighter. Dare to gamble?”

“Invigilator A”: “Why wouldn’t I dare?”


Behind the broken wall, You Huo suddenly asked Qin Jiu: “If it was you, what would you do?”

If you found out that you’re from a dream and would cause trouble if you remained in reality, what would you do?

Qin Jiu said: “Probably will play around more crazily.”

When he heard this question, arrogance and madness had once again surged from his bones.

He thought…….

No, he was very certain——-

“Look to your left.”

You Huo looked over. The red-orange fire was extremely dazzling in the night.

Qin Jiu said: “I will make a big gamble. Let’s go in.”

As he said that, they heard someone suddenly whistling.

It carried a teasing and arrogant nuance.

They looked at each other and stood up.

Not far away, the Qin Jiu from the examinee period and Invigilator A walked side by side.

The blazing fire behind them stretched their shadows before them. At this moment, the red-orange fire was especially fierce.

Qin Jiu looked at himself from a certain point in time in the past turn around and wave with his back towards them. As usual, he carried a lazy and arrogant demeanour. Together with You Huo from a certain point in time, they walked into the fire without looking back.

At that moment, Qin Jiu once again felt a sense of familiarity.

He could even remember the feeling of being surrounded by fire……..

Not far away, a group of teachers and students rushed over screaming and gasping.

The little’s fatty’s voice carried over. He said: “Fuck, if I have another dream tonight, I would probably dream about this…….”

It wasn’t just him. Everyone felt this way too.

If they dreamt again, they would either dream of the great masters entering the fire or of the great masters fighting the monsters.


The moment the little fatty finished speaking, the scene suddenly stopped.

The system’s voice sounded.

【Due to unpredicted factors, the examination centre has crashed. Cleaning is suspended. All examinees please leave the centre immediately.】

If there was another night of this, with more than a thousand students there would be more than a thousand You Huo and Qin Jiu.

That would be even more terrible than the zombies and Godzilla.

If the system was a human, one word could replace that announcement——-


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