Don’t Close Your Eyes At Me
Chapter 87: Because It’s Humid

With more people, the fear factor is reduced.

With more people, the fun factor is enhanced.

With more people………..Even serious things become amusing.

Like those moments in high school when a teacher points out a student and says: “You, stand outside!”

That was punishment.

If they said to the entire class: “Every one of you stand outside!”

That was a festival.                               

This was what it felt like when the three invigilators brought back all the rule violating examinees.

It was so absurd they could neither laugh nor cry.

922 looked at the numerous heads in the cabin and could no longer maintain his fake imposing act. 

He said seriously: “I may have started a party.”

154 rubbed his temples and did his best to continue maintaining his act: “……..Don’t make trouble.”

In fact, it really did seem like it.

922 then expressed emotionally: “When have the invigilator’s area been this lively?”

154 gave up struggling: “……Yeah.”

922: “As expected of boss.”

154: “………..Ah.”

As soon as that “ah” was said, the system returned them with a violation warning.

The small red lights on the two invigilators lit up and beeped.

021 used the tip of her heel to give the idiot 922 a kick and said: “Don’t stand around. Take them downstairs. There’s not enough space for me to stand here.”

922 responded: “Miss, do you think there’s enough space downstairs? We only have three rooms. If three enter at a time, it will take a day for everyone to be done.”

“At a time like this there’s no point giving single rooms. Put them together.” 154 said.

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The basement wholeheartedly upheld the unique characteristic of the invigilator’s area and remained consistent in style with the examination centre.

It looked just like the underground dungeon under the church———-

After going down the stone steps you would be greeted with an underground tunnel. Along the semi-arced walls hung several fire torches which separated the tunnel into bright and dark blocks.

At the end of the tunnel were three adjacent rooms that looked like stone prison cells. Narrow black doors stood before the three rooms.

Perhaps it was done with the intention to make the rooms appear more suffocating and smaller, there was only one small source of light here in the basement. Most of the basement was only dimly lit and covered in dark shadows.

021 furrowed her brows when she came down.

922 muttered bluntly: “Out of all the confinement rooms, I hate this kind the most.”

“Stop complaining okay? This is after I cleaned it. It was more realistic before that.” 154 replied with annoyance.

The examinees stood at the end of the tunnel exchanging looks with one another.

A more courageous one raised his hand and asked: “Invigilator, can I ask what the punishment is?”

“Ah, you don’t know?” 922 asked without thinking.

The examinee was very confused: “Should…..I know?”

The three invigilators froze for a moment. They suddenly realised that they had been conditioned by You Huo and Qin Jiu and had almost forgotten that normal examinees should have no knowledge about the punishments and would be a little fearful.

152 cleared his throat and answered with a straight face: “In the case of first-time rule violations, violating examinees will be confined for three hours each.”

“Is it life-threatening?”

“Generally, it’s not.” 154 said.


Several of the timider examinees almost broke down.

154 hesitated and added: “You will see your most feared scenes, person or thing in the confinement room. As long as you keep that in mind, it won’t be life-threatening.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his small red light beeped again.

His first thought in response to this was that the system tonight was being very strict. It was acting a little harsher than usual.

But when he opened the first confinement room door and secretly felt glad that the danger may be reduced with more people present, he suddenly realised…….

It wasn’t that the system was being particularly strict, it was him. At some unknown point in time, he had started becoming more biased towards the examinees.

In other words, their position as an invigilator had become more and more obviously biased towards the examinees. At times, it wasn’t very well concealed.

They became more and more unruly.

In the past, he would immediately become more cautious whenever the red warning light goes off.

But now, the warning light had turned on twice and he didn’t even glance at it.

Not only him, it was the same for 922 and 021.

It was probably due to the influence of those two.

“What are you standing around for?” 922 suddenly patted him, “What are you thinking about?”

154 returned to his senses: “It’s nothing.”

922 shot him another glance before turning around to organise the examinees.

Perhaps it was because he wanted to covertly reduce the danger and risks, this idiot tried to shove all 19 of them into the same confinement room. With more people, the terrifying scenes that may appear would likely mix together and no longer feel scary.

What’s more, with companions beside them, they could also help each other out.

But as he tried to shove the sixth one in, the system suddenly spoke up.

Although its voice had no undulations, it was clear that it had held itself back for a long time and was not in a good mood.

【Warning. The maximum capacity of a confinement room is 5 people. Room capacity exceeded.】

922 said: “With three rooms, only 15 can be done. What about the other four?”

【Remaining examinees should wait patiently on the bench outside the confinement rooms. No ruckus should be made.】

922: “Oh…..”

He then tried to put Qin Jiu, You Huo and Gao Qi into the three separate rooms. With those three taking the lead, the confinement rooms shouldn’t be a problem.

But unexpectedly, the system again spoke up.

【Examinees Pang An, Meng Cenchen, Li Hao, Zhang Rui and Xu Xinxin enter the second confinement room.】

922: “……………”

Great. It’s now doing a rollcall.

This wasn’t a party; this was a bank.

The system again called out another five names and directed them to enter the third confinement room. It then said:

【Examinees Qin Jiu, You Huo, Gao Qi and Zhao Hong, please wait outside.】

Hearing this, 922 finally frowned.

Even a fool like him could tell that the system held bad intentions.

According to his understanding, this examinee called Zhao Hong was also someone who performed rather well. Besides those other three, he was the one who had scored the most points in this exam.

To put those four together into a batch, the system’s intention was too obvious——-

Firstly, it avoided the possibility of making the confinement rooms too easy.

Secondly, those people could return to continue the exam after three hours whereas they would need to wait six hours.

It had removed them from the exam under the guise of punishment.

Please read this from kk translates

With those four not around, who knows what the resurrected Duke would do?

If he could reach this conclusion, his boss naturally would too.

922 shoved the last group of examinees into the confinement room and turned to glance at Qin Jiu only to find the other party pinching his nose looking uncomfortable.

“What’s wrong boss?” He and 154 came over.

Qin Jiu had already lowered his hand. He looked the same as usual: “What what’s wrong?”

922 for a moment thought he saw wrong.

They didn’t probe further and went back upstairs after bidding goodbye.

There were several benches outside the confinement rooms. Although they were referred to as benches, they’re actually stone slabs.

The examinee Zhao Hong was still immersed in the excitement of having scored points and was too excited to sit down.

After pacing back and forth a few times, he wanted to say “Come great masters! Let’s discuss what to do next.” but great master number 1 threw out a sentence “Sleepy. Going to sleep.”

You Huo then casually found a “bench” in the corner, laid down and soon fell asleep whilst using his arms as a pillow.

Zhao Hong then looked over at Qin Jiu.

He sat down on a stone slab next to You Huo and said: “I’ll rest a little too.”

After that was silence.

Gao Qi watched him and muttered with confusion: “It’s understandable that A is a little sleepy but why are you coming here too?”

Qin Jiu had already closed his eyes. He answered lazily without opening his eyes: “Probably got infected by him.”

Gao Qi snorted. He thought: Are you trying to show off again?

Zhao Hong then looked over at Gao Qi. Gao Qi pointed at a stone slab and suggested: “Why don’t we also take a nap?”

Zhao Hong: “……….”

Are you coming to the invigilator’s area to catch up on sleep?

Gao Qi meant it when he suggested that. Very soon, soft snoring could be heard in the basement.

As Zhao Hong laid on one of the stone slabs, he could faintly hear screams coming from the confinement rooms. Although it wasn’t blood-curdling screams, it did contain fear and shock.

He listened to this for a while and could no longer sleep. He simply laid there in thought with his eyes open.

Qin Jiu and You Huo sat very close to Zhao Hong. His eyes moved and inadvertently travelled across to those two.

Perhaps it may just be due to the dim lights, Qin Jiu slept with his brows slightly furrowed and there was a small trace of fatigue on his face.

Zhao Hong wasn’t very familiar with them. His only impression was: Super powerful.

He subconsciously thought: They can also get tired?

But he then thought about it and felt that this thought of his was very strange. How could one not be tired?

Just as he was about to continue with his daydreams, his line of sight travelled past You Huo and abruptly stopped when he noticed his arm.

There was a large red patch on his wrist.

Zhao Hong took a closer look. It was a wound.

A large, bloody flesh wound.

It was very strange.

That wound wasn’t there ten minutes ago when You Huo laid down.

Zhao Hong was shocked for a moment before suddenly realising——

The disease from the church had started to take effect………..


You Huo knew that he had a fever. All his muscles and joints were sore.

Perhaps it was because he was a little tired, he didn’t sleep very well. Once again, he had one of his rare fragmented dreams.

He again dreamt of that familiar house.

He again dreamt of that basement.

In the dream, his surroundings were dim just like the invigilators area they were currently in. Only a single corridor light was on.

He came out from the confinement room and used the back of his hand to close the door behind him.

For some reason, the ends of his hair and neck were a little damp.


But his shirt was still neat and meticulous. He just had the sleeves rolled up a little to his elbows.

He followed the stairs and headed upstairs, grabbed a clean set of clothes from the sofa in the living room and turned into the bathroom on the first floor.

Before he could take more than a few steps, a voice suddenly sounded.

In reality, this voice annoyed him. It was even more so in the dream.

【Invigilator A, why are you taking a shower after coming out of the confinement room?】

You Huo frowned. He returned to his usual cold look.

“Is it interesting watching me 24 hours a day?”

The system’s voice again sounded:

【This is my responsibility and something that is within my ability. Most importantly, it complies with the rules.】

There was a slight difference between the system here and the system in the examination centres. It spoke more like a human here.

The You Huo in the dream didn’t speak. He just focused on retrieving a towel from the drawer.

The system didn’t relent:

【You still haven’t answered. Why are you taking a shower after coming out of the confinement room?】

You Huo’s movements stopped. After a pause, he answered indifferently: “Because it’s humid.”

The system no longer spoke. Several seconds later, it added:

【But according to the records, the temperature didn’t increase 15 days ago. You did the same that day too.】

You Huo: “………”

You Huo threw his clothes onto the vanity. He supported himself with it in silence for a moment and said: “Like I said, it’s because it’s humid. When do you plan to move the confinement room above ground?”


【Not moving. The comfort level of the confinement room determines the punishment severity. It will never be moved.】

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