Misplacement Game – CH57

Arc 3: Humanoid Village
Chapter 57

Jin’er revealed a happy expression. She was very willing to let Xu Ziyue take a doll away, “Of course. They will be very happy to have a master who likes them.” Following that, she looked at the others, “If you also want them……”

Tang Yunyun didn’t wait for Jin’er to finish, “No, I don’t want it.”

The smile on Jin’ers face gradually faded and her voice also turned cold, “They wouldn’t be willing to go with you anyway.” She looked at Xu Ziyue and followed his line of sight over to the small doll sitting on a small coffin. Seeing that doll, all the excitement from earlier had disappeared but, because of her change in attitude towards Tang Yunyun earlier, this change went unnoticed by the others.

“Which one did you want?” Jin’er asked Xu Ziyue to double check.

Xu Ziyue wasn’t sure if he could touch it, so he just walked closer and pointed at the doll wearing a dark-blue costume: “I like him. Can I take him?”

Jin’er valued the dolls more than most people. Xu Ziyue could tell this.

Jin’er didn’t speak.

It seemed to be her way of silently refusing.

Xu Ziyue saw this and slowly retracted his hand. He raised his head and looked up at the doll above.

Yan Shi let out a sigh of relief and tried to fix the situation: “Xu Ziyue don’t be like this. Jin’er likes them too much and you may not be able to take care of them as well as Jin’er.”

Hu Beijia and the others agreed.

Xu Ziyue however wasn’t too disappointed……

Jin’er silently turned around with the intention to leave but something suddenly happened.

Like it wasn’t placed there properly, that doll in dark-blue clothes fell off from the top.

Xu Ziyue had fast reflexes and he managed to catch the doll.

Fortunately, he was standing directly below it. Fortunately, he hadn’t walked away.

Otherwise it would’ve broke.

Jin’er stopped in place and looked at Xu Ziyue with her pair of lifeless eyes. It made Xu Ziyue almost forget about her appearance and feel a little fearful.

 Yan Shi and the others didn’t think the situation was that simple.

There must have been a reason for Jin’er to suddenly change her mind and not want to give Xu Ziyue that doll. And with all the other dolls sitting there just fine, the one that fell just had to be the one Xu Ziyue pointed out.

Connecting this with the fact that their eyes followed them around, Yan Shi and the others felt that these dolls were likely alive.

But they didn’t know to what extent. If it was just small movements, they would feel more at ease but if……

“Xu Ziyue, hurry and put the doll back.” Hu Beijia quickly reminded him. She was worried about that thing suddenly taking control of Xu Ziyue……That kind of thing wasn’t something that hadn’t happened before.

Hu Beijia’s voice allowed Xu Ziyue’s eyes to break away from Jin’ers stare. He dully let out an ‘oh’ and then looked down at the doll in his arms with a reluctant expression. He then stretched out his arms and stood on his tiptoe to put the doll back.

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“No need.” Jin’er walked over. She took the wooden coffin that was about half the length of an arm down, “This is where he sleeps. If you want to take him, you need to take this too.”

A small profanity leaked out through Yan Shi’s gritted teeth.

With the doll in one hand and the coffin in the other, Xu Ziyue turned his head and looked guiltily at Yan Shi and the others.

Sure enough, Yan Shi and the others weren’t in approval of this. Saying that they disapproved it was actually putting it too lightly. They actually had the urge to tie Xu Ziyue up and stuff Xu Ziyue’s mouth to make him unable to speak or move.

But Xu Ziyue was just doing his task.

If he separated from the group……..Would it be possible that someone amongst them may do something bad to him?

If he left the group and they encounter horrible situations they may not say anything and just curse him out a few times, but if they’re scared and miserable everyday while he’s safe and sound……Xu Ziyue didn’t want to test the limits of human nature.

So, he decided that he should just act the role of a big-hearted and silly person.

Once Xu Ziyue was ready, Jin’er turned around and took them out of the last room.

Once they’ve returned to the first floor, the dolls on the first floor were no longer staring at them. Yan Shi and the others suppressed the unease in their hearts and walked out after Jin’er.

The door to the Humanoid Museum was once again closed and locked by Jin’er. Upon reaching the hotel, Guan Chengze couldn’t help but ask, “We’re not going around anymore?”

Jin’er replied without looking back, “I’m not in the mood anymore. We’ll go tomorrow.”

Guan Chengze and the others stared at Jin’er stunned. She then walked away and no longer paid them any attention.

With Jin’er gone, they no longer had to hold their breaths.

Tang Yunyun spoke up first, “Didn’t you notice that those dolls were strange? Why did you bring one back? Are you concerned about not dying quickly enough?!”

Guan Chengze’s lips twitched. He felt that he probably knew the reason, but that reason was too ridiculous.

“Hurry and throw him away.” Yang Yunyun glanced at the doll and quickly looked away. Just the sight of it terrified her.

“No need.” Yan Shi’s chest pounded like a drum. He breathed deeply a few times to calm himself down.

Hu Beijia pursed her lips and similarly avoided the doll’s gaze, “I heard that dolls have souls. The dolls here must also have it………..so you can’t throw them away so casually. If you do, he may come back to take revenge.”

“Then isn’t this pretty much a matter of bringing an ancestor back home?” Tang Yunyun was both afraid and disgusted with the doll in Xu Ziyue’s arm.

Lu Xiuyang snorted, “Isn’t that already an ancestor?”

The corners of Xu Ziyue’s lips twitched. He laughed hollowly.

Yan Shi asked, “So what were you thinking? If you don’t have a proper reason, I’ll just take it as the doll having taken control of you…….At that time…….”

Xu Ziyue held the doll in his arms more tightly and said, “I have a reason…….” He looked down at the doll and turned him around to face the others, “Don’t you think he looks very good?”

Yan Shi and the others: “………..”

Lu Xiuyang grabbed his hair and let out a long sigh. He turned around to go up the stairs but he suddenly remembered and turned back to look at Yan Shi, “I’ll bring my things over to your room?”

Yan Shi nodded and waved his hand, “Go.”

Tang Yunyun looked at Xu Ziyue with dissatisfaction: “Hmph. You’ll have something to cry about later when something happens to you.”

After that, Yan Shi and the others also left leaving Xu Ziyue alone downstairs. Xu Ziyue hung around for a while before going upstairs. Entering his room, he saw that Lu Xiuyang was already gone.

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Xu Ziyue placed the doll and the small coffin on the bed and leaned against the wall trying to listen to sounds coming from next door………But perhaps it was because the sound proofing was very good, Xu Ziyue couldn’t hear anything.

He was wondering if he could hear what those other players could be discussing about.

But since he can’t hear……

Xu Ziyue sat back on the bed. He mulled over it and felt that they likely would just think that he’s unreliable.

Xu Ziyue placed the coffin that was half an arm in length on the bedside table and then laid on his bed with the doll in his hands.

This doll wore an ancient costume and had long hair, phoenix eyes as well as a pair of delicate and sharp eyebrows. The skin was elastic, like real skin.

Xu Ziyue hesitantly used his finger to poke the doll’s cheek and retracted his hand.

The depression in the cheek caused by this slowly bounced back.

“This really is a doll…..” Xu Ziyue turned the doll in his hands left and right and he also moved himself to the left and right of the doll, but the doll’s eyes did not move. It’s eyes remained half lowered and It’s long eyelashes gently trembled with Xu Ziyue’s breath.

“I’ll see if you’re really just a doll……..” Xu Ziyue said this and stretched out his sinful hand. He muttered to himself, “Since you’ve been in that museum for so long, you must have lots of dust. I’ll give you a clean.”

Xu Ziyue finished saying this and started untying the unknown doll’s sash. He wanted to see if the doll’s joints were separate parts joined together.

If it’s actually a real person how nice would that be……….

While Xu Ziyue on this end was trying to one-sidedly communicate with his doll capture target, on the other end Yan Shi had gathered the other players in his room for a discussion.

“I don’t think he’s normal.” Tang Yunyun was the first to speak.

“That’s something we can all tell.” Lu Xiuyang scratched his head and thought back to his interaction with him last night……..

Guan Chengze asked, “Did you talk to him about anything yesterday? You didn’t get anything about his previous experiences or his personality?”

Lu Xiuyang shook his head, “He didn’t say anything. After washing up yesterday, he climbed in bed and went to sleep. When I mentioned the previous world, he said he was tired. He went to sleep pretty early yesterday but was woken up by the knocking on the door in the middle of the night.”

Yan Shi touched his chin and frowned in thought, “If it isn’t because he knows something that we don’t know, then him acting like this is too dangerous for us.”

“Th-then do we also need to bring a doll back?” Tang Yunyun rubbed her arms nervously with an unwilling expression.

“That thing is very strange. It’s better not to.” Said Hu Beijia.

“What if it’s really because he thought it looked good? Just like how he was when he first met Jin’er.” Guan Chengze felt that Xu Ziyue didn’t seem like someone who would act deceptively.

“That’s not impossible.” Lu Xiuyang snorted, “I’m more curious about how he managed to pass the first two games.”

Tang Yunyun suggested, “Should we ask him next time?”

“He won’t necessarily tell us.” Yan Shi pushed up his glasses, “Some people have their own way of clearing the game. He might be someone like that.”

“In short, we will observe the situation tonight and see if there are any knocking or anything else happening on his end. In the afternoon we will take a stroll around the hotel. There are still many places we haven’t been to. It’s not good to be unfamiliar with the places here because you can end up in a dead end when escaping.”

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