Misplacement Game – CH56

Arc 3: Humanoid Village
Chapter 56

As the knocking sounded one after another, Xu Ziyue grew more and more panicked. Behind him was the graveyard that was covered by the curtains and before him was a door what was knocking but no one was standing in front of it. Xu Ziyue copied Lu Xiuyang and rushed into his bed to try and fall asleep, but he wasn’t able to sleep no matter what. Lu Xiuyang on the other hand looked like he was fast asleep.

He listened to the knocking for almost half the night. Despite clearly being extremely sleepy, he just couldn’t fall asleep. The sound later stopped for some reason and Xu Ziyue fell asleep soon afterwards.

The next day, Xu Ziyue was woken up by Lu Xiuyang.

Lu Xiuyang looked at Xu Ziyue with some admiration. After going through several worlds, he could no longer fall asleep easily and even if he did, he would wake up very easily. It was completely different to this temporary roommate of his who would either be unable to sleep or couldn’t be woken up once asleep.

After Xu Ziyue washed up, he followed Lu Xiuyang and went downstairs. The other two groups were already there chatting while waiting for breakfast.

Yan Shi saw that the last two had arrived and said, “After having breakfast, Jin’er said she will take us around the village.” He gave Lu Xiuyang and Xu Ziyue a look, “At that time, pay more attention.”

Breakfast was served by Jin’er. It was very standard white congee, buns and pickles. Jin’er left soon after serving breakfast so Xu Ziyue started to talk about last night’s incident.

Yan Shi shook his head, “We didn’t hear any knocks.”

Hu Beijia also said: “We also didn’t have anyone knock on our door and we also didn’t hear knocking from next door.”

Lu Xiuyang’s expression wasn’t very good. That basically meant that either he or Xu Ziyue…….may have become someones or somethings target. The abnormality of Jin’er’s eyes was noticed by all of them and what’s more, his roommate was Xu Ziyue who had just provoked the other party. Even when shown the rooms, Yan Shi was clearly the one who spoke for them but Jin’er had gone out of her way to give the room keys to Xu Ziyue instead.

Lu Xiuyang couldn’t help but think that there was more to it.

He just hoped that the target was Xu Ziyue.

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Xu Ziyue also didn’t have a good expression when he heard Yan Shi and Hu Beijia’s words. It didn’t feel good being eyed by something unknown.

Yan Shi hooked up the corner of his lips, “Sit down and eat first.” To him, regardless of whether it was Xu Ziyue or Lu Xiuyuang, it wouldn’t bring any harm to him. Although he is the leader, he wasn’t going to care about matters others brought onto themselves.

Lu Xiuyang’s attitude towards Xu Ziyue suddenly changed a lot. Xu Ziyue also wasn’t stupid. He similarly felt that he might be the reason for it……

So when Jin’er led them out the hostel, Xu Ziyue said to Lu Xiuyang who was walking behind: “Otherwise……….why don’t you and Yan Shi and them share a room? If you put the two beds together, you can fit three people. I’ll sleep alone and see what happens?”

Lu Xiuyang was a little surprised by Xu Ziyue’s suggestion, “Are you sure?” Although he had also thought this and was thinking of a way to bring it up to Yan Shi, if Xu Ziyue proposed it himself then he would have a better argument.

Xu Ziyue nodded. If it was something he attracted, he would just be scared and nothing would happen but it would be different for the others…….He was in the wrong in the first place so he shouldn’t drag the others in.

Lu Xiuyang was elated and immediately repeated Xu Ziyue’s words to Yan Shi. Yan Shi looked back at Xu Ziyue before nodding in agreement.

Strictly speaking, Xu Ziyue didn’t have much experience and Yan Shi didn’t know how he cleared the previous two worlds, but if it was him…….With an extra person, he could at least think of a way to divert the unknown entity’s attention to the other person. It would be better to have a companion.

But he didn’t say anything to Xu Ziyue. What’s more, Yan Shi really detested the look Xu Ziyue had when he saw Jin’er. If anything happened, he was worried that he would drag the others down.

However, the subsequent developments puzzled them.

Jin’er saw Xu Ziyue walking alone at the end of the group and went back to pull Xu Ziyue by the hand to the front.

Xu Ziyue looked back at his teammates with multiple question marks on his face. His teammates similarly looked back at Xu Ziyue with question marks on their faces.

“No, no, no. You’re a girl. This…….It’s a little too intimate.” Xu Ziyue withdrew his hand, moved away slightly and looked at Jin’er fearfully.

Jin’er smiled gently, “It’s okay. It’s just holding hands.”

Just…….just holding hands? Are girls nowadays all so bold? They only met for less than a day?

Xu Ziyue turned to look at Yan Shi and the others. Yan Shi pushed up his glasses and……turned his head.

“I like to be carried. Do you want to carry me?” Jin’er’s eyes looked emotionlessly at Xu Ziyue but her expression was soft and gentle. Combined together, it looked a little strange.

Xu Ziyue raised his arm and pinched his muscles, “Let me train some more first.”

Jin’er didn’t look very heavy and Xu Ziyue was also confident that he can princess carry her but it was progressing too fast. He……couldn’t handle it.

“It’s okay. I can…….” Jin’er looked back. Her eyes fell onto Lu Xiuyang’s arm……

“Jin-Jin’er!” Xu Ziyue subconsciously felt that she was probably thinking something dangerous.

Lu Xiuyang hugged his arms. His forehead was covered with cold sweat.

“Hm? What is it?” Jin’er looked back at Xu Ziyue with her lifeless eyes.

Xu Ziyue who was looked at by those eyes felt the hair on his back stand up.

“Uh……….” Xu Ziyue hadn’t thought of what to say and had only called out to her to stop her from continuing thinking those dangerous thoughts. He quickly tried to find something, “I feel that……you’re treating me very nicely. Why is that?”

He had asked subtly but the general gist of it was: What’s going on?

He had been too impulsive before when he introduced himself but he didn’t immediately confess so why did she pay special attention to him?

The five players behind Xu Ziyue heard this and also waited for Jin’er’s answer.

Jin’er and Xu Ziyue looked at each other for a few seconds. She then smiled, “I like the feeling of being looked at by you. It feels like……”

Xu Ziyue looked at Jin’er, who suddenly stopped, with confusion.

Jin’er thought for a while and skipped that sentence, “That was a loving gaze.”

Yan Shi and the others: “……..”

Xu Ziyue didn’t know whether he should continue asking but before he could continue thinking, Jin’er had brought them to their destination.

“There are many places in our village, but I think the most important place I should bring you to see in this village is the Humanoid Museum.”

Jin’er brought them to a place that was probably at the end of the village and was surrounded by many houses with either one or two floors. Of the buildings there, the only one with walls that were painted white and a wooden double door was locked with a lock the size of one’s palm.

Jin’er took out a key and unlocked it. She then effortlessly pulled off the metal chain that was about the thickness of a baby’s arm.

She pushed open the door and walked in first, “Come in.”

Yan Shi glanced at the greying sky outside and followed in. Xu Ziyue and the others also entered after him.

The house was equipped with numerous tall glass cabinets and inside all the glass cabinets were dolls of various designs.

Some were of modern style, others were of ancient style and there were even ones dressed in foreign clothing. With different hair colours and exquisite costumes, they sat in their glass cabinets closely watching Xu Ziyue and the others who had just entered.

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There were at least a hundred dolls of various sizes in just this floor.

Warm yellow light shown down from the ceiling, but it couldn’t disperse the chill that ran through the people present.

Being stared at by more than a hundred pairs of eyes at the same time wasn’t a very nice feeling.

When Guan Chengze tried to step aside, he suddenly noticed that the eyes of some of the dolls had moved to follow him.

Tang Yunyun clutched tightly onto Yan Shi’s arm and gritted her teeth tightly to prevent it from chattering, “We-we’re done seeing……Can we go out now?”

Jin’er shook her head, “No, you still haven’t gone upstairs.” As soon as she said that, the door behind them slammed shut.

Tang Yunyun’s body trembled. Her eyes turned red.

“Don’t be afraid. Don’t worry. We’ll be fine after looking around.” Guan Chengze reassured Tang Yunyun.

Jin’er smiled softly and didn’t say anything.

Xu Ziyue remembered his task. The target this time is a doll……He moved over to the dolls……Each and every one of them looked delicate and intricate. They looked……both beautiful and cute.

Of course, there were ones that were also wearing military uniforms showing off their handsome looks, or ones that were dressed more maturely exhibiting elegant charm.

They were indeed dolls.

“Do you like them?” Jin’er who saw Xu Ziyue looking at the dolls came over and asked.

Xu Ziyue nodded honestly, “Looks good. I like it very much.” But those eyes……it was a little creepy.

Hu Beijia on the side saw a doll slowly curve up its lips……She blinked a few times and felt that the subtle movement earlier was probably just her imagination…….

Jin’er raised her hand and touched the head of one of the dolls inside. She said softly, “They all have souls. As long as you like them, they will also like you.”

That is to say……He has to capture one of these dolls? Xu Ziyue looked at Jin’er who stood next to a doll.

He felt that Jin’er should also be a doll…….But he didn’t have any evidence.

While he was feeling distressed, Tang Yunyun had already walked over to the stairs leading to the second floor, urging the others to hurry so that they can leave sooner.

Xu Ziyue followed after them.

And those eyes also followed their movements…..

When they climbed up the stairs, Guan Chengze moved over to Xu Ziyue.

The former asked Xu Ziyue curiously, “Aren’t you afraid of those dolls?”

Xu Ziyue nodded, “I’m am a little, but…….Think about it. They look so good……” Xu Ziyue patted Guan Chengze’s shoulder, “Fear can be overcome!”

Guan Chengze thought about it for a few seconds and then acted like he had an epiphany, “You can’t be a face-con?!”

Xu Ziyue silently nodded.

Guan Chengze could only return to his spot speechless.

Overhearing the conversation between Xu Ziyue and Guan Chengze, Hu Beijia couldn’t help but remind them: “The doll’s eyes are following us. You should be more careful.”

“Thank you.” Xu Ziyue smiled gratefully and no longer spoke.

He had also noticed it, but this only made him feel more complicated. Was he going to have to try and woo a doll that can only move their eyes?

Perhaps after ten thousands years that doll would be moved by him to the point of becoming a spiritual being….Xu Ziyue’s thoughts went wild.

It was only when they reached the innermost part of the second floor that Xu Ziyue had his eyes fixed onto a doll with long hair that was wearing a dark blue robe.

Xu Ziyue looked up at the doll placed right at the top of the cabinet that was sitting next to a mini coffin and looked at Jin’er with bright, sparkling eyes: “Can I take one of the dolls here?”

Yan Shi who had just lifted his hand with the intention to cover Xu Ziyue’s mouth balled it into a fist and slowly retracted it……..He could only watch on powerlessly.

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