Misplacement Game – CH55

Arc 3: Humanoid Village
Chapter 55

The girl’s eyes were gorgeous, but it didn’t express anything. She looked at Xu Ziyue’s outstretched hand and the corner of her lips lifted, forming a small dimple which made her small smile look even better.

She held out her hand and shook Xu Ziyue’s, “My name is Jin’er.”

Yan Shi patted Xu Ziyue’s shoulder with a poor expression and then, with some force, he pulled Xu Ziyue back behind him.

Xu Ziyue immediately returned to his senses. He saw Yan Shi’s angry look and lowered his head to knock his head with his fist – No, he must restrain himself!

And his target should be a doll…..But this girl looks so pretty. She looks no different from a human doll.

Yan Shi replaced Xu Ziyue and spoke to Jin’er. He expressed that they would like to stay together so a single room is preferred but if that is not possible, adjacent rooms would be preferable.

Jin’er’s appearance had no effect on Yan Shi.

Xu Ziyue was extremely in awe of that. He then couldn’t help but steal a few more glances of Jin’er.

Such a beautiful girl………No matter how he looked at her, she didn’t look human.

Because of their impression of this village, the others also felt that Jin’er probably wasn’t a real person.

Jin’er turned a blind eye to them but would occasionally look over at Xu Ziyue to see if he would do something again.

Jin’er arranged three rooms next to each other. She said that the rooms here were only double or single rooms so Yan Shi could only accept this arrangement.

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Jin’er brought Xu Ziyue and the others to the innermost rooms on the third floor and gave the keys to the rooms to Xu Ziyue.

Xu Ziyue was dazed. When he felt his palm lightly brushed by Jin’er’s fingers, he couldn’t help but blush.

“Then you can arrange how you would be staying. I’ll be preparing dinner later. I’ll call you when I’m done. You can go and unpack.” Jin’er smiled at Xu Ziyue but there was no smile in her eyes. It remained dull and emotionless.

After Jin’er returned downstairs, Tang Yunyun couldn’t help but roll her eyes at Xu Ziyue and mutter, “Superficial man.”

Xu Ziyue rubbed his nose and sincerely admitted to his wrongs, “Sorry.”

Yan Shi had already calmed back down. It was normal to like pretty women, but someone like Xu Ziyue who would act like that regardless of occasion and the target……..

Yan Shi reminded kindly: “You should know that you won’t live long in this world by just looking at faces.”

Xu Ziyue nodded quickly: “I-I was too impulsive. Sorry.”

“It’s okay. It’s normal to be like that when you see a girl to your liking!” Guan Chengze patted Xu Ziyue’s back to comfort him and to also placate everyone.

If the atmosphere between the six of them was ruined or if one party had issues that couldn’t be voiced, then…….problems could arise later.

Xu Ziyue held back his urge to correct him.

What he appreciated wasn’t just girls……

But he was indeed in the wrong. Xu Ziyue admitted to it frankly. Although nothing had happened after rushing over, it may not necessarily be the case next time. If he was to do it to every good-looking person, the other five would never feel at ease around him.

And they would even need to pay special attention to him when facing people with good looks.

Xu Ziyue was afraid that they would pay too much attention.

His target is a doll. If the dolls can become like a human……….and if he gets too close to that NPC……his teammates would definitely have their suspicions. At this moment, Xu Ziyue felt that it was also very troublesome having so few players.

When he was on the cruise ship, no one had the time to pay attention to which player is getting too close to an NPC.

Yan Shi looked at Tang Yunyun and Hu Beijia and said: “The two of you should be in the same room.” He gave a key to Hu Beijia and then looked at Xu Ziyue and the others, “How should we split you guys?”

“I’m fine with any.” Xu Ziyue didn’t mind sharing with anyone.

“Then I’ll stay with you.” Guan Chengze stood next to Yan Shi, “Staying with out leader makes me feel safer.”

Lu Xiuyang reacted a little too late. He looked at Xu Ziyue with slight unwillingness. From the incident earlier he could tell that this person wouldn’t stay still!

But the rooms were divided like this.

In the end, Xu Ziyue and Lu Xiuyang was given the innermost room. On the side closer to the stairs, it was Tang Yunyun and Hu Beijia’s room and next to that was Yan Shi and Guan Chengze’s room.

The six of them had checked all three rooms. The layout was exactly the same. As soon as you enter, the bathroom was on the side and after taking a few steps in, you are met with two single beds and a large French window which faced the graveyard outside the village…..

With a dark expression, Lu Xiuyang pulled the curtains shut.

The same was done in the other rooms.

Even if they couldn’t see through the curtains, just the thought of the graveyard behind that window made them feel uncomfortable.

Lu Xiuyang fell onto his bed and mumbled: “15 days……..six people…..It’s not even enough for one death a day.”

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Xu Ziyue comforted him: “Don’t say that. Who knows, we might all survive?”

Lu Xiuyang turned and used one eye to look at Xu Ziyue, “Naïve.”

Xu Ziyue: “……..Okay.”

“Apart from that elder and Jin’er, I haven’t seen anyone else in this village………They might all be there.”

Xu Ziyue followed the direction pointed out by Lu Xiuyang and saw that he was pointing at the French window behind Xu Ziyue.

“But that’s not necessarily the case. Others may also be in those houses we saw today.” Just the thought of realistic humans lying around in the house…….That was too creepy.

Xu Ziyue didn’t manage to discuss much with Lu Xiuyang when Jin’er knocked on their door to tell them that it was dinner time.

The restaurant was on the first floor of this hotel. There weren’t many dishes, but it was just enough for the six of them. Once done, they returned to their rooms and decided to go out and take a look tomorrow.

In the middle of the night, Xu Ziyue heard knocking sounds. He drowsily rubbed his eyes and sat up: “Who is it?”

The voice outside answered: “It’s me, Yan Shi.”

“Wait a minute. I’m coming.” Xu Ziyue had just finished putting on his shoes and was about to open the door but was stopped by Lu Xiuyang who had just woken up.

“Don’t open it so easily.” Lu Xiuyang shook his head and also sat up.

Xu Ziyue was taken aback for a moment. He was then pulled over to the door by Lu Xiuyang. As soon as Lu Xiuyang looked out through the peephole, his face went pale.

Lu Xiuyang whispered, “Take a look yourself.”

Xu Ziyue built up his courage and looked through. In complete contrast to the rapid knocking on the door, the corridor outside was empty.

Xu Ziyue pulled Lu Xiuyang back to the bed and asked in a quiet voice: “What should we do?”

“Just wait for it to leave. Seeing that it didn’t break in, it’s probably because it can’t.” Lu Xiuyang pulled up his sheets to cover himself, “I’ve encountered this before, but it was my roommate who opened the door at that time.”

He smiled and said: “And then he dug his own eyes out.”

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