Misplacement Game – CH54

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Arc 3: Humanoid Village
Chapter 54

“I feel that….something is strange here.” Tang Yunyun gripped tightly onto her phone, “Is this a trap?”

“Even if it’s a trap, we need to go. That’s the setting.” Yan Shi pushed up his glasses and stood up.

Supporting himself using the headrests, he slowly walked over to the driver under the confused looks from the others…..

Yan Shi caught a glimpse of the driver and immediately retreated a step hitting his back against the railing by the door.

Guan Chengze immediately jumped up and strode over to the front of the bus.

Soon afterwards, he similarly stood stiffly there, not moving an inch.

Xu Ziyue squeezed between Tang Yunyun and Li Xiuyang who were in front of him and finally found out the reason for Yan Shi and Guan Chengze’s reaction.

In the seat where the driver should be sitting, there wasn’t anyone.

But the bus continued to head to their destination without a trouble.

The other three also came over.

Tang Yunyun hugged Yan Shi’s arm and plastered her entire body against him. She hid behind Yan Shi and gasped in horror, “Th-this…..What’s going on……”

Yan Shi frowned and looked at Tan Yunyun with some disgust but in the end he didn’t push her off. Following the slight shock earlier, he had managed to recollect himself afterwards.

Yan Shi turned around and squeezed through between Xu Ziyue and Lu Xiuyang, in the process successfully making Tang Yunyun let go of his arm, “It’s nothing. This shouldn’t be dangerous. Let’s go back.”

Xu Ziyue glanced at the driver’s seat and followed Yan Shi.

It had to be said that Yan Shi was really a suitable leader candidate. He remained calm and serious and it in turn made the others feel more reassured.

Didn’t you see Tang Yunyun abandoning Lu Xiuyang and sticking to Yan Shi instead?

In the bus, only Tang Yunyun would occasionally whisper something and Yan Shi would sometimes reply. Everyone else remained silent.

Xu Ziyue had managed to pass his first two games properly, but it may not necessarily be the case for the others. At first Wu Wenshan seemed normal and friendly……but his true personality was completely different.

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Xu Ziyue sighed. He leaned against the window and slowly drifted asleep.

He was later awakened by someone. Seeing that Xu Ziyue was awake, Guan Chengze withdrew his hand.

Guan Chenze looked at Xu Ziyue strangely, “You actually fell asleep? You’re not worried?”

Xu Ziyue rubbed his eyes. Seeing that the bus had stopped, he put on his backpack and said, “Didn’t we say that it would be fine until we’ve reached the destination? It will be even harder to sleep properly once we’re at the village.

Guan Chengze laughed, “Seriously?” He watched the others getting ready to get off, “So you believe everything we say? What if we’re wrong?”

Xu Ziyue patted Guan Chengze’s shoulder and then squeezed through the narrow isle, “Aren’t we safe right now? So don’t worry, we weren’t wrong.”

Guan Chengze was speechless. The gaze he used to look at Xu Ziyue had changed slightly. If it wasn’t because he’s too careless, then it’s because he’s very skilled.

Carrying their backpacks, the six of them got off the bus that was stopped at the entrance to the village. The weather outside was dark and foggy. They couldn’t see more than five metres ahead.

Fortunately, the bus was stopped not far from a wooden sign. They saw it as soon as they got off.

As soon as all six got off, the bus slowly started up again and left.

“Th-this bus…….” Tang Yunyun subconsciously wanted to chase after it.

“Don’t chase it. It’s useless. It’ll come back when time is up.” Yan Shi pushed up his glasses and turned to walk towards the village.

Xu Ziyue and the others followed after him.

Like those from the countryside, the entire village was filled with buildings made from red bricks and wood, and the outer walls were not painted. Right at the entrance of the village was a long road with brick houses or wooden houses on both sides. Some were placed close together while others have a small trail between them but because the fog was too heavy, they couldn’t see the trails clearly.

The village was eerily quiet, like there was no one else there apart from the six of them.

If they didn’t speak, they could almost hear each other’s breathing.

The silence was a little terrifying.

“There’s no one in this village.” Hu Beijia looked up at the dried corn bundles hanging from one of the houses and then moved closer to look through the window of one of the brick houses.

The windows of these houses weren’t very large with a length and width of no more than forty centimetres. They were covered with individual wooden columns. If the material was changed into metal, it would look like the windows of a prison cell.

Lu Xiuyang said: “These windows can only fit a head through it. It’s impossible escaping out through the window.”

“You also need to saw off the wood before you can stick your head through.” Yan Shi added and walked over to Hu Beijia’s side, “What’s wrong? Did you find something?”

“Hey!” Yan Shi turned and saw that Hu Beijia’s expression wasn’t right. Just as he was about to feel worried, Hu Beijia recovered.

Hu Beijia shook her head and glanced cautiously through the window before walking away, “Don’t look. It’s dangerous inside.”

Yan Shi pursed his lips and nervously stepped away from the window.

“Sister, what did you see?” Tang Yunyun looked at Hu Beijia curiously. If it was under normal circumstances, her large round eyes would probably make others feel better.

But in this case……It didn’t work on Hu Beijia.

However, she still answered.

Hu Beijia said: “Doll.”

“If it’s just a doll…….There shouldn’t be such a big reaction?” Xu Ziyue glanced at the window but didn’t dare approach it. He had adopted a principle of speaking less and observing more so that he wouldn’t make a mistake and say something that would expose himself.

Hu Beijia lightly glanced at Xu Ziyue, “It’s only a doll head hanging near the window. If you’re interested, you can go and see.”

Xu Ziyue laughed hollowly, “I’m okay………”

Guan Chengze curiously moved to the window. He quickly stretched out his neck and then retracted his head equally as quickly.

After checking, he looked at Hu Beijia strangely.

Guan Chengze asked: “Is that a doll? Why do I think……that it looks like a real head?”

Hu Beijia nodded, “I stared at it for a long time.” She drew a line across her neck with her finger, “If it is a normal head, there should be a wound on the neck but there’s none. If it was cut off, there’s no need to cut it right below the chin. Most would also have some neck below.”

Xu Ziyue’s lips twitched. Looks like Hu Beijia isn’t a simple woman. All the sisters in this world are rather amazing.

“I checked. There’s no blood and it doesn’t look like human flesh. It just looks very realistic.” Hu Beijia recalled, “The face looked pretty good though.”

Xu Ziyue immediately turned his head and looked towards the window.

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“If it’s really a doll then it’s very detailed.” Yan Shi rubbed his chin and looked around again, “I wonder if the other houses…..”

Before he could finish, he heard the sound of shoes dragging across the dirt path.

It was especially noticeable in this silent village.

An elderly person wrapped in a thick coat slowly waddled over to them with a walking stick.

The elder’s body was hunched and, with a hat on the head, a scarf around the face and even leather gloves on both hands, the elder looked round and…..hot.

Xu Ziyue and the others were wearing short sleeves but the elderly person before them was dressed like it was the middle of winter. Both sides weren’t in the same season.

As for their guess of the elder’s age, it was based on the grey hair poking out from under the hat.

The elder stopped before the six of them and coughed a few times before speaking with a voice that sounded like air was leaking through: “I am the village chief of this village. Welcome to Humanoid Village…….Over the next half month you will be staying here.” It was a woman’s voice but sounded terrible. It was so hoarse, it sounded like it was squeezed out of her throat.

“You should come with me. I’ll take you to your place. After that I’ll let my granddaughter take you around.”

The elder turned around. Not taking into consideration their reaction, she started to walk off.

The six of them looked at each other and eventually decided to silently follow behind this NPC.

Without her guiding them, the six of them wouldn’t have known what to do. They couldn’t just find a house with a super realistic doll head and spend the night in it.

Though the place they were being led to by the elder may not necessarily be safe either.

The elder brought Xu Ziyue and the others to a small three-storey house. The outside was made with red bricks and the cement between the cracks were very obvious. It didn’t look great.

But once they entered, they saw that it was no different from a hotel.

Clean and bright, it was nothing like the gloomy weather outside. The contrast was so strong, it conversely made them feel unsafe and alert.

But they still didn’t know much about the village so they could only settle down here.

As soon as the elder brought them in, a girl who looked about 16 or 17 came over to greet them.

The girl had a head of thick, shiny black hair which was permed and paired with a set of neat, straight bangs. Her hair was fluffy but not messy and it almost covered her entire upper body. She wore a long-sleeved black dress with balloon sleeves along with pure white stockings and a pair of black leather shoes…..

Adding to that her exquisite looks, fair complexion and big light brown eyes that was bright and shiny……

She looked very beautiful, better than most celebrities.

But perhaps it was because she was too beautiful, it felt unreal. On the contrary, the players couldn’t help but think of dolls.

Yan Shi then saw his companion who had been quiet the entire time suddenly step forward and approach the girl with eyes glued onto her face.

He greeted happily: “Hello, my name is Xu Ziyue. What’s your name?”

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