Misplacement Game – CH53

KKnotes: In the raws 人偶 and 人形 was used. I took the liberty to translate 人形 as humanoid and 人偶 as doll. Not sure if it’s important but we’ll see.

This is a bonus chapter thanks to Anon and Lulith!

Arc 3: Humanoid Village
Chapter 53

The system asked: “Do you wish to start the next game?”

With no other options, Xu Ziyue decided to start the game, “Okay.”

“Selecting the game ——- Humanoid Village: Simple Difficulty.”

As soon as it finished speaking, Xu Ziyue lost consciousness and found himself sitting in a shaky bus when he woke up.

The system spoke: “There are six players in this game. Aside from these players, all the dolls in Humanoid Village qualify as potential targets.”

Humanoid? Xu Ziyue was shocked. Why was the world this time telling him directly that his target wouldn’t be human?

He sat up and then stood up to look around. Three other men and two other women had the same reaction. In a bus that could hold almost thirty people, it only carried Xu Ziyue, the other five players and the driver.

Compared to the big crowd on the cruise ship, the number of players this time was smaller. If Xu Ziyue wasn’t careful, he could easily reveal himself……

And amongst them, there appeared to be a girl who looked like she was a newcomer. She looked around at her surroundings fearful and alert, but it also carried a small hint of curiosity and interest.

The forest on both sides of the bus was filled with fog and the sky above was dark and gloomy. It made this world appear particularly dull.

Xu Ziyue didn’t dare act too rashly. He had some conjectures about the destination the bus was likely heading to, but he was very unfamiliar with the world. The only thing he knew was the name and its difficulty.

It may be different for the other five players.

Eventually, a neatly dressed and usually expressionless player gathered the players together.

He made the players who were scattered across the bus sit together and started to speak: “Let’s introduce ourselves first and get to know each other? It’s only us in this world and it’s not safe acting alone so we should help each other out when we can.”

That man continued: “I’ll go first. My name is Yan Shi. I have completed three games, so I am quite experienced.” Following that, he looked over at a man with very tanned skin to signal for him to continue.

“My name is Lu Xiuyang. I just finished my second game.” The man who looked to be either nineteen or twenty didn’t show any emotions in particular and just continued to look at the two women present.

“My name Hu Beijia. I have cleared two games.” One of the two women spoke up. She looked graceful and elegant and had a quiet temperament. She didn’t appear surprised by their current situation and even ignored Lu Xiuyang’s eyes that were constantly straying to her chest.

Immediately following her introduction, the other woman also spoke up, “My name is Tang Yunyun…….This is my first time.”

This woman had a similar appearance to Miss “White Lotus” from the cruise ship; they both belonged to the weak and fragile type that needed protection. But for Miss “White Lotus” it was just an act. As for the person before him……Xu Ziyue wasn’t sure.

And then it was Xu Ziyue’s turn. Like everyone else, Xu Ziyue just said his name and number of games he had cleared.

The last man was called Guan Chengze and he had only experienced one game. Of the six of them there, only he had been fidgeting nonstop with his eyes constantly looking around. He looked like someone who couldn’t settle down.

Xu Ziyue kept his mouth closed and did his best to speak as little as possible. Although the difficulty of this world is Simple, there were less players in this world compared to the last two. If he behaved any differently, he would easily be suspected.

Although right now the other five players appeared normal and don’t seem too crazy or neurotic………Xu Ziyue who had already encountered an existence like Wu Wenshan wouldn’t lower his guard.

What’s more, he still had to rely on these players to understand the situation in this world.

Please read this from kk translates

For a long time, the bus swerved and looped up the mountain road showing no signs of stopping.

Yang Shi said: “It seems that I am the most experienced. I want to temporarily organise everyone and allocate some tasks. Of course, if you’re unhappy about it or believe you can do better than me, I’m happy to listen.”

The others didn’t have any opinions. Even if someone had a different thought in the mind, they wouldn’t voice it out so easily until they have figured out Yan Shi’s personality and abilities.

Except for Tang Yunyun, everyone else present already has experience and so they would also have their own thoughts and ideas. If Yan Shi really makes an inappropriate decision, no one would listen to him.

And what Xu Ziyue needed right now was for them to talk so that he could get some more information.

Yang Shu looked at Tang Yunyun first and asked: “Since you’re new, you should pay more attention to everything. Have you read the newcomer’s manual?”

Tang Yunyun nodded and bit her lower lip, “Is this place dangerous? I’m…….a little scared.”

Yan Shi didn’t answer Tang Yunyun’s answer. Asking if this place is dangerous……..The answer was already obvious.

“If you work alone or keep information to yourself without sharing, you will need to bear with the consequences yourself. Don’t expect others to save you when you’re in need because it is already hard enough for everyone to keep themselves alive.” When Yan Shi finished speaking, Tang Yunyun looked at the other four players.

He Beijia who is also a woman simply ignored it and continued to stare at Yan Shi waiting for him to continue. The ‘unsettled’ man Guan Chengze’s eyes continued to look around. He flashed a wide grin at Tang Yunyun and no longer looked at her afterwards. Lu Xiuyang did look at Tang Yunyun several times, but he didn’t seem to have any intention to help.

As for Xu Ziyue, he directly turned his head away. No matter how Tang Yunyun looked at him, he wouldn’t return her gaze.

Yan Shi pushed his glasses up and said: “Let’s analyse the situation first. In this world, the mission is to survive for half a month. There is no requirement for us to find or do anything so that is to say that just surviving will be difficult.”

Yan Shi asked: “As for the location Humanoid Village, do you guys have any thoughts?”

Hu Beijia spoke first, “I know some things about the word ‘Humanoid’. In general, it’s actually a model of some sort that looks like a person.”

“Isn’t that a doll?” Guan Chengze scratched his head in confusion, “You’re making it too complicated.”

Hu Beijia glanced at Guan Chengze and nodded, “Dolls are also correct.”

“Then if you translate Humanoid Village………..It’s Doll Village?” Lu Xiuyang frowned. The first thing that came to his mind were the Barbie dolls he saw sold in stores. He wasn’t very familiar with humanoids, and he hasn’t seen much of it in his life.

Yan Shi nodded and then looked at Xu Ziyue, “What about you? Do you have any thoughts?” He didn’t ask Tang Yunyun because she didn’t look like she would say anything useful.

“Uh…….I don’t have any thoughts. Just wondering how long much longer this bus will be driving……”

Yan Shi glanced at the lower right corner of his line of sight and answered, “The 15-day countdown hasn’t started yet. We should be safe for now. As for when the bus will stop……..It shouldn’t be too long.”

“I would rather it drive a little longer.” Lu Xiuyang shook his head and stretched, “Once we get there, we can no longer be relaxed.”

Out of the four male players, Lu Xiuyang was on the more handsome side. Coupled with his tanned skin and his robust body, he would probably be able to run quite well when escaping. As such, Tang Yunyun would glance at him from time to time secretly hoping that he could take her along.

But all the people present weren’t saints. Although they had survived through the previous world and although they may still retain some compassion and would help others if their safety is guaranteed, but if it wasn’t……..then that was another situation.

They had witnessed plenty of people losing their lives whilst trying to help others.

And there were even people who didn’t show gratitude despite being saved.

Lu Xiuyang couldn’t bear Tang Yunyun’s hopeful looks, so he said: “Haa……This world is very strange. I was clearly in my original 30-40-year-old appearance in the last world, but this world has forcibly made me younger.” He leaned closer to his reflection in the window, “I have to say, I look quite good as a 20-year-old.”

Hu Beijia nodded, “That’s true. With a younger body like this, I should be able to run faster.”

Tang Yunyun couldn’t hide her emotions in her eyes. She looked at them with both surprise and some distaste, as if she felt that they were all oldies.

Guang Chengze laughed, “I haven’t changed. It’s probably because I’m originally this age.”

“This was probably done to allow us to match with our identities. The background story said that we’re rebellious students sent here by our parents to gain some life experiences.” Yan Shi pulled out the backpack next to him, “I just went through it. My bag contains basic necessities.”

Xu Ziyue copied the others and grabbed his backpack.

In the bag, there were some clothes, a phone and its charger, some money, a family photo as well as some snacks.

That was it.

It was the same for the other five.

Please read this from kk translates

Guan Chengze said, “Even if we try to analyse things, we won’t figure anything out. Why don’t we………”

“Wait……there’s something in the phone.” Xu Ziyue interrupted Guan Changze, “Take a look. In the messages.”

Xu Ziyue compared it with the date on the phone and saw that the text messages were from yesterday.

【Mum: I don’t care whether you’re willing or not. Go to mum’s hometown and use that chance to calm down. I’ll pick you up in fifteen days.】

【Me: You don’t care how I feel!】

【Mum: If you still want to go abroad after fifteen days, I’ll let you but be good and go to the hometown tomorrow, okay?】

【Me: ……You’re not lying, right?】

【Mum: I don’t need to lie to you. What’s more, 15 days is nothing, right?】

【Me: Fine……But where is mum’s hometown?】

【Mum: You don’t need to ask. You’ll know when you get there. Come home after school tonight and a car will pick you up tomorrow morning. There will be five other children with you, all of whom are children of mum’s old friends so don’t worry, you will get along.】

The text message exchange had set up an identity for Xu Ziyue in this world. Xu Ziyue felt that the “hometown” and “mum’s” tone was a little strange.

The other five were also in similar situations. A member of their family similarly agreed to all kinds of conditions just to send their child over to the so-called hometown for 15 days.

It was consistent with the horror game duration.

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