Misplacement Game – CH80

Arc 3: Humanoid Village
Chapter 80

Xu Ziyue stared at the little doll and the little doll stared innocently back.

Xu Ziyue sighed. The doll raised his arms asking for a hug.

Xu Ziyue held the doll and rubbed his face against him before walking towards the room in the basement.

Some things cannot be delved into too deeply lest the situation goes out of control.

Xu Ziyue didn’t know why Guan Chengze wanted to find him. Was it for revenge? Or for something else? Why didn’t he try to find him earlier?

Facing such a deadlock, Xu Ziyue really didn’t know what he should do next.

That night, Xu Ziyue heard dull knocking sounds in his sleep.

In fact, Xu Ziyue didn’t know whether it was night when he woke up because there were no windows.

Xu Ziyue went over to the door and confirmed that the sound came from outside the door.

“It’s me, Jin’er.”

Seemingly sensing Xu Ziyue’s caution over opening the door, Jin’er took the initiative to report her identity.

Xu Ziyue let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it wasn’t Yan Shi and the others.

But when he opened the door and saw Jin’er’s appearance, he couldn’t help but feel a little anxious.

Xu Ziyue didn’t know where he should place his hands as he saw Jin’er standing unsteadily before him, “What happened to you?”

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Jin’er had one hand covering her eyes and her other hand was holding her doll. Through the narrow gaps between her fingers, red blood slowly flowed out but her face still carried a smile.

“No longer as good-looking as before but it should be fine if I change it…….” Jin’er held her doll up and said, “Although I have asked this many times already, I still want to give myself to you. Will you accept it?”

Xu Ziyue looked at the smiling Jin’er. Her hand holding her doll was clean, completely different from her other hand over her eyes that had been dyed red. As for her doll, it seemed to have fallen onto the ground or something, so its clothes had become a little dusty.

It was a strong contrast to its usual clean and proper appearance.

Jin’er eyes seemed to be shining in anticipation but it gradually faded when Xu Ziyue didn’t immediately accept. The smile on her face fell slightly and her raised arm slowly lowered.

“Thank you, I will take good care of her.” Xu Ziyue received Jin’er’s doll.

Jin’er’s smiled brightly again, “Although I can’t do it, I hope my doll can stay with you forever and ever.”

Xu Ziyue smiled back but didn’t deny anything.

“Also, I accidentally brought them over too. They should be looking for me upstairs. I’m sorry, Master.”

Xu Ziyue was stunned. Before he was able to recover from the shock he received from Jin’er’s final words and his title, the Jin’er standing before him crumbled like sand.

“Jin’er……?” Xu Ziyue blinked a few times.

The ‘living human’ standing before him was completely gone.

Xu Ziyue looked down at the pile of sand or ash by his feet. He tightened his grip around the doll whose eyes seemed to have been pierced through by something sharp.

Xu Ziyue turned back to look at the little doll. The doll who was originally sitting leisurely on the bed swinging his legs immediately stopped moving.

Xu Ziyue couldn’t explain his feelings when he saw Jin’er disappear before his eyes but when he thought of Jin’er’s last words, he decided to help make Jin’er look a litter better, “These eyes…..Can it be changed into better looking ones?”

The doll nodded and proceeded to jump off the bed. He ran over to Xu Ziyue’s side and hugged Xu Ziyue’s leg.

Xu Ziyue picked up the doll and helped the doll climb onto his shoulder. The doll then comfortingly patted Xu Ziyue’s head, “Don’t be sad.”

Xu Ziyue rubbed the doll’s head, “Mn.” His voice was a little weak, and he sounded rather lifeless. It even made the doll’s originally slightly happy mood fall.

The doll helped Xu Ziyue find a pair of aqua blue eyes in the room. Those eyes looked really nice, so Xu Ziyue decided to change the eyes into these ones. It was Xu Ziyue’s first time doing something like this and his skills were rusty, but he very earnestly fixed up Jin’er’s doll. With the help of the doll from the side, Xu Ziyue was able to successfully complete all the steps.

In the end, all that was needed was to put the doll back together again.

“Wait a minute…..” Xu Ziyue’s actions stopped. He turned to look out the door, “Did Jin’er just say something about leading Yan Shi and the others here?”

The doll who was sitting cross legged on the table nodded.

Xu Ziyue looked down at the doll that was half repaired and for a moment had the urge to throw it out: “…….”

Xu Ziyue let out a heavy sigh before lowering his head again to finish fixing up the doll. The parts he didn’t know how to do were left for his doll to fix.

Although Xu Ziyue could see that the doll wasn’t very willing to do it and even seemed to dislike Jin’er…..

If Yan Shi and the others are loitering around the museum waiting for Jin’er then it would be difficult for him to leave. If he didn’t leave, he may likely starve to death in here….

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But he really didn’t want to experience what it is like starving to death! And so, the only option for him right now was to quickly clear his game!

Xu Ziyue stared at the completely restored Jin’er in his hands. The unusual coloured eyes stared back at him unblinkingly and the corners of the doll’s lips seemed to slowly rise.

Xu Ziyue blinked a few times in shock…As if it was all his imagination, that small change was no longer there.

——- 【Although I can’t do it, I hope my doll can stay with you forever and ever. 】

Was this Jin’er’s wish? Xu Ziyue sprawled across the table, staring at Jin’er’s doll.

On the other side, the little doll who was holding himself back because of Xu Ziyue’s crestfallen mood endured and endured before eventually giving up and rushing over to hug Xu Ziyue’s face with his arms wide open.

“Mn?” Xu Ziyue subconsciously straightened up and reached out to pry the doll off his face, “What are you doing….huh?” Xu Ziyue’s tone changed as he seemed to realise the reason for the doll’s strange actions.

Xu Ziyue patted the doll comfortingly, “Alright, my favourite is still you. See? Haven’t I always been together with you?”

Wait a minute——-

Xu Ziyue frowned. He felt that he was getting close to something here.

He lowered his head and looked at the doll whose mood had improved a lot but was still a little upset.

“Little Mo Mo.” Xu Ziyue placed the doll on the table and stared at him solemnly, “I like you. Let’s be together, always?”

 The doll stood on the table in surprise for a moment before tilting his head and asking “Really?”

Xu Ziyue nodded, “Really.”

The little doll bowed his head in thought for a while and then stretched out his pinky finger, “Promise.”

“Okay, promise.”

Xu Ziyue’s finger couldn’t hook around the doll’s tiny fingers so the two just knocked them together and shook it up and down.

The doll then turned around planning to leave. Before leaving, he stopped and turned back, “Don’t run around.”

Xu Ziyue nodded obediently, “Okay, I’ll wait for you here.”

After the doll left the basement and disappeared, Xu Ziyue was finally able to let out a sigh of relief.

He seemed to have…..how should he put it….run into a boss again.

The pattern on the carving knife on the table was identical to the one on the doll’s old clothes and there was also the matter with all the doors opening the night he tried to leave the hotel. Xu Ziyue had thought about it afterwards and couldn’t help but sigh. The doll may have wanted to open the doors to let some light out when he saw that Xu Ziyue was afraid of the dark but he didn’t expect that it would make him even more afraid…..Apart from these two matters, Jin’er’s attitude to him and the doll also wasn’t very obvious so he didn’t think much of it.

Furthermore, when Guan Chengze stole the doll, the doll managed to return on his own.

With all of these things piled together, Xu Ziyue had just thought that the doll may be a special NPC.


The system revealed the truth.

Although Xu Ziyue felt that the system may have accidentally let it slip but could the system be so careless? Xu Ziyue felt doubtful.

——– 【The player revealed the existence of this game in the first world resulting in the boss of the escape game to successfully be reformed. After the world was shut down, the boss data was gathered back into the system and this caused subsequent bugs to form in the data of new world bosses.】

Bugs in ‘new world bosses’……..

Xu Ziyue didn’t know what to say. He could only feel suffocated inside.

But this was something he had done out of his own choice……He had managed to target the boss three times in a row! Do you escape games select the bosses based on their face values?!

Xu Ziyue felt extremely tired. He felt that he couldn’t love them unless they’re good-looking.

And so, Guan Chengze’s actions completely provoked the doll boss. Guan Chengze himself may not have imagined that Xu Ziyue was the type of person to click on the mine on the first click when playing Minesweeper and he ended up stepping on that very mine….

In the end he realised that what Xu Ziyue had stepped on wasn’t a mine, it was a guided missile.

Life was filled with difficulties.

Then why was he searching everywhere for him now? Xu Ziyue felt very confused. To actively search for Xu Ziyue who constantly has the big boss by his side, was he trying to die a second time?

But Guan Chengze’s problem could be related to his body, not his brain?

Xu Ziyue was very puzzled and couldn’t sit it out in the basement. He slowly walked down the long corridor with the intention to sneak a peek into the museum.

Sure enough, he experienced the so-called “the favoured have no fears”.

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    a sweet moment with jin’er, I’m always so scared of her, but this is really heartwarming. in the end it’s because her thinking as a doll is different from human. as a doll, of course she’ll want a master who loves her.


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