Misplacement Game – CH81

Arc 3: Humanoid Village
Chapter 81

Xu Ziyue stood behind the stone door at the entrance to the Humanoid Museum.

There seemed to be some voices inside, but he couldn’t hear them very clearly.

Xu Ziyue could only push open a small gap to look inside. He didn’t know how the doll managed to get out.

After pushing open a small gap, the voices in the museum became clearer. Xu Ziyue pressed his ears against it in attempt to hear their conversation.

Generally speaking, it was about finding Jin’er and clearing the game after finding her.

Xu Ziyue thought of Jin’er who had left behind a pile of sand and a doll and didn’t know what they were planning. Afterall, Yan Shi and the others had only said that they could clear the game after piercing through the doll’s eyes and Jin’er’s eyes were already pierced but they were still here. That meant that solely killing the doll wasn’t enough.

The players in the first world had also searched everywhere to find Sun Mo’s ashes because apart from reforming the boss, the only other way to clear the game was by eliminating the boss’s grudges. In the second world, Xu Ziyue wasn’t able to stay until the very end but the method of clearing it should be by collecting all the stamps.

As for this world…….Although the mini Mo Mo is the big boss, perhaps it was due to the data mishap, he had not once made an appearance.

They had interacted with Jin’er the entire time instead.

So, the the key to clearing the game was Jin’er. But that pile of sand was unlikely going to do anything…..Therefore, the only thing left was her doll.

But since he had fixed the doll up, he didn’t know what that meant.

Yan Shi and the others didn’t tell him how they could clear the game. Of course, the method to clear the game he was referring to here was the method for Yan Shi and the others to clear, it didn’t matter whether Xu Ziyue knew or not. But with so many things happening, Xu Ziyue no longer wanted help them anymore…Perhaps they would be able to clear the game after waiting it out a little…..?

Xu Ziyue wasn’t sure what happened to Lu Xiuyang who had become a doll and he also wasn’t sure whether Lu Xiuyang could leave the game.

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Xu Ziyue felt a little complicated.

But at this moment, Yan Shi and the others seemed to have finished discussing and had decided to split up to look for Jin’er.

Xu Ziyue didn’t know what to say. Don’t you know that splitting up is the last thing one would do in a horror movie? How courageous must you be to decide to do this?

Xu Ziyue waited and waited until Yan Shi and Hu Beijia left, leaving Guan Chengze alone in the museum.

This also didn’t make sense. If they pursued Jin’er over here together and knew that Jin’er was here, why would they give Guan Chengze the opportunity to find Jin’er first?

They definitely wouldn’t want Guan Chengze to clear the game first and leave them behind.

Xu Ziyue couldn’t see Guan Chengze’s current appearance from his position and he also didn’t want to waste time thinking about why Yan Shi and Hu Beijia would leave.

After Yan Shi and Hu Beijia left, Xu Ziyue heard Guan Chengze repeatedly shouting his name.

Xu Ziyue was puzzled at first and thought he heard wrong but when he listened again, he was certain that he was calling his name.

But how did Guan Chengze know that he’s here? Could he have some sort of malicious intentions?

During his time here, Xu Ziyue had almost developed paranoia.

“Xu Ziyue….I know you’re here. Jin’er came here to find you. The others didn’t notice but I did. Don’t worry, I don’t intend to hurt you. You haven’t heard of the other method to clear the game from Yan Shi’s end, have you? I can tell you…..I can assure you, if you don’t know about this method you won’t be able to leave this world even after the fifteen days are up. Come out and let’s talk. Only you can save me now.”

Guan Chengze actually wasn’t sure if Xu Ziyue could hear him but he repeated those words over and over again. He searched around the museum again and again as he repeatedly tried to coax Xu Ziyue out until his voice turned hoarse.

“You tell me first. What do you mean by only I can save you?” Xu Ziyue couldn’t hold back and proceeded to voice his doubts through the gap between the door.

Guan Chengze looked in the direction of his voice with some pleasant surprise but he was only met with rows and rows of dolls. He stored away his momentarily elated mood and walked towards the dolls before replying, “I stole your doll, and received karma from it.”

“I was turned into a monster with a doll-like exterior. The doll shell outside is slowly decaying flesh. I can feel insects eating through my flesh and bones, crawling through my blood vessels….I used a knife to cut it out but no matter how fast I did it, they continued to appear, and continued to eat my flesh and drink my blood…..Only you can help, only you. Can you tell him to stop? I’ll tell you how to use Jin’er to leave this world because he won’t let you leave. Yan Shi also won’t tell you. Only me, only I can help you!”

Xu Ziyue looked through the small gap and saw Guan Chengze appear in his line of sight.

Guan Chengze’s body was still tightly wrapped with clothes but there were already small bugs crawling around on him.

Those bugs scrambled to get into Guan Chengze’s clothes but because there were so many, some would fall onto the ground. That was probably why Xu Ziyue saw maggots in the hotel earlier.

Xu Ziyue imagined what it was probably like under Guan Chengze’s clothes and shuddered.

Something like this was more tormenting than death.

Not to mention, the people struggling through the escape games were naturally those who were reluctant to die.

As long as there was hope, they would never give up.

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But Xu Ziyue couldn’t do anything for Guan Chengze. The only option was……

Xu Ziyue slowly withdrew his hand, allowing the gap between the door to disappear completely. He then sat on the steps in thought.

The reason Guan Chengze looked like this was probably because the doll gave him a punishment for kidnapping him. Guan Chengze’s words ‘Can you tell him to stop’ probably was him requesting for Xu Ziyue to tell the doll to stop.

He wanted to make an exchange with him.

Using the method of clearing the escape game as collateral, to exchange it with Xu Ziyue’s request for the doll to stop the punishment.

But Guan Chengze didn’t know that Xu Ziyue didn’t need to know about the method to clear the escape game and just continued to believe that Xu Ziyue must be worried about this.

【He won’t let you leave.】

Who was he talking about? The doll?

Xu Ziyue supported his head and felt a headache coming. That doll probably thought that he and Guan Chengze and the others can leave this world using the same method and that was why he had cut off all means for Xu Ziyue to find out about the methods.

Xu Ziyue understood Guan Chengze’s words. The ‘he’ could only be the doll.

Unexpectedly, the doll had quite a possessive character…No, his acts of preventing Xu Ziyue get too close to Jin’er should be because he didn’t want to let him find out about the method to clearing the game. Xu Ziyue at that time who didn’t know of the doll’s boss identity only thought that he was extremely cute.

And now that he knew that the doll was the boss…….This kind of contrasting cuteness actually made him even more cute!

But he also had to figure out how he could clear the game. Xu Ziyue no longer wanted to care about Guan Chengze and the others’ matters.

Xu Ziyue dusted off his pants and stood up.

The little doll was very cute, but this world was too lonely. He also didn’t like the weather here since it was always dull and gloomy. Apart from hearing his own voice, he could hardly hear anyone else’s voices.

There was only one thing he felt bad about……

Xu Ziyue squatted down and watched the little doll wander around outside the room in the basement while holding a doll that resembled Xu Ziyue. He extended both hands and said with a smile, “You finished it so quickly. You’re amazing.”

When the doll saw Xu Ziyue, both his eyes lit up. He jumped into Xu Ziyue’s arms together with the doll of Xu Ziyue and then gripped tightly onto Xu Ziyue’s clothes with no intentions to let go.

Xu Ziyue carried the two dolls into the room and asked, “How long did it take to make this doll?”

Looking at the doll that resembled himself, it felt strange and even a little uncomfortable. He however didn’t feel that when he looked at the other dolls, so Xu Ziyue felt that it was because it was because it resembled him too much.

Xu Ziyue who didn’t get a response after a long time looked down at the doll.

“Will you be angry?” The little doll asked back with his big eyes. He batted his eyelids causing his long eyelashes to flutter up and down, completely mastering the tricks to acting cute.

“Angry? Why would I be angry?” Xu Ziyue placed the doll on the bed and then looked at little Mo Mo, “Ahh….Did you start making it a long time ago?” If that really was the case, then Guan Chengze’s words about the doll not letting him leave must be true.

The doll lightly nodded. To express his sincere apologies, he knelt with his two legs together on the bed and looked up at Xu Ziyue extremely cutely.

Although it he was apologising, he clearly didn’t feel any regrets.

Xu Ziyue again asked, “Then when will I be like you?”

The doll answered anything he was asked, “Tonight.”


The doll nodded.

This really was a case of acting first, reporting later…

Sure enough, he didn’t intend to let him leave.

Xu Ziyue held the doll in his arms lovingly, “It’s okay, I’m not angry. With you so cute, how can I get angry at you?”

The little doll smiled in response and lightly pecked Xu Ziyue’s face.

After that light touch, he proceeded to bury his head in Xu Ziyue’s shoulder in an extremely innocent manner.

Xu Ziyue looked at the doll that resembled himself sitting on the bed and hardened his heart. He asked, “I really like you, what about you?”

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