GUEE – CH125

Bloody Carnival
Chapter 125: Raiding the nest

“What’s the situation?” The others rushed over after hearing the commotion.

Yu Wen pointed to the man on the ground, “They robbed us! My bag was stolen, and those arrows are gone!”

The suspect was pressed onto the ground with his hands trapped behind his back. With You Huo suppressing him with his knees, he couldn’t move at all.

Qin Jiu who was probably robbed for the first time commented with surprise, “Your courage is commendable.”

The suspect who was gagged could only let out pitiful whimpers.

“You said ‘they’?” Qin Jiu looked around and didn’t see Yu Wen’s bag, “The other one ran?”

“Yes, this person was beaten up by my brother and confessed everything. They’re hiding on the third floor. He probably returned to that nest.”

“Then just go catch him in the nest.” Chu Yue said.

“Then what about him? We don’t even have rope to tie him up.”

Shu Yue pulled out an item with a harmless look, “Then is duct tape okay? I found this earlier in the security room.”

Yu Wen immediately gave her a thumbs up, “Sister, you’ve turned bad.”

Qin Jiu was a veteran at tying people up. With just a few moves, he managed to tie the unlucky bastard up firmly and even left a ‘leash’ for him to hold onto.

You Huo also sealed his mouth up.

They then proceeded to rush upstairs.

The stairs in the movie theatre were like a spiral. It circled and circled up the entire building.

When they just turned the corner to the second floor, there was a soft sound coming from above.

You Huo moved aside, pulling his foolish little brother who was rushing ahead back a few steps.

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Yu Wen was surprised by this sudden action of his. Before he was able to understand the situation, he was already forced down by Qin Jiu into a crouch.

At that moment, something flew across his hair.

Hearing a clatter, Yu Wen looked back and saw one of his missing arrows by a wall. The sharp tip shone coldly under the light.

Yu Wen’s mind immediately went blank and his scalp went numb.

If his brother reacted just a little later or if Qin Jiu was just a little slower, that arrow would probably be stuck in his head.

The more he thought about it, the more fearful Yu Wen became. His entire face was pale.

He looked up and saw a figure with a buzzcut standing by the stairs on the third floor with a crossbow in his hand and a bag hanging from one shoulder. The white stripe on the strap was very conspicuous, allowing Yu Wen to recognise it in once glance. That was his bag that was just stolen earlier!

Robbery wasn’t enough and now you even want to kill?!

Just as Yu Wen wanted to curse them out, he heard a cold snort coming from next to him. Soon afterwards, two figures flashed by.

He looked more closely—–

You Huo, Qin Jiu.

Ahhh, looks like the other party won’t be able to escape now.

The buzzcut thief had originally wanted to ambush and get rid of them. In any case, he could just kill them and retrieve the arrows again to use later.

But now, the situation had reversed.

The buzzcut man panicked and started to shoot randomly at them.

In an instant there were constant clanging sounds of metal. They say that the sword is blind and that anyone who is faced with a situation like this would retreat.

But unfortunately, the people he was going against wasn’t like this.

He fired another three and turned around with the intention to escape downstairs.

But just as he turned, one of them jumped over the handrails, cutting him off.

Who else could it be apart from You Huo.

The buzzcut man quickly stepped onto his brakes.

In just a few milliseconds, Qin Jiu’s leg swept past.

There was a loud ‘crack’.

The buzzcut man felt that either his arm was broken, or his ribs were.

Soon after falling to the ground, he was picked up by You Huo and held in an arm choke.


It was so painful, his vision turned dark and he could feel his soul leaving his body.

When he recovered from the pain and suffocation, he saw that he was already pressed against the wall.

The buzzcut man’s first intention was to call out for help but unfortunately the other party reacted faster, immediately stuffing a ball of something into his mouth. The pitiful man could only shout halfway before his mouth was completely blocked.

He struggled to no avail several times and could only accept his fate.

The one holding him down was You Huo.

He tilted his head to Qin Jiu, indicating that he could start intimidating him.

Qin Jiu picked up an arrow that had fallen by his feet.

He glanced back. They were currently standing around the corner and the others were still hiding somewhere. For the time being, no one could see them.

He rubbed the tip of the arrow and slowly walked over to You Huo’s side before lowering his head and giving him a kiss, “What does tilting your head mean? I don’t understand.”

You Huo: “………”

Qin Jiu kissed him again, “You’re still not going to talk?”

You Huo: “………”

The buzzcut man whose back was facing them: “?”

He thought Qin Jiu was asking him, so he immediately raised his head and let out some muffled cries to express his anger. How could he talk with his mouth covered?!

Qin Jiu inserted the arrow back into the bag behind him and pressed the mans head back against the wall, “No rush. You wait a bit.”

The buzzcut man: “??”

Perhaps it was because this situation was too ridiculous or perhaps it was because Qin Jiu was being too annoying, You Huo finally couldn’t hold it in.

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He snorted and said to the troublemaker, “Deal with this idiot over here first.”

Buzzcut man: “???”

“Sure, no problem.” The troublemaker was in a good mood. He answered lazily and turned to the buzzcut man, “Come on, explain yourself. Are you an examinee or a townsman?”

The buzzcut man: “Mmmmnmmn.”

Qin Jiu let out an ‘oh’, “Forgot your mouth was still blocked.”

He took out a dark mass of something from his mouth and asked You Huo, “What is this?”

“Glove.” You Huo lifted his gloveless right hand, “Touched a corpse and touched some engine oil so it’s a little dirty.”

The buzzcut man who heard it almost fainted on the spot when he heard that.

“You fucking used th——”

Just as he was halfway through his profanities, Qin Jiu grabbed his mouth and waved the object in his hand, “I would suggest that you speak properly or I’ll make it so that you won’t be able to speak for the rest of your life.”

The man looked at him in horror and no longer dared to spit out another curse.

“Are you an examinee or a townsman?” Qin Jiu asked again.

The buzzcut man pressed his lips together.

Qin Jiu: “Ok, an examinee.”

Townsmen should be confused when asked about ‘examinees’.

Qin Jiu: “So you must have heard it when the exam started that the crossbow and arrows are used to kill Mirror Humans. You don’t seem to feel distressed wasting them.”

The buzzcut man said: “I……I shot wrong! Sometimes you can misfire. What’s more, how would I know that you’re also an examinee. What if you’re a Mirror Human?”

Qin Jiu laughed, “Would Mirror Humans search for weapons in a carpark?”

The buzzcut man’s lips moved a few times but he couldn’t refute.

“A dozen arrows fired but not one hit the target.” Qin Jiu patted his shoulder, “Don’t hog the crossbow with this kind of accuracy. It won’t be good if you accidentally fire it next time, don’t you think?”

Buzzcut man: “…….”

“Since you’re not saying anything then I guess you agreed?” Qin Jiu took the bag and the crossbow. He added after he finished doing these actions, “Just take it as giving us a greeting gift. Thanks for it.”

The buzzcut man almost vomited blood.

“There are only two of you here?”

The buzzcut man said, “No, there are some others……all upstairs. We were unlucky and ran into a Mirror Human as soon as we entered but fortunately there was a townnsman who had fallen nearby so we took his bow and arrows. We worked together to get rid of that mirror human and hid in here.”

They had rushed to this building in a hurry and went straight to a room on the top floor of the building. They had originally wanted to take advantage of this height to observe the people outside though the window and had wanted to use this place as their basecamp.

“We haven’t searched this place very carefully yet so the two of us went downstairs to scout out the situation. But in the end we saw you guys come in.” The buzzcut man said.

You Huo glanced upstairs and asked, “So there is more than one crossbow and more than one arrow?”

The buzzcut man was very wary, “What do you want to do?”

“Are the ones upstairs just as bad as you? If they are, we can just raid their nest.” Qin Jiu said.

On the fourth floor was a theatre.

A proper looking male student stood there with a look of seriousness as he calmly reassured the others, “Really, don’t worry. I’ve calculated it. A six-person team is the best approach for us. Why is that? I’ll explain it to you in detail later.”

“In short, three arrows can kill a Mirror Human! A six-person team is most optimal for this and the only flaw is that there is just a little too many people. If another four comes then we’ll be living targets.”

“But it’s okay, don’t worry. The other examinees won’t be like us, they won’t be able to gather so many people together.”

“There are lots of reasons for this. Upon entering the exam, everyone’s first reaction would be to find a building to hide in and to look for weapons. They wouldn’t have the time or effort to think about forming a team. We only managed to form one by accident.”

“So don’t worry, it’s okay.”

As soon as he finished saying this, someone politely knocked on the door.

That student was confused for a moment, “Who is it?”

When he opened the door, he was met with the buzzcut man whose face was swollen and bruised, “I was robbed.”

“Huh?” Everyone was stunned, “Who dares to do that? There are so many of us!”

“That’s right.”

The buzzcut man moved aside revealing a crowd behind him.

Roughly counting, there were eight of them.

Everyone in the room shot up in horror.

Didn’t you just say that there won’t be ten?!

There’s already fourteen now!

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