GUEE – CH126

Bloody Carnival
Chapter 126: Jumping Ship Di Li

In the projection room, the situation had become chaotic.

While everyone else was going crazy, the student leader was actually happily greeting them.

The moment he saw You Huo and Qin Jiu, he excitedly called out, “Brother!”

Yu Wen: “???”

He stood on a tiptoe and did his best to reveal his face from behind You Huo. He stared at the “enemy leader” and asked warily: “Who are you? Who are you calling brother?”

“Calling those two. Brother You and Brother Qin.” The student restrained his excitement and noticed Wu Li and Shu Xue behind them. He waved and greeted, “Sister Wu and Sister Shu, you’re also here?”

“Do you still remember me?” He knew himself very well and pointed at his head, “My face might not be very special by my grey hair should be recognisable.”

Qin Jiu said, “It is. Di Li, right?”

Di Li was extremely happy to be remembered. He quickly revealed his little canine, “Yes!”

“Brother, who is he?” Yu Wen asked quietly.

You Huo leaned his head and said, “Was together for the history exam. About the same age as you.”

Shu Xue smiled back at Di Li and added, “He’s a pretty clever boy and was ranked first at the beginning. A little top student.”

Top student……

“Then we are not fated.” Yu Wen aggrievedly retreated and suddenly felt a sense of crisis.

Di Li however didn’t feel anything. Finally meeting someone his age, he was pretty happy, “We’re fated! Are you also a brother You Huo met in an exam?”

Yu Wen immediately retorted: “What met? We’re blood related!”

Di Li was even more happy, “Related? Then you must also be very powerful! My name is Di Li, you are?”

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“Yu Wen.”

Di Li: “Yu?”

Yu Wen explained faintly: “Cousin.”

Di Li laughed, “Oh, I see! That also counts!”

This classmate Di always spoke without restraint. With just this reaction, Yu Wen’s favourability towards him skyrocketed to 80 points.

They may be in a good mood, but the others were about to go crazy.

“Stop chatting!” Someone finally couldn’t hold it in anymore.

The one who spoke was a man of medium build. His left eye had been scratched by something and was swollen shut but that didn’t stop him from glaring at the uninvited guests with his right eyes.

You Huo and the others fell quiet and looked over at him.

The one-eyed man didn’t back down.

The other group may indeed have more people but after looking more closely, they were all old, weak, sick or disabled. None of them could put up a fight apart from those two young leaders. Those two leaders were also probably just chosen because of their face and height.

He had seen people like this before. Not a single one was real, and they only knew to put up an act.

The one-eyed man tensed his body as he got ready to attack. The muscles on his arms swelled making the sleeves look like they were about to burst.

He stared at the newcomers and said to Di Li: “You know them? Then that makes it easier. Seeing that we know each other, you should be more aware. This is our place here. I’ll give you two minutes to find another place.”

Di Li wasn’t happy hearing that, “What are you saying?”

“Can’t you see that there are too many of us?” The one-eyed man answered sullenly, “You can’t even count? Ten or more people will attract nearby Mirror Humans. Take a look and see how many there are!”

“Seven.” You Huo said.

The one-eyed man found it unbelievable, “How many?”

You Huo was barely able to hide his irritation, “Seven.”

The one-eyed man dug his ears, “Say it one more time?”

You Huo: “………”

The one-eyed man blinked a few times and immediately started to throw out profanities, “Just your group there is eight! Did you learn maths using that face of yours?!”

You Huo’s tolerance was completely gone, “We count as one person. Adding to the six of you, a total of seven.”

The one-eyed man was completely dumbfounded by this way of calculation.

Di Li was as well.

“Brother You, you…..”

“We formed a team.” Just as You Huo was halfway through his words, there were some clatters.

The one-eyed man had already set up his crossbow.

He pointed it at You Huo: “I’m not going to waste my time on you and your nonsense. It doesn’t matter if you’re an idiot or you’re just pretending to be one. Let me warn you, don’t waste my time and hurry up and get lost.”

“Why are you speaking like that? Who are you to tell them to leave? Put that down!” Di Li’s expression hardened.

“Student.” The one-eyed man said to Di Li, “Seeing that you are just a child with a good head on your shoulders, I tolerated you earlier and listened to your suggestions but that doesn’t mean that you’re really anything.”

When he was done saying that, the person in the dark leather jacket next to him held up a crossbow and another person pulled out a switchblade. They no longer pretended to be friendly.

The three of them faced You Huo and the others like this, maintaining a threatening presence.

Di Li patted the bag he was wearing in front of him, “So what? Don’t forget, your arrows are all here. You only have the one in that crossbow and you won’t have anymore after that is used.”

The one-eyed man snickered, “Student, you haven’t entered society yet so let this big brother teach you something. Whenever you get your hands onto something good, you should remember to keep some aside for yourself.”

As he said that, he pulled out a bunch from behind him and waved it.

Di Li’s expression instantly changed.

“I’m actually being very generous. You haven’t seen those Mirror Humans yet, so you don’t know how hard it is to fight them.” The one-eyed man continued, “That crossbow you took, I won’t take it back. Just take it as a welcome gift. Wouldn’t you throw out a few bones when you see a dog come and beg for food? I hope you can understand my kind intentions and move on. It’s best for both of us that the Mirror Humans don’t come.”

You Huo coldly sneered. He said to Qin Jiu, “You want to move? I’m too lazy to.”

“Me too.” Qin Jiu smiled back at the one-eyed man, “I am someone who has everything but understanding. What to do?”

When he was done, he turned to Chu Yue and asked, “I saw on your file before that you’re good with bows and arrows?”

Chu Yue: “What pirated version did you read? But my skills are okay with them.”

“Then that’s enough.”

Qin Jiu passed the crossbow to her.

“Why are you giving it to me? What about you?” Chu Yue asked.

“For people who don’t speak human language, I like to be rough.”

The moment the one-eyed man and the man in the black leather jacket moved their crossbow, Qin Jiu patted You Huo’s palm and the two flew over.

Chu Yue sighed and aimed the crossbow with narrowed eyes.

At the same time as firing an arrow, she also used the crossbow itself to block the opponent’s incoming arrows.

The sharp tip brushed past the one-eyed man’s face before lodging deeply into the wall.

Di Li internally exclaimed: Oh my, almost got him.

As a result of moving aside to dodge Chu Yue’s arrow, the one-eyed man just happened to come into contact with You Huo’s fist.

Chu Yue fired three arrows in a row. Although one didn’t hit the target, it helped push the opponent over to You Huo and Qin Jiu’s side.

There was tacit understanding between these three former invigilators. It only took a few seconds for everything to be settled.

The one-eyed man and team who were threatening them earlier were now sitting on the ground with their backs against each other all tied up. The treatment was worse than the two who were captured earlier for robbing them.

With the five of the six-person team tied up, the only one left was Di Li.

“Top student, you have a problem with how you choose your teammates.” Yu Wen patted Di Li’s shoulder, “What are these?”

“These were the teammates I chose.” Di Li no longer pretended and pouted, “My luck was bad. As soon as I entered the exam, I ran onto two Mirror Humans and five of these things. As a helpless student, what else could I do? I could only rely on my mouth.”

These things are all tied up and now that he had met some old acquaintances, Di Li no longer held back and said whatever came to his mind.

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As it turned out, when the Mirror Humans attacked the buzzcut man had grabbed him and used him as a shield but fortunately he reacted quickly and managed to escape from danger by scrambling away.

“That bastard?”

Yu Wen sighed. A stone flew out of his slingshot hitting the buzzcut man squarely on the head.

The buzzcut man cursed a few times and gritted his teeth in pain.

“Yes. That crossbow was also something I picked up first, but it was later taken by them. I noticed afterwards that I couldn’t escape from them, so I circled around picking up the arrows they shot out while they fought the Mirror Humans.” Di Li grinned proudly, “Guess what? The moment they finished fighting and saw this —– All their arrows were in my hands. Why else would they bring me along? It’s all because they wouldn’t have arrows to use if they didn’t.”

“No wonder.” You Huo said.

No wonder the buzzcut man wanted to rob them. It was because he didn’t have arrows.

“After coming here, I started brainwashing them. I don’t have a crossbow; they don’t have arrows so what else could they do? They could only listen to my nonsense.” Di Li explained, “Before you came, I was trying to convince them that having six of us is ideal and that we should take turns guarding. With that the crossbow could also be passed around and I would have a chance to fight back.”

Qin Jiu felt that this kid was quite interesting: “I was just wondering why six people is ideal.”

Di Li said, “Normally three people is ideal, but this is a joint exam and there are examinees from all kinds of places. Humans have a tendency to prefer teaming up with those from the same country so it’s important to consider that when teaming up. A three-person team is small and easy to form. With each carrying a crossbow, it would be easier to kill the Mirror Humans but for me a six-person team is ideal. As long as we run into others, we would be close to ten in number and they will panic. As soon as that happens, I can use that chance to slip away into another team.”

He concluded happily, “See? Didn’t I manage to do that just now?”

Yu Wen was in awe: “You managed to think of all this in that short amount of time?”

Di Li didn’t act humble, “Because I’m smart.”

Yu Wen: “?”

It was his first time meeting a top student like this and for a moment he couldn’t adapt.

Di Li no longer stimulated him and turned to ask You Huo and Qin Jiu, “That’s right, brother you mentioned earlier that the eight of you count as one. What does that mean?”

You Huo concisely told him about the team card.

Di Li was extremely envious, “Oh! No wonder you are all together. But I’m also lucky to be able to meet you again in the joint exam. Brother You, you don’t know how excited I was when I heard your name reported during the first stage of the exam!”

You Huo: “….You mean the death declarations?”

“I was shocked at first and dumbfounded but after hearing it seven or eight times every day….mm…..”

Di Li scratched his head and changed the subject, “Since it’s like this, then we have seven. The number is a little risky but it’s okay. What do we do now? Should we change places or continue hiding out in here?”

As he was speaking Qin Jiu had already picked up a crossbow and was in the process of taking it apart.

You Huo glanced at him, “What are you doing? Breaking stolen goods?”

“I don’t dare.” Qin Jiu said, “I’m preparing bait.”


“Removing parts and placing the unusable crossbow in the first-floor lobby—-”

Before he could finish, You Huo let out an ‘oh’ to express that he understood but he suggested, “It’s enough taking off just a few parts. It’s too troublesome putting it back together later.”

Qin Jiu: “……Darling, as a head invigilator it should only take you about ten seconds to put it together.”

You Huo snorted, “Even one second is troublesome.”

Qin Jiu looked at him with respect for a moment before turning back and quickly dismantling the rest of the crossbow.

You Huo wanted to send him a kick.

“Okay, okay, I’ll put it together for you later. You don’t need to lift a finger.” Qin Jiu smiled and moved aside. He then proceeded to take the crossbow downstairs.

Yu Wen was confused for a moment. He quietly mumbled, “Who are you baiting?”

Two seconds later, he reacted—–

They wanted to form a ten-person team to lure the monsters!

This was practically sending themselves to the edge of a whirlpool!

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