Misplacement Game – CH118

Arc 5: The Seventh Sanatorium
Chapter 118

Xu Ziyue was certain that Shen Ci did it deliberately, but he couldn’t think of the reason why. After much deliberation……He could only conclude that Shen Ci may have gone mad.

But the atmosphere around here was indeed quite frightening.

Xu Ziyue pumped himself up and then headed for the residential area.

He decided that he would be fine as long as he returned back.

Afterall, hadn’t it been safe when he stayed in his ward the last few times?

Xu Ziyue fumbled back to the residential area. Fortunately, he didn’t run into any of the monsters along the way.

Just the thought that those monsters were once humans scared Xu Ziyue.

If they still kept their sanity at the beginning, what did they feel when they watched their bodies become less and less like themselves? If they didn’t have any ability to think for themselves in the first place, then could they still be regarded as humans?

More and more, Xu Ziyue couldn’t understand the reason behind all this.

The more deeply he tried to think about it, the deeper the dread in his heart. As such, Xu Ziyue tried his best to clear his mind. After realising that it was too difficult for him to stop thinking about anything, Xu Ziyue began to replace his thoughts with Shen Ci.

In any case, they weren’t good thoughts.

He didn’t do anything to provoke him! Compared to someone like him who was forcefully diagnosed with the ‘Love Delusion’ illness, Shen Ci seemed more like the mentally ill one!

Xu Ziyue had originally planned to return to the residential area but when he reached outside, he realised that it was really, really difficult for him to get any closer.

Across the glass doors, Xu Ziyue could see blue-ish white skinned nurses. Their bodies were twisted as they scratched at the doors nonstop. Their lips appeared to be smiling but because of the special material the glass doors were made of, he couldn’t hear them at all.…. As he watched the nurses silently grin, he felt that he could almost hear their laughter and cries.

It was just like the sounds Xu Ziyue heard that night.

After seeing Xu Ziyue, the nurses on the first floor grew even crazier. Their fingernails scratched against the glass door even more vigorously, and Xu Ziyue could almost feel the sharp sound of nails scratching against glass invading his ears……It was quite terrifying.

Xu Ziyue’s throat turned dry and he felt a chill down his back.

How could he enter when faced with something like that?

But to make matters worse, the familiar sound of chewing could be heard from behind him.

This situation couldn’t get any worse.

Xu Ziyue froze in place. He looked down at the ground under him and felt a little at loss.

The next moment, a helpless sigh sounded beside him. His cold hand was then gently held by another hand.

Xu Ziyue subconsciously trembled. He looked up to see Shen Ci who had appeared beside him at some unknown point in time.

Xu Ziyue was led by Shen Ci back to the treatment area, but the inside was filled with nurses.

“Wait……” Just as that word was squeezed out from Xu Ziyue’s throat, he saw the nurses reluctantly step aside and let Shen Ci drag Xu Ziyue past them.

Xu Ziyue looked back. The monster behind him was also staring in his direction but it didn’t make any attempt to get closer.

Even though there was a human-shaped safety shield next to him, the surroundings still made Xu Ziyue feel uncomfortable so, although he didn’t say anything, his body couldn’t help but inch closer towards Shen Ci.

Shen Ci led Xu Ziyue past the elevator and towards the stairs.

On both sides of the stairs, one would see a nurse staring at you after every few steps.

As a result, Xu Ziyue couldn’t help but move closer to Shen Ci.

“W-w-w…why aren’t we using the elevator?”

If walking beside Shen Ci, he was likely to brush past those nurses……literally. Afterall, the stairs itself weren’t very spacious and three in a row was the limit.

So whenever there was a nurse, Xu Ziyue would step back, grab the back of Shen Ci’s clothes and then bury his head in Shen Ci’s back as he followed him up.

But even so, he couldn’t stop his legs from going soft.

But when he thought about how he was at the beginning where he would throw himself onto Sun Mo whenever he was scared…..Xu Ziyue felt that he seemed to have grown a lot since then.

“I’m afraid that you would be scared to tears.” Shen Ci didn’t look back and just let him hold his clothes as he slowly guided him upstairs.

“You obviously did it on purpose….” Xu Ziyue’s voice sounded a little aggrieved, “You asked if I wanted you to send me back because you knew it would be like this!”

Indeed, he did have some of those thoughts.

But when he watched Xu Ziyue standing there with his head bowed and trembling, he found it difficult standing around doing nothing.

Even though he wanted to vent his anger, he found that he couldn’t do it when he saw Xu Ziyue like that.

Xu Ziyue didn’t get a response from Shen Ci, so he poked Shen Ci in the back causing him to suddenly stop in place.

Shen Ci turned his head back, still smiling. Xu Ziyue however felt that this smile seemed to carry some ill-intentions.

Xu Ziyue immediately retracted his hand and said quickly, “I won’t do it again! Promise!” In short, he shouldn’t anger this big thigh of his before he sends him back.

Shen Ci turned back. He was originally a lot taller than Xu Ziyue and, with them standing on the steps, the height difference was even more apparent.

Being looked at from above by Shen Ci coupled with the fact that he still couldn’t read into Shen Ci’s thoughts, made Xu Ziyue felt a little scared. Not to mention, there also just happened to be a nurse staring straight at them from around the corner.

This was practically a scene from a thriller movie!

Xu Ziyue looked from the corner of his eyes at the nurse who stared at him with a grin as unknown liquid dripped out from the corner of her lips. He didn’t dare look away.

He felt that as soon as he looked away, she would pounce.

“If we have something to say…….Can we talk after going back?” Although Xu Ziyue was looking at the nurse, in a situation like this he could only talk to Shen Ci.

Shen Ci raised his hand and pressed it onto Xu Ziyue’s shoulder. Xu Ziyue only glanced briefly at Shen Ci, not understanding what he was going to do.

“What’s the matter?”

Shen Ci held Xu Ziyue’s shoulder with one hand and spread open his palm to support his forehead. The face covered by his fingers was filled with helplessness, “I wanted to let you off, but it seems I can’t do it.”

Xu Ziyue was suddenly pushed against the wall. Before he could understand what was happening, Shen Ci had suppressed him in place with one hand on his shoulder and, with the other hand holding his face, he deeply kissed him.

Xu Ziyue’s eyes widened. He did his best to steady himself so as not to fall off the stairs……The foreign body inside his mouth was attacking him so fiercely, he almost couldn’t withstand it.

The fluid that couldn’t be contained in his mouth spilled out from the corner of his lips. Xu Ziyue who stood on the lower step could only swallow continuously as Shen Ci continued to attack deeper, and deeper……..The feeling of it reaching deep inside him made Xu Ziyue feel that then tongue could probably penetrate through his throat.

He couldn’t help but feel excitement and heat surge from within him.

Even at a time like this, the nurse didn’t look away. She continued to stare straight at Xu Ziyue.

Xu Ziyue grip on Shen Ci’s sleeves grew tighter and tighter. Just as he was about to suffocate, Shen Ci finally released his hold of Xu Ziyue.

Xu Ziyue gasped for air as he clutched onto Shen Ci for support. He leaned back against the wall behind him and straightened himself up.

Xu Ziyue swallowed and wiped away the excess fluid from the corner of his lips.

He looked up at Shen Ci whose expression was no longer as rigid as before and smiled whilst baring his teeth, “I know now.”

After kissing, Shen Ci’s voice was lower than usual and the colour of his lips was an even deeper red than before, “What do you know now?”

Xu Ziyue smiled with squinted eyes at the man who had been acting all this time. He dragged out his tone and called out: “Austinnnn—?”

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