Misplacement Game – CH117

Arc 5: The Seventh Sanatorium
Chapter 117

When Xu Ziyue woke up, Shen Ci was sitting beside him reading a book and it looked no different from before he fell asleep. He rubbed his eyes, sat up and stretched, “How long have I slept?”

Shen Ci closed his book, looked up and replied in his usual gentle manner, “Not that long.”

Because this room had no windows and the room appeared no different from before, Xu Ziyue believed him.

“Feels like I slept very well.” Xu Ziyue kneaded his shoulders and complained, “The bed in the ward is too hard.”

Shen Ci stood up and placed the book back, “Do you like softer beds?”

Xu Ziyue nodded, “But I heard that sleeping on beds that are too soft isn’t good? But I’m definitely not used to sleeping on wooden beds.”

Shen Ci nodded and took note of this. He then turned to Xu Ziyue and said, “It’s about time. You should return.”

Xu Ziyue nodded, “Oh.”

He felt like he hadn’t done anything all afternoon and there was no progress…….

But he still had time. No need to rush.

Shen Ci and Xu Ziyue left the counselling room. When they took the elevator, Xu Ziyue looked at the floor panel which he hadn’t paid attention to before.

The highest floor was thirteen, and the lowest…….-2.

In other words, you could reach underground from the treatment area.

He didn’t know if anyone else knew of this. If they were a little calmer, they should’ve discovered it. Afterall, there wouldn’t be any rumours about the underground floor if no one found out.  But if you were too busy lamenting about your pitiful life whilst lying on the hospital bed…….Then you probably would’ve missed it.

As for himself, he didn’t really pay any special attention to his surroundings before this.

The first floor of the treatment area was as quiet as ever.

Shen Ci sent Xu Ziyue to the first floor and then lifted his chin and pointed it at the door, “Do you need me to take you over there?”

Xu Ziyue looked at the distance between the elevator and the entrance to the treatment area puzzled…..It was only ten to twenty steps away.

And so Xu Ziyue just waved his hand and answered casually, “No need. I can make my way there.”

Shen Ci nodded gently, “I’ll see you next time.” He didn’t say much about anything else.

Xu Ziyue waved and turned to walk out. As he made his way over, he wondered why Shen Ci suddenly wanted to send him off.

About ten steps later, Xu Ziyue suddenly remembered that he should be pushed out on a bed.

And so, Xu Ziyue immediately stopped in place and quickly turned around, “Oh right, I……”

Just as Xu Ziyue was starting to speak, he stopped abruptly.

Shen Ci was no where in sight.

It was completely empty. The entire building was surprisingly quiet. Xu Ziyue couldn’t hear anything except for his own breathing.

It felt that besides him, there was no second person around.

Xu Ziyue shuddered. He rubbed his face and turned around to look back outside.

But just as he turned back, the sky outside suddenly turned dark.

This situation…….would only happen after six o’clock.

Xu Ziyue could feel his heart pounding in his chest. It was definitely several times faster than usual.

Deep breath…….inhale, exhale.

Xu Ziyue slowly stepped forward one at a time. Slowly, he stepped out of the treatment area.

The moment his second feet stepped out, the environment suddenly changed and it become something completely different from before.

When looking down from the window above, it just looked like a mass of dark fog but it was completely different when you’re personally inside it.

The dark fog wasn’t like the fog one would see in the middle of the night. This fog was made up of tiny red blood droplets floating in the air. Xu Ziyue raised his hand and those droplets stained his hand and travelled up his skin.

Soon, even the striped patient gown on his body was covered in branching red marks.

In the darkness, only the moon glowing above made it possible for him to see his surroundings.

Xu Ziyue looked back at the treatment area again. The glass door behind him had silently closed at some unknown point in time.

Xu Ziyue swallowed nervously. Goosebumps formed across both his arms.

There was rustling in the distance. Xu Ziyue stiffly turned his head. That sound got closer and closer and soon when he could finally hear that sound more clearly, he also saw the person and thing making that sound.

Running at the front was a player wearing a patient gown like Xu Ziyue and chasing after him was…..something that no longer resembled a person. It was basically person made up of a combination of various animal limbs.

The reason why he still called that thing a person was because it still had a human head.

But apart from the head, no other part of it was human-like.

The crying whilst fleeing patient saw Xu Ziyue standing in front of the treatment area. In the darkness, his eyes lit up, “Haaa….Help, help me……..Help……..” He gasped as he scrambled over in Xu Ziyue’s direction.

Behind him, the monster unhurriedly dragged along a syringe about the size of a person. Calling it a syringe was quite farfetched because the syringe itself was almost as thick as a waist of an adult male and the needle was about a finger’s width in thickness!

Xu Ziyue’s pupils instantly constricted. He turned and ran.

“Huff……ha……wait…….I don’t want to……” The cries of the player behind him reached Xu Ziyue’s ears. Apart from that, Xu Ziyue could only hear the footsteps of the two of them.

“I also don’t want to die!” Xu Ziyue replied in a loud voice, “I have never done this before!” He didn’t have the time to take in the monster’s appearance properly and just briefly had a glance.The monsters body made people uncontrollably have an urge to vomit.

“Crunch, crunch…….” Ear-ache inducing chewing sound reached Xu Ziyue’s ears.

But this time the sound didn’t come from behind but from next to him…..

Xu Ziyue quickly turned his head. It was another monster.

He was indifferently stuffing limbs into his mouth. At times, blood and flesh would fall out from between his teeth and he would pick them up again and continue to stuff it into his mouth.

The monster chasing after Xu Ziyue and the other player paused and seemed to be tempted to move onto the monster on the side…..

Xu Ziyue looked back. He used this opportunity to turn around and grab the wrist of the player behind him before hurrying towards the residential area.

The player had only just breathed a sigh of relief when he was dragged by Xu Ziyue around the cafeteria and then in the direction of the residential area. He asked loudly, “What are you doing?!”

“Running back!”

“Let me go! I want to get out!”

Xu Ziyue was originally running while dragging the player along, so he didn’t use much strength. As such, the player managed to break free rather easily.

Xu Ziyue looked behind him. The monster didn’t chase over. Seeing this, he stopped and yelled, “That direction is too dangerous! Do you want to die?!”

“I……..” The player was taken about. He clenched his fists tightly, “I want to get out.”

Xu Ziyue frowned. He looked at the player but for a moment he didn’t know what to say. He raised his hand and wiped the sweat that had formed across his forehead but he then felt something fall onto his sleeve……

White slime.

Xu Ziyue looked up.

The entire building was covered by something like this.

“Fuck!” That player cursed. He no longer shouted at Xu Ziyue for help. “You escape yourself. Don’t worry about me and I won’t worry about you.”

This change in attitude amazed Xu Ziyue.

That player turned and left and seemed to still have the intention to attempt to escape from the front gates.

But Xu Ziyue felt that it shouldn’t be that easy escaping from here.

After less than a few steps, the fog completely engulfed that player again.

Xu Ziyue covered his mouth to slowly calm his breathing down before turning and entering the residential area. Inside, he cursed at Shen Ci.

Didn’t you say that I didn’t sleep long?!

How could it be so coincidental?! He really didn’t do it intentionally? He’s not dumb, how could he believe an excuse like that!

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