Misplacement Game – CH123

Small note: Changed ‘nursing home’ to ‘sanatorium’ to be a little more accurate. All previous chapters have been updated.

Arc 5: The Seventh Sanatorium
Chapter 123

Xu Ziyue held his breath nervously. The moment Shen Ci finished speaking, he immediately shook his head vigorously to express his firm denial!

“No no!” Xu Ziyue spoke honestly, “I have never kissed him!”

…….Wait a minute!

Xu Ziyue only then realised that he thought that he hadn’t kissed Shen Ci because…..he had forgotten about that night………But that was also because he had regarded Shen Ci as Austin at that time!

Xu Ziyue panicked. He felt extremely guilty. But if he changed his words now…..would it be too late?

A faint smile appeared on Shen Ci’s expressionless face. He then lowered his head and pecked Xu Ziyue’s lips as if he was giving him a reward.

Before Xu Ziyue could have the chance to feel the softness of his lips, Shen Ci had already moved away.

Could he change his words now? He would probably be seeking death if he did, right?

Xu Ziyue wanted to cry.

Shen Ci’s eyes watched Xu Ziyue closely, making Xu Ziyue’s heart race.

If any two people were to look at each other for a long time, one would be unable to stand it and look away.

This was also true for Xu Ziyue.

But Shen Ci pinched his chin and turned Xu Ziyue’s head back again.

“Look at me and tell me….Have you kissed anyone else?”

Brother……This question of yours is too much!!!

After that earlier mistake, he felt guilty saying anything more about this topic.

He felt as if he was slowly becoming petrified.

Compared to the earlier question which was answered without hesitation because he had momentarily forgotten about that night, Xu Ziyue couldn’t answer this question straightaway.

To lie, or to tell the truth?

But this wasn’t for Xu Ziyue to decide!

Sun Mo was the first boss to know about Xu Ziyue’s game. He knows about how Xu Ziyue can clear the game.

Unless he captures someone and receives a response, Xu Ziyue would not be able to leave the current game.

And now Xu Ziyue was looking at Sun Mo who had become Shen Ci.

After staring at Xu Ziyue, one would notice that although his appearance hadn’t changed much, there was an overall change in the feeling he gave off.

Xu Ziyue now had more experience compared to when he was at Shangyang High School.

In other words, he had at least captured one other person —- and the maximum isn’t capped.

Just with Xu Ziyue’s personality, do you think his targets would be unattractive?

Of course, that wasn’t possible!

Please read this from kk translates

So under the current circumstances…..with a beautiful boss hooking his fingers to lure him in, would Xu Ziyue go or not go?

Don’t overestimate the lower limits of a man, especially if it is someone like Xu Ziyue.

When he saw that Xu Ziyue didn’t reply straight away, Shen Ci could already guess the answer.

Xu Ziyue was forced to look at Shen Ci so nothing could escape Xu Ziyue’s eyes. When he saw that Shen Ci’s brows were slightly furrowed, he immediately raised his hands and threw himself onto Shen Ci, pushing him onto the bed.

Shen Ci wouldn’t raise his guard up against Xu Ziyue. Whether it was before or after this set of actions, Shen Ci was perfectly capable of reacting in time, but he didn’t. He laid on the bed with his hair scattered next to his cheeks and some were even stuck to his lips.

If you don’t know what to say, just kiss!

Although this was the typical route many TV dramas took, art was inspired by real life!

Pressing Shen Ci down, Xu Ziyue supported himself with arms on both side of Shen Ci’s body.

Xu Ziyue lowered his head and gently pecked Shen Ci’s lips before slowly stretching out his tongue to carefully trace the outline of the latter’s lips and finally teasing the gums around the tightly shut teeth.


Xu Ziyue lowered his head a little more, slamming his teeth against latter’s. In pain, he subconsciously wanted to get up but at this time, Shen Ci had already wrapped one arm around Xu Ziyue’s waist and the other was pressed onto the back of Xu Ziyue’s head.

Compared to Xu Ziyue’s kiss that was initiated by him, Shen Ci’s actions were fiercer. He unceremoniously probed around inside Xu Ziyue’s mouth, leaving Xu Ziyue completely unable to think about anything else.

Holding Xu Ziyue, Shen Ci turned Xu Ziyue over and pressed the latter under him.

When he could no longer catch his breath, Xu Ziyue couldn’t help but push against Shen Ci’s chest. It was only after a few more seconds that he was finally released by Shen CI.

Xu Ziyue’s chest rose and fell drastically. Xu Ziyue breathed heavily with his mouth open and there were also fine beads of sweat on his forehead.

The two had tossed and turned and had held each other too tightly so the body becoming excited and slightly sweaty was normal.

Even after the kiss, Shen Ci was still pressed firmly onto Xu Ziyue, burying his entire head against Xu Ziyue’s shoulder.

Shen Ci’s hands were still behind Xu Ziyue’s waist and head, but Shen Ci had no intention to let go.

“Don’t like them…….I can do better….” Shen Ci’s hot breath fell onto Xu Ziyue’s ears, making him tremble.

The heat and passion from his body that had not yet completely subsided, Shen Ci’s slightly hoarse and low voice against his ear……combined with the fact that Shen Ci was that ‘little pitiful one’ from Shangyang High School….

Xu Ziyue couldn’t refuse at all.

Shen Ci’s hold of Xu Ziyue tightened again. His voice almost seemed to have a hint of pleading, “Okay?”

Hearing Shen Ci’s voice, Xu Ziyue’s heart felt particularly distressed.

“I….I’m a scum….”

“It’s okay. I just need to be the best-looking one and I’m fine with that.”

For a while, Xu Ziyue couldn’t refute.

In fact, finding a world to settle down in wasn’t a big problem for him. For him, he could either continuously encounter new bosses and experience different horror situations, or he could stay in a fixed place together with a fixed beauty, happily avoiding all dangers.

Both options were fine for him.

And so, under Sun Mo/Shen Ci’s plea and a moment of hot-headedness, he agreed.

Shen Ci felt the person in his arms nodding. A hint of warmth appeared in his eyes.

Now, he just needed to address some other troublesome matters.

Xu Ziyue also breathed a sigh of relief. It looks like those dangerous questions will no longer be asked.

Afterall, although it was normal for one to be jealous of one’s ex’s, they couldn’t always be jealous.

Of course, Xu Ziyue still had some other doubts.

Because he still remembered that when he left Shangyang High School at that time, he and Sun Mo had in fact only known each other for a few days. It was far from the strong love he had sensed in his tone just now…….Since it had only been a few days, Xu Ziyue was certain that Sun Mo’s feelings weren’t to this extent when he finally replied to his confession.

Adding to that the other changes…..This person was both Sun Mo and also not quite Sun Mo. It was very likely that there were also some other boss’s data mixed in.

“You’re so heavy.” Xu Ziyue pushed Shen Ci, “Can we sit up? I have a lot of questions to ask you.”

Shen Ci rubbed his head against Xu Ziyue’s shoulder before finally reluctantly getting up.

Xu Ziyue sat up. When he saw Shen Ci’s messy hair, he reached out to help straighten it out.

Shen Ci had his lips pursed together. He didn’t seem to like showing too much emotion on his face. He lowered his head obediently to let Xu Ziyue fiddle with his hair.

When Xu Ziyue was done, he withdrew his hand. Pressing his fist against his lips and clearing his throat, he spoke with fake seriousness, “What is the relationship between you and that Shen Ci?”

Hearing that the first question Xu Ziyue asked was about that Shen Ci, Sun Mo’s eyes immediately lowered and the slight curve on his lips was gone.

But even so, he answered Xu Ziyue’s question, “Something similar to cloning.”

“Isn’t cloning illegal——-oh, I forgot.” Xu Ziyue patted his forehead when he realised that he was no longer in the real world, “Besides that…You don’t have anything else similar? Do you usually meet?”

Shen Ci shook his head, “We don’t meet. There’s no need.”

Xu Ziyue rubbed his chin as he pondered over what to ask.

Please read this from kk translates

There were too many things he wanted to know but he didn’t know where to start or what to ask.

“Oh, right…..When you go down to the first floor from here……..Is it the seventh sanatorium?”

Shen Ci shook his head, “I’m in charge of the sixth sanatorium.”

Xu Ziyue’s mind froze.

“Y-you…how many clones are there?”

Shen Ci knew that Xu Ziyue had reached an important point but he didn’t deliberately conceal anything.


Xu Ziyue: “………”

Seeing that Xu Ziyue’s expression was a little complicated, Shen Ci raised his hand and rubbed Xu Ziyue’s head, “Don’t worry, I’ll be your one and only.”

Xu Ziyue asked, “What……..what do you mean one and only?”

Shen Ci leaned forward and lightly pecked Xu Ziyue’s lips, “Sharing the same appearance……I wouldn’t be the best-looking one.”

Xu Ziyue: “……..” For some reason, he felt that the situation was bad!

Shen Ci in the Seventh Sanatorium had a temperament and demeanour very similar to Austin. Shen Ci in the Sixth Sanatorium had Sun Mo’s memory. As for the fifth…

Xu Ziyue thought of the doll figurine he saw in the counselling room….

He could no longer tell whether his heart was pounding because he was nervous or excited.

Yes, he didn’t know why he felt excited!

Xu Ziyue attributed it to the fact that he could see those previous bosses again.

But the other five Shen Ci’s may also be completely unrelated to the previous bosses.

They may just share some similarities but not have any memories like the Shen Ci from the Seventh Sanatorium.

But……if he didn’t check…….Xu Ziyue felt that if there was one who is as powerful as Austin or one like Gu Ze who can play others to their deaths and then kill himself…..He felt that Sun Mo had no chance of winning.

Afterall, those words of his meant that he was going to start some trouble.

Xu Ziyue was confused. What should he do now?

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