Misplacement Game – CH127

Arc 5: The Seventh Sanatorium
Chapter 127

“———Are you leaving?”

That calm tone that is often used before a storm basically confirmed Xu Ziyue’s fears. He was about to be met with an unspeakable BE.

If he failed to answer properly, he may need to kneel and beg for forgiveness.

But he couldn’t just not say anything and leave it up to this Shen Ci to take control of the situation. If that really happened, he may really be done for.

“Are you……Little Doll?”

In a situation like this, if he just called out ‘Mo’, it wouldn’t help much with narrowing things down. Xu Ziyue was also a gambler. Since Shen Ci in the Sixth Sanatorium is Sun Mo, it was possible that the Shen Ci in the Fifth Sanatorium is Mo. Not to mention, there was also a large coffin sitting right in front of him…….Although the things in the underground floor couldn’t be explained at this moment, the coffin Shen Ci was sitting in seemed more convincing.

If this Shen Ci is really that little doll, his words should be somewhat effective. If not……Xu Ziyue could only guess that the Shen Ci before him would think that he is mentally ill to suddenly ask such a question to someone he had met for the first time.

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Xu Ziyue felt that he would probably die sooner or later.

As for why the doll would become like this……Xu Ziyue himself is self-aware.

The person sitting in the coffin remained expressionless for a moment. He then seemed to be moving something aside before bending his knees, getting up and stepping out of the coffin barefoot. Walking across the cold ground, he approached Xu Ziyue.

Throughout this entire duration, Xu Ziyue didn’t let any changes on Shen Ci’s face escape him but even after watching on for about ten seconds, he couldn’t seem to read his thoughts.

And so, he instinctively felt that the situation didn’t look very good.

But there was a reversal. Once this Shen Ci reached Xu Ziyue, he took advantage of his height and embraced Xu Ziyue.

With his cheeks plastered against Shen Ci’s chest, Xu Ziyue blinked blankly….

Was this, a reversal?

“Don’t leave.”

There was no admission, but there was also no clear denial.

But this situation clearly meant that he had guessed right!


Shen Ci rubbed his nose against Xu Ziyue’s head and took in a deep breath, “You finally appeared.”

Although the reaction was so strong that it made Xu Ziyue feel guilty, it didn’t seem too scary?

As Xu Ziyue thought this, he raised his hand and hesitantly hugged him back.

So should he explain himself now? But he doesn’t seem to have any intention to ask about it. What’s more, explaining himself might make the situation suddenly turn for the worst…..Afterall, he had practically cheated the little doll into responding to his confession.

But if he didn’t explain himself, there may be other hidden dangers.

While Xu Ziyue was still trying to come to a decision as he held Shen Ci, Shen Ci released his hold of Xu Ziyue. He held Xu Ziyue’s hand stubbornly with no intentions to let go and led Xu Ziyue over to the coffin.

It was only now that Xu Ziyue was able to make out the object Shen Ci moved earlier. For a moment he thought he had saw wrong: It was a doll that looked almost identical to himself.

It wasn’t the kind of doll that was only a dozen or so centimetres in size like the ones in the Humanoid Village but the type that was the size of a real person!

That’s right, a 1:1 ratio!

Xu Ziyue looked at the little doll next to him who used to be incomparably pure and then at the full sized inflatable doll in the coffin……..he was rendered speechless.

He opened his mouth and looked over at Shen Ci who could no longer be referred to as the “little doll” and then at the thing lying in the coffin with its eyes closed —— of course, it was a doll so it couldn’t open its eyes.

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This world was no longer the world that he knew, and this boss was no longer the boss that he knew?

“With you here, I don’t need that anymore.” Shen Ci raised his other hand and caressed Xu Ziyue’s face. The corners of his lips on his usually expressionless face moved a few times as he seemingly tried to smile but it soon returned to his usual expression.

He bent down and picked up the arm of the doll that resembled Xu Ziyue. It resembled him so much that only the joints at the knees and elbows didn’t appear human-like. He then pulled it up such that the upper half of the large ‘inflatable doll’ was pulled up as well.

Xu Ziyue: Suddenly, I feel some pain in my arm.

“You have to come with me. Let’s take care of this first.”

From the beginning to the end, Xu Ziyue only asked if he was the little doll. Of course, he had reasons for this, but it was also because he was too surprised by the new developments.

But strangely enough, Shen Ci didn’t seem to have any expectations towards Xu Ziyue responding.

From the beginning to the end, it was only one line. It felt more like a one-man show which can be extremely boring, but he didn’t seem to mind at all.

The only requirement, it seems, was that Xu Ziyue must be by his side.

In a place that he can reach, in a place where he can see him at all times.

Putting aside these things, the object Shen Ci had referred to that needed to be taken care of was unsurprisingly the doll resembling Xu Ziyue.

Xu Ziyue finally squeezed out another line, “How to deal with it?” He had finally found an opportunity to interrupt Shen Ci’s monologue.

Shen Ci leaned close to Xu Ziyue and gently kissed the corner of Xu Ziyue’s mouth.

When directly facing that face of his, especially when those eyes are staring straight at you, Xu Ziyue found it difficult not to blush.

He then dazedly followed after Shen Ci. After taking a couple of steps, Xu Ziyue remembered the ‘inflatable doll’ in Shen Ci’s hands……..

Xu Ziyue: (????△??)|||

That entire full-sized doll was dragged out from the coffin by the arm and then dragged across the ground.

Because that doll resembled him so much, Xu Ziyue found it easy see himself in the position of the dolls.

Things including washing up, sleeping together in the coffin, and even now……

With Xu Ziyue here now, the fate of the replacement was just too miserable.

Strangely enough, Xu Ziyue seemed to intuitively sense this:

If he was to leave him again, he would probably end up more miserable than this doll here.

Xu Ziyue looked over at the expressionless but seemingly in a good mood Mo who seemed to have a black lily background behind him………and shuddered.

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