Hi all, welcome to my second project! This is just a cute short story that I did while I was taking a break from Go to Hell, White Lotus. Again, I translated as I read and didn’t go back to edit so expect mistakes~

PS: While I was reading/translating, I actually noticed a similarity between the two main characters! They both have ‘Bai’ in their names haha. I swear this wasn’t intentional!


PS. This is just a short, feel-good, fluffy and cheesy story. Don’t expect too much depth from it hahaha~

[Chu Bai]

Chu Bai recently fell in love with the Fine Arts Department beauty, Shu Ying.
The girl’s elegant,  long and straight black hair, her pale and fair skin, and her gentle and beautiful smile tickled the second young master Chu’s fancy at the get-together party. That night, after returning to the dormitory, he made up his mind: He wanted to chase her!

Although the second young master Chu did not have any experience with love, he was confident in himself: He’s handsome, his family is rich and in term of his personality, he will definitely be very considerate to his girlfriend! You should know, he actually received more than a thousand love letters in his final year of high school! You can imagine his degree of popularity!
If it weren’t for his standards being too high, how could he still be inexperienced with love even at this age?
But now, hey, he is going to have a girlfriend soon!
Chu Bai whistled as he laid in bed, the cheerful tone sounding throughout the bedroom.
Wen Pang on the opposite bed was in the middle of a raid. At this time, he glanced at him and couldn’t help but ridicule: “What, second young master Chu went to the get-together and now you’re heart is blossoming?”
Du Weigeng, who had just opened the door and entered the room, heard this sentence. As his hand shook slightly and the colour in his eyes darkened, the temperature in the surrounding atmosphere lowered causing Wen Pang to shiver.
God, why is it suddenly so cold?
Sitting near Wen Pang was the straight-A student, Zhao Mingzi who was reading a book. As he felt the drop in temperature in the room, he glanced at the oblivious Chu Bai and the confused looking Wen Pang, internally shaking his head.
“Du Weigeng, you’re back.” Zhao Mingzi greeted, trying to ease the atmosphere.
Wen Pang also quickly greeted him. Who was he kidding, if he wanted to offend someone, he at least shouldn’t offend this study god. Otherwise, how will he be able to pass the final exams?

Chu Bai also knew that he was back but he didn’t even raise an eyebrow in recognition. He continued to whistle and play on his phone, his volume slightly louder than before.

Humph, why should he give face to this childhood enemy of his.
Seeing this, Wen Pang rubbed his head and tried to break the deadlock. He continued with the previous joke: “Second young master Chu, did a beauty at the get-together catch your interest? I heard that the flower of the Fine Arts department also attended this time?”
Hearing this, Chu Bai sat up and answered enthusiastically: “Yes, I’m going to chase her and make her my girlfriend!”
When those words were uttered, the room suddenly felt like it had reached freezing point. Only Chu Bai remained oblivious and heartlessly continued to play with his phone.

No matter how dense Wen Pang was, he realised that he had probably said something wrong. He coughed dryly, put on a jacket, and buried his head to continue with the raid at the King’s Canyon.
Zhao Mingzi’s lip corners twitched a few times. From the corners of his eyes, he could see the pen that had been broken in half by Du Weigeng’s grip and he couldn’t help but shudder. God, as the only person in this room who knows about this big secret and having to witness daily the idiotic antics of second young master Chu and Wen Pang, his heart feels very tired. What to do?

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Du Weigeng quietly threw the pen in his hand into the trash can. His eyes were deep, yet his expression remained blank. Only he himself knew about the violent emotions raging within him, concealed under his seemingly calm surface. The beast within him was locked inside a cage and could only roar in anger.

The next day, the very proactive second young master Chu bought a bunch of the most expensive roses in the florist. He had heard that Shu flower is currently in the English building, and he immediately hurried over.
Before Chu Bai could become excited after seeing Shu Ying, he saw another person standing before her that made him clench his teeth in hatred – Du Weigeng.
He suddenly had a bad feeling.
“Senior Du. You know my feelings right? I, I like you…” Shu Ying’s shy appearance made her look more charming than usual.
However, second young master Chu could no longer see it. He only felt raging anger within him – your mom, it was him again!
From a young age, second young master Chu’s life had always been smooth sailing. The only thing that wasn’t, was his encounter with this damn Du Weigeng! He would steal his snacks in kindergarten, steal his first place position in exams, steal the title of the campus idol, steal his parents love, and now, he would even steal the girl that he likes!

Uncle may be able to bear with it. Aunt may be able to bear with it. But he, Chu Bai, can’t stand it!
“Fuck! Du Weigeng, I’ll fight you!”  
The angered second young master Chu threw aside the roses in his hand, raised his hand into a fist and rushed forward.
Du Weigeng calmly avoided his fist and just as he wanted to reach out to stop him, the surprised Shu Ying stretched out and pushed Chu Bai directly into the pool behind them.

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“Senior Du, are you okay?” Shu Ying asked urgently. 
However, Du Weigeng did not answer. The moment he saw Chu Bai falling into the water, his pupils shrank and, without any hesitation, he pushed Shu Ying aside, took off his jacket and jumped in.
The pool was an artificial pool specially designed by the school for decoration purposes. It wasn’t very deep, but it still made Chu Bai choke and flail. Since he was a child, after choking on water that one time, he had developed a fear of water. The moment he enters water, his legs would go soft.
Although Du Weigeng responded very quickly, Chu Bai still managed to choke on a lot of water. His mind was dizzy and he didn’t have the energy to care about the person before him. He could only continue clinging onto him for dear life with both his hands and feet. As soon as they got out, he fainted.
Du Weigeng cautiously held him and did not even glance at Shu Ying who stood to the side, wanting to explain her grievances. He carried Chu Bai and quickly left.

When Chu Bai opened his eyes, his head still felt dizzy and light. He climbed out, saw a glass of warm water and a few pills placed on his desk and couldn’t help but look at Zhao Mingzi.
Zhao Mingzi pushed his glasses up and explained: “You have a cold. This is the medicine prescribed by the doctor.”
Chu Bai gave him a smile: “Thank you.” 
Zhao Mingzi stopped talking. In the end, he did not clarify this misunderstanding. If you told him that this was prepared by Du Weigeng, then I’m afraid this young master will only think he had bad intentions.

Chu Bai tossed the medicine into his mouth and suddenly heard a voice: “Bai Bai…”
Was that Du Weigeng’s voice? He turned his head and looked his enemy who was reading a book. He obviously had not spoken and how could he call him in such an intimate manner? Hey, he must be too dizzy to the point that he was getting hallucinations.
He took a sip of water and then heard the voice again: “Bai Bai is drinking water from my cup….ah, so cute….”

Pfft! Before he could swallow, he spat out the water in his mouth. Your mom, what the hell is going on?!

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