[Du Weigeng]

Chu Bai internally felt very complicated. 
You should know that in his heart, Du Weigeng had always been his enemy! This man who had always been cold and hard like a rock, was actually a….. lovesick idiot?
“Ah, Bai Bai…” 
“Bai Bai, you are so awesome… En…”
As the night deepened, the room also became equally silent. Du Weigeng on the opposite bed rustled lightly and he let out an inaudible sound but to Chu Bai, the sound was loud and it resonated in his mind.
Chu Bai hid in his quilt, his face flushed red. It wasn’t because he was shy, but because he was angry. Dammit, Du Weigeng actually thinks about him while he jacks off!
And, most importantly, he actually wants to top him! How could he Chu Bai, the second young master Chu, be the one on the bottom!
Chu Bai suppressed his urge to jump up and tried to hypnotise himself. Tomorrow. Tomorrow, he will teach him a lesson and let Du Weigeng know that not just anyone can get ideas about him, the second young master Chu!

Remembering that he had always regarded overthrowing Du Weigeng as his ultimate goal in life, Chu Bai couldn’t help but think that water must’ve entered his brain and caused it to malfunction. No, that’s not right. It was obviously because that guy concealed it so well! He was just a victim who was cheated — as he thought about these things, Chu Bai gradually fell asleep and dreamt of the past where he had shed blood and tears.

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Chu Bai met Du Weigeng in kindergarten. At that time, Du Weigeng had just transferred to his class and he did not regard him as his lifelong enemy. He had only glanced at him and seeing that he was a cute and handsome boy, felt a sense of crisis in his heart.
Sure enough, at noon, the female teacher who normally gave him an extra snack gave the snack to him! The young Chu Bai internally exploded with anger! If it weren’t for those delicious snacks given out at the kindergarten, he would not have abandoned his cartoons and come to such a childish place!
The fuming second young master Chu pouted as his face flushed red. The young Du Weigeng sat before him with his dark, grape-like eyes staring seriously at Chu Bai. He wanted to share his snacks with him, but didn’t know what to say and could only silently push his plate to the middle of the table.
With this move, young Chu Bai’s plate was also pushed to the edge of the table. Not knowing the thoughts going on in young Du Weigeng’s mind, he took this as a provocation. He was so angry that he leapt up and used his own teeth to bite onto the young Du Weigeng – and then caused his own tooth to fall out.
The grievances and pains of the broken tooth made Chu Bai frown in his sleep and toss over. The dream changed and he arrived at the point when they were in middle school.
At that time, Chu Bai’s parents were busy with their careers and his brother was abroad. It was all thanks to a senior sister of his in junior high school that he didn’t end up falling into the shackles of eating, drinking and playing around.

Under the encouragement of his senior sister, the young second master Chu was moved and determined to become a straight A student, place first in his grade and change his seniors opinion of him. However, the dream may be very wholesome but reality was cruel. Working hard for several months, the young second master Chu only ended up second in the grade and was suppressed by Du Weigeng. Listening to his senior sister praising Du Weigeng, he lost his appetite and had insomnia to the point that he had lost a few pounds. Only his pair of eyes remained filled with anger and life, bright and dazzling. Whenever he passed by Du Weigeng, he would specially glare at him and arrogantly leave the classroom. Humph, with his ingenuity, as long as he worked hard, he will definitely surpass that person!
Afterwards, perhaps because young master Chu’s efforts touched the heart of the gods, he really ended up placing first, and Du Weigeng had fallen to second place due some mistakes.

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This caused some awkwardness at the time. Du Weigeng actually made mistakes? Everyone was not convinced. However, facts spoke louder than words. The Chu Bai whose mood was extremely good rushed to find his senior sister only to find her comforting Du Weigeng.
“I heard that you placed second this time? It’s okay. Humans will always make mistakes. Everyone knows that you are the real first place. Chu Bai was only lucky…” The soft and kind voice of his senior sister was the part that Chu Bai had liked the most yet at this time, it felt like a knife stabbing at his heart.
He who ran away in a hurry, did not see Du Weigeng immediately interrupt the senior sister’s words. His eyes and expression were cold and indifferent yet his tone was filled with confidence: “Chu Bai has the ability to take first place. It is definitely not just because of luck.” He said this, disregarding the upset expression on the senior sister’s face, and left.
——- Since then, Chu Bai went through a period of rebellion. He handed in blank papers, slept in class, didn’t complete his homework and didn’t study. From top ten in the grade, he had fallen to the bottom ten.
The teachers of each class sighed again and again, and the homeroom teacher tried to talk to him several times, but all was in vain. They could only shake their heads.

In the end, it was a strange junior sister who helped Chu Bai redeem himself. Through handwritten letters, she expressed her love and concern towards Chu Bai.
When he first saw the pink envelope, Chu Bai was disdained. But with the delicate writings appearing again and again, he was eventually moved by it and opened the first letter, then the second……The junior sister was a really cute person would always express concern for him in letter and cutely nag him to drink less cold drinks, dress more warmly, and tell him all kinds of jokes that she had found from who-knows-where……….
Under her encouragement, Chu Bai cheered up. The heart that was hurt by his senior sister gradually started beating again. He had tried every means to try and meet this junior sister of his, but he was shyly rejected.
Is it because the junior sister isn’t pretty and feels bad about meeting me? Chu Bai made up his mind and was determined to find her and tell her face-to-face: Even if she is ugly or have some form of disability, it doesn’t matter. He, the second young master Chu, likes her…..

—- Later, he had nearly succeeded but was interrupted by Du Weigeng. Not knowing whether it was because she was scared off, from then on he had not received a letter from that junior sister of his again….
Immersed in his dream and his grievances, Chu Bai unwittingly released a low grown. Is meeting me something so terrifying? You said you liked me…..was it a lie?
The morning sun started shining into the room awakening the people who were sleeping. The straight A student, Zhao Mingzi, had already left and Wen Pang was still asleep. Chu Bai climbed down the ladder and, seeing the hot breakfast on this desk, he couldn’t help but think: Zhao Mingzi is a really good person!
From the bathroom, Du Weigeng, who took a shower with cold water after his morning run, came out.
He usually didn’t dream of him and yet, for some reason, last night he dreamt of the past. He could still remember the first time he met Bai Bai, when he was five years old. He, who had always been withdrawn, saw the sunny boy standing before him holding an ice-cream, and for the first time had a sense of yearning. At his request, his family helped him transfer to the same kindergarten as the little boy.
He had wanted to be friends with this cute little boy, and wanted to give him all his snacks. However, he didn’t know how to express himself and instead caused Bai Bai to get angry….well, the angry Bai Bai was also very cute. It was just that he was too careless when he bit me and ended up biting my bone and losing his tooth…
Aye, it’s all because my bones are too hard. Looking at the tearful young Chu Bai, the young Du Weigeng started blaming himself. However, his tooth was also very cute. Very small like a seashell. Young Du Weigeng cautiously picked it up and placed it inside his pocket.
Since then, seemed like Bai Bai had always disliked him. Young Du Weigeng for some reason felt very upset. But whenever he sees Bai Bai’s lively eyes, he would feel happy again. Well, isn’t it good enough just being able to always watch over this person?

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