Therefore, using his own family’s influence, Du Weigeng didn’t hesitate to follow Chu Bai through to elementary school and junior high school. Du Weigeng who had never been concerned with his grades, became very obsessed with his exams. Born with perfect memory and high intelligence, he could always get first place with a perfect or close to perfect score.
Over time, he was revered as the “study god” by everyone. He didn’t care about this, but when he found out that Bai Bai only started to turn his attention to him when he placed first, Du Weigeng began to work seriously. The first place position was his. Bai Bai’s attention was his and no one can steal that from him.

Recalling the cute Bai Bai from elementary school, a trace of nostalgia flashed through Du Weigeng’s eyes and the corners of his mouth raised slightly.
The memories of the past were his treasures. There was once a time when he was so close to his Bai Bai —-it was when he thought that he was a junior sister. Every time, he would use an intimate tone and chat with him without any hesitation through the letters. He really wanted to tell him –-that it was him.
For a while, he wanted Bai Bai to recognize him. But one day, when he quietly dropped the letter off as usual, he saw the juvenile standing to the side, his eyes filled with vigilance and defensiveness.

He suddenly felt a pain in his heart. 
“Pa!” The crisp sound of glass shattering broke the silence.

Du Weigeng was stunned for a second and looked at Chu Bai whose expression looked like he had seen a ghost.
“What’s wrong?” He couldn’t help but step forward and ask softly. 
Chu Bai….Chu Bai was dumbfounded. He warily looked at Du Weigeng, his expression incredulous. His heart had always been filled with unpleasant memories, and in his mind he had always thought that Du Weigeng was deliberately going against him… it turns out….it was actually like this?
And… his junior sister was Du Weigeng? 
His mind a mess, Chu Bai did something that he would regret greatly in the future – the showdown.
Stepping forward and grabbing Du Weigeng’s wrist, he narrowed his eyes and pulled him out of the door.
Du Weigeng followed him very obediently. He looked at Chu Bai who looked like a wary irate cat with a slight smile in his eyes.

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Ah… so cute…
Chu Bai: exploding face.jpg. 
Going to a secluded place, Chu Bai roughly released his grip on Du Weigeng’s wrist. He thought for a moment, and proceeded up go up two steps to try and make himself appear more imposing.

However, listening to Du Weigeng’s inner voice, it looked like it didn’t work.
Chu Bai shook his fist and his face turned red, not knowing if it was because he was mad or embarrassed. He simply went straight to the point: “You deliberately let me see?” 
Du Weigen did not speak. His expression was cold and non-responsive, as if he didn’t know what he was saying. With such a cold and aloof appearance, if Chu Bai could not hear his inner thoughts, then he would even suspect that he was overthinking things.
Unfortunately, he heard it. 
Chu Bai sneered, took a step forward and looked down at Du Weigeng’s eyes. He said unceremoniously: “Junior sister? Well? Writing a love letter to me? Do you like me?” 
Du Weigeng replied. He replied in his heart: “No, I love you.”
On the surface, he restrained himself while clenching his fist tightly and looked down as if wanting to deny.

He was not willing to gamble with the possibility of one in ten thousand.
Chu Bai could not understand his thoughts, but still felt a little shocked by his heavy and complex emotions.
He should be feeling desperate yet in this person’s heart, he was feeling sweet…
Maybe it’s because he is a lovesick idiot. Chu Bai expressionlessly thought.  
He leaned forward and tried to grab Du Weigeng’s collar but he forgot that he was standing on the stairs. His feet slipped and he couldn’t help but fall forward.
Du Weigeng subconsciously caught him and took a step back. 
The inertia caused them to collide and the intimate contact between their lips stunned them both.
Then, there was a loud noise. 
A shirtless classmate who had come to the public bathroom to retrieve water had witnessed this scene and was shocked. The wash basin he held had awkwardly fallen to the ground. Seeing the two turning to look at him, he quickly turned and ran.
Silence fell.
Endless silence. 
Chu Bai rubbed his lips. Surprisingly, he didn’t find it disgusting.
However, Du Weigeng saw his actions and his eyes darkened. 
Chu Bai once again heard his voice. He wanted to irritable grab his hair. Things like not being disgusted….he won’t say it!
Turning his eyes, he smiled and said: “What? You still won’t admit it? If you tell me honestly, I can consider being with you.”
Du Weigeng’s heart leapt. He looked at Chu Bai’s eyes. Although he knew that this was probably a prank, and probably was said to make him to talk….he closed his eyes and heard the sound of his own submission.

He couldn’t resist the temptation of this, even if it was just a flame luring the moth closer.
“Yes… I like you.” I love you. 
Later they really got together. 
They had become famous throughout the school and was a couple that blinded the eyes of onlookers.

Chu Bai also couldn’t explain what he was thinking. He used to like the Du Weigeng who pretended to be his junior sister. In his heart, his image of the girl was clearly a young, pleasant looking girl and so from then on, he had always had a good impression of these types of girls.
But that was not the way Du Weigeng looked.
Du Weigeng’s indifference, arrogance, and deep thoughts were the very points his parents were picky about. In the eyes of everyone, he was the incredible ‘study god’……

But no one would have thought that he was actually a lovesick idiot.
Chu Bai felt a little uncomfortable by his clinginess. When Du Weigeng once again came up to kiss him claiming that he was teaching him, he lightly bit onto his lips and quickly pushed him away to continue playing his game.
Du Weigeng slowly touched his lips and stared at his lover before him, his eyes tender and intoxicating.

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<Chapter 2> <Table of Contents>

KK has something to say:
The end! It’s super short, I know….


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