KTCSG – CH91 (Extra)

Chapter 91: Extra – Bloody Fairy Tale (1)

【Congratulations on clearing “Infinite Escape”.】

The systems notification sounded in Cheng Zhi Chu’s mind. When he heard this sentence, he was stunned. He felt like he was in a dream. It took him a few seconds to understand the meaning behind those words and his eyes instantly reddened. He couldn’t help but rush forward to embrace Bai Yi.

“Zhi Chu.”

Bai Yi also hugged him back. He gently kissed the top of his head and he spoke with a warm and gentle tone. His eyes were bright, and he no longer had the usual indifferent expression on his face. He quietly called out the name of the person in his arms.

The two men embraced each other for a long time. Their eyes met and Bai Yi slowly lowered his head seemingly wanting to kiss Cheng Zhi Chu. Bai Xi Xing who was standing on the side understood that he shouldn’t hang around and was about to leave quietly when Bai Yi’s face suddenly turned pale. He closed his eyes and collapsed onto Cheng Zhi Chu.


The joy in Bai Xi Xing’s heart disappeared and he rushed over anxiously. Together with Cheng Zhi Chu, they supported Bai Yi over to the bed only to find that Bai Yi was out cold.

“System, what’s going on?!”

Cheng Zhi Chu was so fearful, he had completely forgotten to communicate with the system in his mind. Sitting next to Bai Yi, he gripped tightly onto his hand and was about to cry: “Didn’t you say that nothing will happen? Why did Bai Yi become like this?!”

【No, how can this be? This is impossible!】 The system also sounded extremely anxious. 【The fusion was clearly successful. Why……What? What did you say?】

It suddenly changed its tone and appeared to be talking to someone else. After a moment, it said to Cheng Zhi Chu: 【We know the reason now. Based on out understanding, there was a problem with some of the soul fragments. They were contaminated by Mr. Mu!】

“Mr. Mu?” Cheng Zhi Chu was shocked. Raging anger and resentment followed. He stood up and asked angrily, “Didn’t he become a monster and get trapped inside an instance? How can he contaminate Bai Yi’s soul fragments?”

【Because these soul fragments are in the same instance Mr. Mu is trapped in.】

The system explained to him: 【Two years ago, Bai Yi and Mr. Mu met inside an instance. The battle between then caused the instance to collapse. Bai Yi’s soul shattered, and Mr. Mu became a monster. This is all that you know.】

【Every fragment of Bai Yi’s soul became an instance world and Mr. Mu’s soul existed inside the collapsed instance. Like a black hole, it absorbed several instance worlds around it.】

【These worlds were all created by Bai Yi’s soul fragments. While co-existing in the same space as Mr. My, they were absorbed and contaminated by Mr. Mu. This also led to Bai Yi’s soul fragments becoming affected.】

“Then how do we get rid of Mr. Mu’s contamination and wake Bai Yi up?” Cheng Zhi Chu asked anxiously.

【This will require your power. You will need to enter that distorted world, kill Mr. Mu and save Bai Yi’s soul projection.】

“Soul projection?” Cheng Zhi Chu was stunned, “What does this mean?”

【After Bai Yi’s soul fragments were merged, the instances that they created should have also disappeared along with it but, because of the distortions caused by Mr. Mu, these worlds didn’t disappear. Instead, it left behind a projection that will affect Bai Yi’s soul.】

【To put it simply, you need to enter that world, kiss all the projections of Bai Yi’s soul fragments and then kill Mr. Mu.】

【This time, I will raise your level to the highest level to help you quickly rescue Bai Yi’s soul projections.】

【As for the method to kill Mr. Mu, it is very simple. You just need to throw the coin to the devils side ten times and let that twisted world collapse —– The spiritual power in this world has almost been completely absorbed by Mr. Mu and it doesn’t contain anything with life. They are all just projections.】

The system said all that in one breath. It then rambled: 【Although you have already cleared the game, you now have to enter another instance. You won’t push away that responsibility, right?】

“How is that possible. I’ll go now.”

In order to let Bai Yi wake up and get rid of Mr. Mu’s contamination, Cheng Zhi Chu naturally wouldn’t refuse: “You can send me in.”

“Junior brother, where are you going now?” Bai Xi Xing couldn’t hear the system’s voice. He heard Cheng Zhi Chu’s words and looked over at Cheng Zhi Chu.

“I already know the reason behind Bai Yi’s unconscious state.” Cheng Zhi Chu said through gritted teeth, “It’s again because of Mr. Mu…….I’m going to sort this problem out now. Senior, don’t worry. I’ll definitely let Bai Yi wake up.”

Bai Xi Xing looked over at Bai Yi lying in bed. He nodded solemnly and patted Cheng Zhi Chu’s shoulder: “Then I’ll leave it to you. Please be careful.”

“Yes.” Cheng Zhi Chu responded seriously.

【Then I’ll transfer you over now.】

The system prompted Cheng Zhi Chu. He was then shrouded with a familiar feeling over being transmitted into an instance. The surroundings disappeared and everything turned dark.

【Entering an instance.】

【Instance name: Bloody Fairy Tale.】

【Level: ?】

【Difficulty: ?】

【Number of players: 1.】

【This is a collapsed instance. There is no safe time. You may encounter dangerous situations at any time after entering so I will give you the background introduction now.】

The system said: 【You may have guessed from its name, the instance generated by these soul fragments have a fairy tale background.】

【The stories that we have detected are “The Little Mermaid, “Snow White” and “Sleeping Beauty”. After entering the instance, you may be given a new identity and the things that you encounter will probably follow the fairy tales’ storyline but, as a horror game world, the original story will be strongly distorted. You may encounter a variety of monsters.】

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【After entering the instance, you may see various grotesque and twisted scenes. Space and time may break and become convoluted. This is all because the world has been destroyed and contaminated by Mr. Mu. 】

【I will do my best to protect you, but you also must be more careful. I have placed a few bottles of the most advanced luck potion in your backpack. You should drink it first since you’re always so unlucky. Don’t go and die immediately………】

The systems tone was very sincere and everything it did was for Cheng Zhi Chu’s sake but, because it was being too sincere, Cheng Zhi Chu felt very awkward. He drank two bottles of the luck potion and then flipped the coin to give himself more luck.

【Entering the instance.】

As the last of the systems words fell, the darkness around Cheng Zhi Chu gradually faded. His surroundings became engulfed in blood-red light and the air around him became damp and salty. It smelt like sea water that was also mixed together with a faint smell of blood.

The ground below him swayed and Cheng Zhi Chu bent down to quickly stabilise himself. Borrowing the blood-red light, he could see a wet deck under his feet. He heard noisy laughter around him and the sound of waves crashing.

【You are currently on a boat……..Well, I guess this is the story of “The Little Mermaid”?】

Hearing the system say this, Cheng Zhi Chu held onto the railing next to him and looked up into the distance. Sure enough, he was standing at the bow of a large ship. In the night sky above them, there were no stars. A layer of blood-red light shone over the deep-blue sea which extended vastly into the distance. The sea was dark and deep, vast and endless. He couldn’t help but feel a little fearful.

Laughter rang out from behind him. The entire ship was decorated extravagantly. Aristocrats sat around chatting and laughing on the deck while attendants rushed back and forth serving them. Warm light shone out from the windows of the cabins and there was a faint smell of a feast being cooked up.

Just by seeing the aristocrats, Cheng Zhi Chu was already very shocked. He subconsciously backed away to the bow.

These aristocrats didn’t look quite right. Some even had rotting skin. Like a group of walking dead, some had animal tails or horns, while others where only half human. There weren’t any legs below the suits and gowns that they wore and instead it was replaced with snake tails or insect legs.

Some of them sensed Cheng Zhi Chu’s eyes and looked over. Their raised their glasses at him and then smiled before giving him a bow. Their attitude was very respectful and friendly. Cheng Zhi Chu breathed a sigh of relief and calmed back down. He was no longer worried about being eaten.

【Your current identity should be their prince. The ship is currently holding your birthday party celebration.】 The system said.

He’s a prince? Then did he also become a monster?

Cheng Zhi Chu had some difficulty accepting this. He quickly looked down at his body and touched his face and head. Fortunately, he didn’t find any abnormalities. He was still in his original appearance. Then again, this is quite normal. After all, some of the aristocrats here also had a normal human form.

According to the story’s development, soon there will be a storm that will capsize this ship. He would fall into the sea and be saved by the mermaid princess……..But if the mermaid is a projection of Bai Yi’s soul, it should probably be the merman prince.

Thinking this, Cheng Zhi Chu quickly drank a bottle of medicine that allowed him to breath underwater in preparation for the unexpected.

He looked at the sparking sea surface and noticed that it appeared to be very calm. He then subconsciously looked up at the night sky but was again shocked.

He had noticed before that the moonlight was blood coloured and knew that the sky was definitely not normal but, at most, he thought it was because of the blood moon.

But now, in the night sky about him, dozens of horrible blood-red eyes appeared. Like a moon hanging from the sky, it emitted blood-red light. The eyes rolled around a few times as if they were watching the scene below.

Moreover, Cheng Zhi Chu also saw something large standing on the ground in the distance that reached up into the sky. At first, he thought it was a mountain but after looking at it for a few more seconds, he suddenly noticed that it appeared to be moving. It was alive.

The terrible scene before him made his scalp numb but the monster aristocrats behind him appeared to be used to it. They clinked their glasses and lifted it up while saying loudly: “Praise the god, praise the king, praise the prince!”

【The monster you’re seeing in the night sky is an embodiment of Mr. Mu.】

The system’s explanation was extremely horrifying: 【And this is only a small part of him……..The entire sky is his body. Those things connecting the ground to the sky is his oesophagus. Using that, he would constantly absorb the life energy from the ground and contaminate the world resulting in the strange appearances of the residents.】

But Mr. Mu is still referred to as their god……

Cheng Zhi Chu looked up at the blood red eyeballs in the sky. When the eyeball’s line of sight swept past him, he felt a chill run through him. It was like he was dumped in a tub of ice water. He quickly lowered his head and didn’t dare look at the eyes again.

No wonder the system wanted him to toss the coin and cause the instance to collapse directly. How can he kill Mr. Mu like this…..Fortunately, this world is not real and the monsters here are only projections…….

Just when there were still some lingering fear inside him, the entire ship violently rocked causing him to almost fall.

The other people on the ship appeared to be long used to the rocking of the boat and continued to chat and laugh as if nothing had happened. The food that was placed on the small table also didn’t fall to the ground because of this. Cheng Zhi Chu saw very clearly with his eyes the table legs moving and taking a few steps to stabilise itself. That was not a table. That was also a monster.

However, the rocking didn’t stop there. It became more and more fierce.

At this moment, the people on board finally realised that the situation didn’t seem quite right. They swayed about with the ship and some collapsed to the ground. Some even began to scream. The food on the tables crashed onto the ground causing a mess. The lights inside the cabins were also affected and would intermittently flicker on and off as the deck swayed violently. Everything was chaotic.

Was the ship about to capsize? But the storm hasn’t arrived yet……..

Cheng Zhi Chu had also fallen onto the ground. He gripped tightly onto the handrail. At this moment, the calm sea suddenly began to bubble. With a loud swoosh, large amounts of sea water crashed onto the surface of the ship. From below it, large smooth black tentacles stretched out and grabbed onto the ship.

“A sea monster! A sea monster is attacking the ship!”

The people on the boat were terrified. They cried and screamed as they scattered and fled. They wanted to hide inside the cabins but the sea monster didn’t give them a chance to escape. Several black tentacles slammed down onto the ground, smashing the cabins into smithereens.

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Because of this attack, the ship shook violently. Some were immediately thrown into the sea and immersed in the turbulent waves brought along by the sea monster.



The tentacles continued to slam wildly, and a large crack formed on the ship’s body. The tentacles that were wrapped around the ship continued to tighten causing the ship to let out loud creaks. When the power reached its peak, the entire ship split apart. Everyone, including Cheng Zhi Chu, fell into the sea.


Cheng Zhi Chu’s body sank into the cold, dark waters.  Fortunately, he had just drank the medicine and he didn’t feel suffocated or uncomfortable.

However, he was very scared. After the tentacles destroyed the ship, they had shrunk significantly and become thin and long. It continued to flexibly move about in the water searching for the people who had fallen into the sea to hold them down, drown them and then drag them into the darkness of the sea.

Cheng Zhi Chu desperately avoided those tentacles. Perhaps it was because of his boosted luck, the tentacles slipped past him and didn’t manage to find him. Despite this, he felt like he couldn’t hold on any longer. If the merman doesn’t come and save him now, he would surely be killed by those tentacles!

However, there was not a shadow of a merman in the sea. Cheng Zhi Chu desperately wanted to swim away from the sea monsters’ attack range, but the range of those tentacles were too wide. He simply couldn’t escape. In the end, his ankle was caught, and a strong force violently dragged him back.

He was so frightened his heart was about to stop. The system also let out a cry. It then quickly stabilised itself and appeased him: 【It’s okay. Don’t be scared. I have released your limiters so if anything is wrong you can escape at any time. I definitely won’t let you get hurt!】

Stop raising my death flags! Cheng Zhi Chu’s was so scared his expression was pale. How many times have you said that something “will definitely not happen”? Can’t I just escape now by teleporting?!

【No, just wait a bit longer. Look carefully. That sea monster doesn’t seem too have any intention to kill you.】

Hearing this, Cheng Zhi Chu recovered slightly from his panicked state. He confirmed that the sea monster really didn’t appear to want to kill him and didn’t drag him down into the depths of the sea. Instead, it had pulled him out of the water and seemed to be wanting to help him breathe.

No, wait. Don’t tell me these tentacles have something to do with mermaids……….

Cheng Zhi Chu suddenly had a bad feeling. He was pulled along by the tentacles in the water for a long time. Under the red light, he could vaguely see a dark reef in the distance. There also appeared to be a human figure sitting on it.

The sea monsters speed gradually slowed down and it stopped at the edge of the reef. It stretched its tentacles out and gently placed Cheng Zhi Chu onto the reef, allowing him to see this figure more closely.

Under the moonlight, the man sitting on the reef had his back facing him. His long silver hair fell past his shoulders and his shoulders were still glistening with water. The muscles on his upper body were gorgeous and defined. At one glance, you could tell that this is the back of a adult man.

When he heard Cheng Zhi Chu’s arrival, the ears hidden under the silver hair twitched before revealing its fin-like shape. He slowly turned around to reveal most of his face. His features were gorgeous and devilish, especially with the lips that were stained with bright red blood. Those silver eyes of his with vertically oval pupils reflected light from the moon as it moved to look at Cheng Zhi Chu behind him.

Seeing his arrival, the handsome man revealed a faint smile. He reached out one of his hands which had webbing between his fingers. He smiled and said: “Here, come over.”

This is a merman?

Seeing his obviously non-human characteristics, Cheng Zhi Chu was stunned but he wasn’t afraid. He slowly walked over and subconsciously glanced at the man’s lower half. He looked for the fishtail of a merman but his pupils instantly constricted. His footsteps also stopped.

This man didn’t have a fish tail. His lower body were just a long tentacles that hung down into the sea.

The sea water around them emitted loud splashing sounds and a head suddenly appeared from under it. It was a handsome golden-haired young man. The young man swam to the reef and supported his arms against the rocks. With his upper body leaning against the rocks, he shook off the water from his wet short hair. His golden eyes with vertically oval pupils curved and he revealed his sharp canines.

“Brother, how is it? I have successfully managed to bring Zhi Chu back.”

Having said that, several tentacles stretched out from within the waters. They swayed about smugly as if they were responding to the young man’s words. They then quietly reached over and poked Cheng Zhi Chu.

“Good job.”

The handsome man smiled slightly and then looked over at Cheng Zhi Chu who was still stunned in place. He asked gently: “Why aren’t you coming over?”


After a brief silence, the system spoke stiffly.

【This story should be renamed to “The Tentacle Mermaid”……..】

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