The Last Supper
Chapter 11: The Last Supper

The examinees were shocked. Old Yu was so anxious, he jumped up: “You! Why did you?! Didn’t they say that we can’t break them?! But you……….!”
You Hou held the bottom of the glass and examined it. Without looking up, he answered: “I know what I’m doing.”
922: “………….”
Can you touch your conscience and say that again???

Don’t you feel embarrassed saying that after violating the rules so many times?

The cabin fell silent for a few seconds.
Almost everyone thought You Huo had once again violated the rules. They stared at the answer wall apprehensively and waited for the fourth notice of violation.
No one knew what kind of punishment would be imposed on someone with four consecutive violations. Recalling the bald man going mad from just one round of punishment, they didn’t dare think about it.

For a moment, the notification area on the answer wall appeared to glow red but in a blink of an eye it returned to its usual appearance.
It flickered red and white and then white and red. Like this, it went back an forth several times but in the end no words appeared.

154 was dumbfounded.
922 stood next too him adding fuel to the fire: “It feels like the system is about to explode…..”

In the end, the one who broke the silence was You Huo himself.
He handed over the shattered end of the wine glass to Yu Wen and said: “Check and see if there’s anything in it. My eyes feel uncomfortable.”
Yu Wen who was on his knees panicked: “Brother, it’s against the rules to damage the tableware…”
You Huo moved away from the light and closed his eyes for a while. He then said in a calm voice: “With what eyes of yours did you see me damage the tableware?”

Yu Wen held onto the broken glass and internally commented: Am I blind?
You Huo: “The question said that there are a total of 12 sets of tableware. Can you count?”
Yu Wen: “……….”
You Huo: “Should I teach you?”
Yu Wen: “………”

Everyone fell silent for a while. They then came to a realisation.
That’s right! The question clearly wrote that there are only 12 guests and 12 sets of tableware in the Hunter’s cabin. The 12 sets of tableware are all on the dining table and numbered so it naturally didn’t include the broken one.
Regardless of whether the examination system did it unintentionally, it had already disregarded the broken wine glass as part of the tableware. What’s wrong with breaking it again?

“Brother, let me call you daddy!”
Yu Wen instantly came back to life. He raised the bottom half of the wine glass and held it against the light.
Just as Old Yu wanted to knock them in their heads, he heard Yu Wen cry out in surprise: “No way! There really is something!”

At the base of the wine glass was a slightly concave circle. Above it was the stem for people to hold onto. The stem had been broken off by You Huo and it was no longer even.
Yu Wen changed the angle of the glass as he held it under the light from the oil lamp and fire. In a spider-like posture, he soon cried out: “It’s this angle! If you look at it from here, you can see something!”

All the examinees hurried over. They squeezed their heads over but couldn’t find the right distance and angle.
“What is it? Where is it?”
The tattooed man struggled for a moment before finally giving up: “What did you see? Just spit it out!”
Yu Wen: “If I could see it clearly, do you think I need to twist it around like this?”

Just as he was about to start arguing with the tattooed man, someone patted his shoulder.
“Let me look.”

The one who spoke was You Huo.
He closed his eyes to rest it up for a moment and, when his eyes felt a little better, he took the base of the wine glass from Yu Wen.

“Here, like this. You look from here.” Yu Wen helpfully adjusted the angle and pointed at the place where the glass stem and the base met. “Isn’t there something there? I think it’s some kind of picture, but I couldn’t see it clearly. I can’t tell if it’s a picture or a word.”

You Huo let out an “oh” and once again knocked it.
With a crack, the thin stem broke off cleanly from the base. It looked as if it was made so that it could easily be broken that way.

“There’s something!” Yu Wen caught something that fell off from that connecting point and held it like he was holding his great ancestors.

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Everyone looked on intently. There really was a thin, round piece of paper. It wasn’t much bigger than a pea. Before You Huo smashed the glass, it was probably hidden under the thin stem.

The back of it was blank. It looked like a tiny mirror.
The front of it had a few tiny letters:
Simon the Zealot

The foreigner Mike read it out quietly.
The two old ladies wrinkled their faces with confusion: “What?”
Mike: “……..”
Old ladies: “……….”

It really killed him being unable to explain it in Chinese.

After a moment of stunned silence, someone whispered: “The Last Supper.”
“Who are you cursing?!” The tattooed man glared at him angrily.
The one who spoke was the sickly thin man. He had always looked like he was tired and depressed. He wasn’t idle the whole time, but his presence was very low, so he was often overlooked.
This was the first time everyone had their attention on him. Everyone waited for him to speak.
They soon remembered that this man was called Zhou Jin.

Zhou Jin looked feebly at the tattooed man and said: “I was referring to Da Vinci’s famous artwork “The Last Supper”.”
The tattooed man wanted to say something in response.
Zhou Jin was afraid that he would ask a stupid question like “Who’s Da Vinci?” so he quickly looked away and turned to You Huo: “Simon the Zealot is one of the 12 apostles.”

“Do you know all the 12 apostles?” Yu Wen let out a cry of surprise.
Zhou Jin coughed for a while and said in a quiet voice: “I study art, so I happened to know a little about it.”

It was both supper, and there were 12 apostles. These key words matched perfectly with their current predicament.
Although the several old people present didn’t know much about “The Last Supper”, the twin elementary school girls called out a name: “Judas!”
“Yes, Judas!” Yu Wen and Yu Yao are not siblings, but they cooperated better than most brothers and sisters.

In “The Last Supper”, Judas was an infamous traitor amongst the 12 apostles. There was a feeling that they were getting close to the answer.
Everyone was excited.

However, when one of them picked up the knife, the others cried out: “No, not the name!”
On the long wooden table, each set of tableware had their corresponding number. They shouldn’t be writing the name “Judas” on the wall, they should be writing the number corresponding with the glass that contained Judas’s name.

The most impatient tattooed man rushed back over to the table. He picked up a glass and started to examine it.

He saw with his own eyes a piece of paper falling out from between the stem and the base but when he held the glass, he couldn’t find the paper no matter where he looked.

The tattooed man’s eyes were almost in contact with the base of the glass: “Why can’t I see anything?”
In fact, it wasn’t just him. Everyone had examined the glasses earlier and, if they were able to find it so easily, would they have only found out about it now?

Everyone knew that there was a name hidden in it, but they couldn’t see it.
And these glasses were different to the one on the ground. They cannot be smashed or damaged so they cannot open it from the base the way You Huo did.

Yu Wen suddenly smacked his head: “I know!”
“Refraction!” Yu Wen exclaimed, “Sister Yu Yao and I wrote about refraction here! The names are in the glasses and the reason why we can’t see it is because…….uh……..the refraction isn’t right! I forgot how to explain it. Anyway, I seem to recall doing a question like this.”
Everyone: “………..”

This unlucky child’s explanation made them feel despair.
Seeing that he was having so much difficulty just explaining it, it was hard for them to believe that he would know how to solve the problem.

Even so, everyone still held onto their last strand of hope: “What should we do to see it?”
Yu Wen was ashamed: “I…….I didn’t study physics in second and third year of high school so it’s been at least two or three years since I did this question. I…….forgot.”
I damn fucking knew it!


You Huo expressionlessly watched Dumb Yu.
He had originally wanted to tolerate his nonsense for a while, but he saw the invigilators through the corners of his eyes.

922 had dragged out a charcoal bin and had a grill set up. The remaining half a box of precious beef was carefully arranged on the grill.
154 with a stiff expression would occasionally glance over at him. You couldn’t tell if he was hungry or if he was just exasperated by his colleague’s mentally retarded state.
As for 001……He didn’t even need to move. Just sitting there was enough provocation and ridicule to him.

You Huo looked away. He pulled off the set of keys from the Hunter’s waist and walked over to the kitchen.

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The thin paper was hidden between the stem and base of the glass and it was refracted through the glass. What should you do if you can’t see it clearly at a normal angle?
You naturally would need to refract it again.

You Huo rummaged through the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen but wasn’t able to find any water that he could use. Hunter A had mentioned that there would be wine but all he brought out were empty wine glasses.
The only liquid in the kitchen was the blood on the ground.
And they were almost all dried up now.

The harder it is to find, the more important it is.
This basically told You Huo that the key to the answer was here.

He came out of the kitchen with keys and glanced around the cabin. His eyes finally fell to the room next door.

The door with a rooster hanging from it was the only door that had not yet been opened. Without any hesitation, he pulled out the last key and inserted it into the keyhole.
With a click, the door opened.

The smell of old dust rushed out. You Huo covered his nose and used his hand to wave it away a few times.
The room before him was small, like a storage room but there were no brooms or mops inside. There was only a single wooden stand on which a single bottle of wine sat.

Everyone gathered over. You Huo walked out with the bottle of wine and said: “Found it.”
Yu Wen then belatedly slapped his thigh: “Yes, yes yes! Add water! I remember now!”

The lid was pulled off and the strong, pungent smell of low-quality alcohol filled the cabin.
This was the most important part of the Hunter’s meal, but he never had the chance to enjoy it.

You Huo poured the light amber coloured wine into glass number 1. Everyone stretched their necks out to watch while holding their breaths.
“Ah, I see it, I see it!!!” The drunkard Old Yu was most excited. He was the first one to call out.

Another name appeared in the glass:

Zhou Jin also got excited: “Matthew! That’s right, this is “The Last Supper”. Let’s hurry and find Judas!”

Everyone started to move. One by one they poured the wine into the twelve glasses.
The names of the apostles surfaced one after another:

When they reached the eleventh glass, the bald man sitting in the twelfth seat was trembling.

Only two names had not appeared yet, and they happened to be the two most important figures in this large masterpiece, Judas and Jesus.
If Jesus’s name appeared in the eleventh glass, it would mean that Judas is in the glass that he sat at so he would be the guest that would be cursed and was destined to die.

The bald man was so scared, he was about to vomit. Even while he was in the confinement room and even when he saw the cut up bloody flesh sitting near the wine glasses, he didn’t feel this scared.
Afterall, they belonged to other people and this time it was he himself who was about to die.

Suddenly, the group burst into cheers.
Zhou Jin’s voice was sandwiched between: “Judas! Judas!”

The bald man was stunned for a long time. He then collapsed weakly on the table.
It’s number 11!
Thank god! Judas is number 11!

It’s not him! He’s not getting his retribution………


The knife was stuffed into Zhou Jin’s hands and he revealed his first smile ever since he entered this cabin, “I’ll do it? Okay then, I’ll do it…….”

Zhou Jin stood before the answering wall and took a deep breath. He slowly started to engrave the number “1”.

Just when he was about to put the knife down again to engrave the second “1”, someone appeared behind him and grabbed his wrist.

“No, we were almost misled.”

Zhou Jin suddenly turned around and saw You Huo standing beside him. He calmly said: “Not 11. It’s 12.”

The Last Supper. The person who ended up getting crucified was Jesus. The person who sat in that seat was the cursed guest.
Judas was just a traitor.


The number 12 was engraved onto the answer wall.
When You Huo lowered the knife, the radio which had been silent for a long time suddenly started to buzz.

【Correct answer detected.】
【Examinees have submitted their answer ahead of time and have successfully completed this exam.】
【Please wait for the final allocation of rewards and punishments】

How does it feel completing the exam 35 hours 22 minutes and 11 seconds in advance?

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And the answer was 12! Poor bald man, looks like you’re doomed 🤷‍♀️

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