The Last Supper
Chapter 12: Down the Mountain

There were a total of four questions in this exam:
(1) Unknown (5 points)
(2) Unknown (5 points)
(3) The number of people having the meal changing from 13 to 12 (6 points)
(4) Finding the cursed tableware (8 points)
Under normal circumstances, the total score for this exam was 24 points. In special circumstances, there were opportunities to earn bonus points or have points demerited.


With the appearance of new content on the answer wall, everyone started to whisper quietly to each other.

“There are two unknown questions at the beginning?”
“Yeah, the moment we started the exam we went straight into earning points for the third question. We must’ve skipped over the first two questions.”
“No, the first points we got was from ‘Answer’.”

“Look at that sequence. The two points from ‘Answer’ is probably part of the unknown questions.”
“The points sister Yu Yao and I got probably also are counted as part of the unknown questions.”

“So, the first two questions were just a starter?”
“Could it have been triggered by the Hunter?”
“Maybe. Anyway, I don’t want to know.”

The accidental death of Hunter A had resulted in the two questions to be missed and the answer would now always be unknown.
The total points from those two questions added up to ten points. It accounted for a lot, but no one felt regretful.

If it wasn’t because of You Huo, they would have already reached the heavens in the first round so they wouldn’t know what could happen in the later rounds. After 48 hours, it was likely that 5 or even all of them would be dead.
In a situation like this, who would care about having a chance to answer the question? They naturally wanted fewer and easier questions.
They were just grateful to be alive.


The answering wall was still calculating their points:

The word ‘Answer’: 2 points, Refraction: 3 points, Question 3: 6 points, bonus of 2 points, a deduction of two points for the legibility, question 4: 8 points.
In total, they got 19 points. It was way beyond the average score of 11.
The total time used was 12 hours 37 minutes and 49 seconds. Compared to the average time used, they had saved 35 hours 22 minutes and 11 seconds.

Yu Wen let out an “Ohh” and said to You Huo: “How did they calculate that the average time it takes for the exam to be done is 48 hours?”
Invigilator 154 couldn’t listen to him anymore: “48 hours is normal.”
You should restrain yourself. Don’t get too proud okay?

But he then thought about it. In just twelve hours, and if he took away the three hours You Huo used to sleep and the three hours he used to clean up that disgusting room……….
In other words, if you didn’t count the time that was spent in confinement, these people, no, this examinee would have completed the exam in less than 6 hours?
Are you even human???


The non-human You Huo was rewarded accordingly for his achievement.
The answer wall slowly issued another notice:
Reward: Examinee You Huo has received the right to draw twice.

“Right to draw?” You Huo furrowed his brows.
He didn’t know what its intentions were. Anyway, the answer wall appeared to have temporarily died. After saying “Reward for your efforts”, it once again fell silent and no more words appeared.

While he was deep in thought, there was a “ding” sound in the cabin. It sounded like someone receiving a new notification.

You Huo suddenly felt someone stand behind him. The hand brushed his cheek as it reached out from behind. The slender and angular fingers loosely held onto a box of poker cards as it waved it before his eyes.

You Huo for a moment couldn’t control his expression: “It’s you again…….”
“You can tell that it’s me just by seeing my fingers?”
Invigilator 001 always spoke very carelessly. It made You Huo have the urge to hit him.

Qin Jiu smiled and took a step back. He just managed to dodge You Huo’s hand.
“There’s no point attacking me.” Qin Jiu opened the box and pulled out the cards: “Here, take your pick?”

Everyone heard this and started to huddle over.
But they were still scared of Qin Jiu. They felt that even if he smiled, it wasn’t out of friendliness.
So they just formed a circle around them that was about four metres in diameter and stretched their necks out.

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The back of the cards in Qin Jiu’s hand was exactly the same, and the front had different contents in it. Some of there were very enticing, For example:
> Total Score +15 (Single)
> Total Score +10 (All)
> Exemption (Single person, Single exam. Will receive the average score)

There was also some that were strange. For example:
> Cheat sheet
> Last minute cramming

Everyone could tell what it meant by just looking at the names, but they didn’t know how it was going to work and whether it would be helpful in exams.

Apart from these obvious rewards, there were also other ridiculous cards.
You Huo scanned through them and saw about ten similar cards with contents like:
> Outstanding Examinee. Please keep up your hard work.
> Amazing Student. You will be rewarded for your efforts.
> Top Student. Please accept our praise.

Anyway, he didn’t understand what good it would bring to him by selecting a certificate of merit like these in a place like this.
The translation of it was probably: Thank you for your patronage. Please try again.

You Huo pointed at some of the special cards and asked: “What do the black cards mean? Punishment?”
Some of the cards were completely black and there was nothing written on it. It didn’t look like a good card.

Qin Jiu pulled one out and showed it to You Huo. He dragged his tone out and said: “It’s not a punishment but it is a bit special. At least, it’s not considered a reward you would expect.”

“A black card represents the chance to reform the exam. It can take place on that very day.”

The faces of several young people in the room instantly turned green.

“There’s even a chance to reform the exam?” Yu Wen was especially green.
His three years of high school life was battered with exam reformations. Whenever anything is changed, their study plans would be changed accordingly. Today it may be 3+2 and tomorrow the 2 would be changed to your school ranking.
He didn’t expect that, despite finishing his university entrance examinations, he still couldn’t hide from reformations.

While the onlookers had a bad expression, Qin Jiu pulled out another card from the box: “I almost missed this one. There’s also this card. You guys might like it.”

> Guaranteed Pass (Single)

The cabin went quiet for a moment. Murmuring and excited discussions then filled the room.

“This guaranteed pass…… this what I think it means?” The person asking was Zhou Jin.
Because he was sick and he couldn’t become too excited, he became the only calm one amongst the group of onlookers: “Does this mean…….No need to do the examination?”

Before Qin Jiu was about to say something, 922 interjected. He seemed to be particularly fond of introducing this “Guaranteed Pass” card.
“It make look similar to the Exemption card, but the exemption card only applies to one subject and you would receive the average score instead. It can be said that it is a very safe card that gives you an adequate amount of benefit.”

922 said: “But the Guaranteed Pass card is different. It is the true trump card. There is only one in each deck. If you draw it, it means that you have passed all the exams and can eat and sleep without a worry……..”
“By the time you open your eyes again, you are back home.”

Hearing this word, everyone in the room was stunned.

During the past 12 hours, they didn’t dare think of something like this. Their lives depended on their companions and luck so how could they dare to even expect being able to go home?

But now, this guaranteed pass card had aroused everyone’s desire to go home.
Old Yu bravely asked: “If we don’t have this card, how long does it take for us to go back?”
922 thought about it and said: “It would be according to the current examination rules. You just need to meet the two conditions of completing all the prescribed subjects and having a passing score.”

Old Yu seemingly wanted to say something else, but Qin Jiu had already stored the Guaranteed Pass card away and he shuffled the deck a few times. He then fanned It out with the back of the cards facing up and said to You Huo: “Here. You have two chances. Come and draw.”

You Huo however didn’t move. He turned to the others and said: “Whoever is lucky, come and draw.”

As soon as he said that, the radio started to buzz:
【Warning: Examinees are not allowed to transfer their drawing opportunities.】
You Huo: “…………”

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“The system issued the warning. What are you glaring at me for?” Qin Jiu raised his chin and said lazily: “Don’t rely on your good looks as a weapon1. Hurry and draw.”

Fuck you and that damned weapon.
You Huo stared at Qin Jiu with an icy cold expression for several seconds. He then forcefully pulled out a card.

The crowd who didn’t have a chance to draw a card were extremely nervous. They held their breaths and stared at the card.
You Huo flipped it over:
> Top student. Please accept our praise.
Note: This is a recognition of this examinee’s abilities. Please strive to maintain this momentum.

You Huo: “……….”
The annoyances are endless. What dog shit luck.

The radio spoke up in an untimely manner:
【You have used your first drawing opportunity.】

Qin Jiu used his tongue to poke at the sides of his cheek and the corner of his lips were slightly raised: “Not bad. One more time.”

You Huo had nothing to lose. He pulled another one out.
Yu Wen who stood on the sidelines had his hand clasped tightly together and was praying fervently. Perhaps his prayers were answered because at least he didn’t receive another merit of certificate card.

You Huo turned the card over:
> Invigilator’s Help
Note: Your outstanding performance has won over the invigilators favour. You have the right to make a request to an invigilator for extra help during the exam and the invigilator is obliged to help you. The card will be valid until the end of the next exam.”
You Huo felt that every word on this card was filled with mockery.

Fortunately, he quickly restored his expression back to his usual indifferent look. He asked Qin Jiu: “Are the invigilators for each exam fixed?”
Qin Jiu said: “Of course not. Every time you do a new subject, the invigilators will be randomly refreshed.”


The radio started to buzz:
【A total of two drawing opportunities have been used. The drawing is over. Congratulations.】

As soon as those words were spoken, the answer wall that had been silent the entire time revealed new content:

Punishment: The guest sitting in the cursed seat has avoided death and will become the new hunter.


When the second half of the sentence appeared, everyone read the words, but they couldn’t understand the meaning behind it.
Or more precisely……. They didn’t dare understand what it meant.

“What does it mean by becoming the new Hunter?” Someone mumbled.

An agonising scream suddenly filled the room.

Everyone stiffly turned their necks.
The bald man sitting in seat number 12 was finally sitting up straight. His eyes widened and he looked fearfully at his hands.
His original complexion quickly faded and it became grey and pale.
His lips turned bright red. Against the pale skin, the slit for his mouth spread open to both sides. Strange horns grew and eerie spots also appeared on his hands and fingers.

The bald man looked up in confusion. After being frozen for a moment, he suddenly twisted his neck and stiffly stood up.
He slowly began to look more and more like the dead hunter. Only his face still retained the original fearful expression.

“No, no, no. This can’t be……. Don’t go! Stay with me. Please stay with me, okay?”
He muttered these words and rushed towards the group.

An unknown source of wind and snow blew past. It covered their faces and made it difficult for them to keep their eyes open.

They subconsciously covered their faces using their arms and, when they opened their eyes again, the cabin was gone and the bald man who had turned into the hunter had also disappeared. Even the three invigilators were nowhere in sight.

They stood in the heavy snow field. Before them was a pinewood forest and a small road could be seen nestled within it.

1: 恃靓行凶: “恃”means “rely on,” “靓”means “good looks,”“行凶”means “commit acts of violence.” This four-character term can be translated as “relying on one’s good looks to be arrogant and aggressive.” It can refer to making good use of one’s special advantages to achieve difficult tasks or goals. From:

Please support the translator and read this from

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Just in case anyone is confused, the university entrance examination is composed of several exams, each for a different subject. Even though they have completed this exam (Physics), they still have more to go~

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