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Arc 4: Shocking Orphanage
Chapter 78: Thoughts

This was overhead by Ming Ming as the director conversed with the family.

This was also why they soon sent Ming Ming back after adopting him away. They were frightened by Ming Ming’s personality and some of his behaviours.

Ming Ming went into the old director’s room to ask him about it when he saw the list with Yan Jing Cai and the others. He then set fire to the entire orphanage.

It was his lingering obsession that allowed the orphanage to return to its original appearance.

In his world, the orphanage was still intact. The old director and the others could exist here because their souls were still there, but this wasn’t the case for his younger sister. His younger sister couldn’t appear here.

Until he made Yan Jing Cai and the others come.

According to the information from the normal movie, after Yan Jing Cai and the others’ arrival, they made up exactly thirteen people. It just happened to match with the name of the movie.

More importantly, they had arrived in the evening when it was time for their last supper.

But with the inclusion of Su Min, there was one extra person and the numbers no longer added up.

Except for them, everyone else in the orphanage were ghosts. Only Ming Ming knew the truth, so he took on an existence like that of Jesus.

Li Wenxin said: “I think the name “Shocking Orphanage” is better than “The Last Supper”. I don’t get why they chose that name.”

“Shocking Orphanage” was more obvious. Just by seeing it, you could tell that it would be a horror movie set at an orphanage. “The Last Supper” on the other hand was vague and you couldn’t guess what was going to happen.

The rice noodles were soft and smooth. The two of them emptied their plates.

Li Wenxin paid the bill: “Let’s go.”

Su Min left with him. On the way back, they ran into a classmate who asked: “Su Min did you go watch movies recently?”

Su Min said: “I did.”

“Ah, then does that mean there will soon be a rereleased version?” The classmate rubbed her hand, “I can’t wait.”

Su Min: “……It’s quite normal.”

“That’s not the case.” The classmate waved her hand, “It’s a film acted out by a classmate. No matter how you look at it, it’s exciting.”

Su Min didn’t understand her way of thinking.

Because cinema’s will never disclose the viewer’s private information, everyone could only try and find out by themselves. Sometimes it might just be a case of someone having the same name.

Su Min was an exception. Movie lovers all knew about him.

There were quite a few holographic movie viewers for “The Last Supper” during the first three days of its release. After they were done, they would discuss how long they’ve managed to survive through it on social media.

Su Min saw a successful movie experience posted on the university campus forum.

But his ending was a little different. He had received the role of a side character who was fated to die in a car crash before he could even arrive at the orphanage, so he decided not to go to the orphanage in the first place and just wandered around outside.

Like this, he managed to escape his character’s death and he didn’t do anything until the movie reached its finale.

Most of the replies below the post were ridicules.

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“Brother, you’re too much. Did you even see a ghost?”

“Then why did you go watch the movie in the first place? Did you meet a beautiful woman or become rich?”

“Should have just watched the movie normally.”

“Although I haven’t tried this, I still know that you wouldn’t pass the grading of the movie even if you managed to live until the end of the movie if you did it like this. Brother, you’re too pitiful. You didn’t even manage to watch the true plot of the movie. Wasted your money.”


Su Min was also aware that avoidance was also another way of clearing the movie, but he wouldn’t choose to do it. You watch a movie in order to experience the story.

If you didn’t even go into the orphanage, the entire movie experience would be meaningless. It would be no different to watching a movie normally and all you got was just a change in profession.


Three days later, the cinema’s notice came in a timely manner.

This time, Su Min didn’t go to self-study class and was sorting things in his dormitory room when his phone sounded.

Li Wenxin was startled by this and almost cut off his nails.

Su Min turned on the phone. On it was a message from the cinema: “【New Century Cinema】 Audience Member Su Min hello. The scoring for your participation in “The Last Supper” three days ago has been released. It has reached the rerelease standard and the release schedule has been set. Please log in online and we will give you your new movie tickets….”

Li Wenxin leaned over, “Oh, it’s released. I’ll need to go and watch.”

Wang Di heard this as he left the bathroom. He asked: “What’s released? Another horror movie? Isn’t the release too frequent?”

Li Wenxin rolled his eyes: “That orphanage movie is rereleased.”

“Oh, then I also want to watch it.” Wang Di now understood the situation, “I have only watched that school one and none of the rest. This time I want to go and watch it.”

Su Min’s expression didn’t change, “Up to you.”

In any case, there were lots of scenes already released so everything that needed to be exposed was already exposed. He wasn’t afraid of revealing anything new in this movie.

Although they said they wanted to watch it, they didn’t go immediately and went a day later.

Because it was a weekday, there weren’t many people at the cinema. Since it’s located close to the university, most of them are students.

The more students there were, the more couples so romance movies were naturally most popular.

Su Min used his ID to redeem his movie ticket.            

The staff kindly took the three of them to rest on the side, “There are still twenty minutes until the ticket checks. You can sit here for a while.”

After he left, Li Wenxin started to eat the snacks on the table.

Wang Di suddenly remembered something. He asked: “I remember there was a Jing Xian in the last movie. Do you also have one in this one?”

Su Min shook his head: “No. It’s a new one every time.”

He once again explained to them his character script.

“Sounds like you just die for no reason.” Wang Di grumbled: “It must not have been easy for you to survive.”

Li Wenxin looked up, “That ghost isn’t in this movie?”

That movie last time had left him with a deep impression. Afterall, he had done many incredible things and it was also through that movie that allowed him to find out about Su Min’s sexuality.

Although he didn’t admit to it explicitly, he knew.

Su Min: “……..No.”

That ghost had changed. He’s not the same as before.

Li Wenxin let out an ‘Oh’ and didn’t think too much about it. He naturally didn’t even consider the possibility of a deeper meaning behind his answer.

Fifteen minutes later, the staff started to check the tickets.

This time there weren’t many people, so the theatre arranged was a small one. After entering the theatre, Li Wenxin and Wang Di sat beside Su Min and got ready to watch the movie properly.

He was surrounded from both sides.

Su Min: “……….”

What should he say about that? He wasn’t a delicate flower.

Soon Li Wenxin smacked his thigh and said: “Quick, quick, quick. The lights are off. The movie’s starting.”

The first scene depicted the male and female protagonist.

But from their perspective, you could see something new. With the accompaniment of the male and female protagonists’ voices, the email was shown.

Su Min only appeared on screen when the protagonists arrived at the orphanage.

The three of them went inside together.

 Li Wenxin whispered: “I knew I should have gone to experience it. I would even be able to see what the orphanage director looks like.”

The script given to him definitely would not set him to die before he even arrived at the orphanage. He wouldn’t be unlucky to that extent.

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More than ten minutes passed, and no horror footage was revealed.

Li Wenxin and Wang Di watched on with interest. They even laughed when they saw the male and female protagonist huddled in the same bed.

Soon after that was the game segment.

Li Wenxin had seen the spoilers, so he understood what was happening. He expressed his sympathy: “Su Min you’re so unlucky. The first thing you do is to play a game with the boss. It’s really fortunate you didn’t die.”

The meaning behind those words was: How did you manage to survive?

Su Min: “…….I got lucky.”

An audience in the front row munched on his popcorn and spoke in a louder voice, “Playing a game? If he doesn’t end up dying, I’ll write my name upside down”

Su Min internally thought: Go ahead and write it then.

Minutes and seconds passed, and the scene was finally revealed. The audience at the front no longer spoke. He even stopped eating his popcorn.

Li Wenxin turned his head and wanted to say something.

Su Min smiled at him, “Watch the movie.”

The moment he said that, exclamations came from the audience in the theatre.

“Did I see wrong?”

“No, I don’t think so. Did you also see him float up by himself?”

“Ah, you also saw that? I thought I was the only one who noticed……..”

“Wait a minute. Fuck, isn’t that pose ——- The pose you make when you hug your darling?”

“If you’re hugging, then you’re hugging but don’t forget the slippers on the ground!”

“I, I saw a dark shadow. He must not be human. He’s a ghost! It must be Su Min’s charm that attracted that ghost. Ah, it’s so delicious!”

Su Min: “………”

What fucking delicious.

Li Wenxin grabbed Su Min’s arm, “You have to explain to us what’s going on when we get out. Don’t even think about going back to the dormitory.”

Wang Di nodded his head fervently.

Su Min nodded arbitrarily, “Okay, okay, okay.”

Hearing this, Li Wenxin released him. He then turned back around to watch the movie. He could tell that even more exciting things were going to happen.

As expected, he was right. After the scenes involving the male and female protagonist passed, it soon arrived at the kissing in the corridor scene.

But this time the scene was shot from a distance. The camera as always on the young girl so the camera only got closer when the girl moved over to Su Min.

Li Wenxin on the other hand had smacked his thigh until his leg was almost about to break.

“My god, this so exciting. Su Min did you go there to watch a movie, or did you go there for a date? Why are you so experienced with all the hugging and kissing? Did you manage to get a boyfriend in the movie?”

Are the thinking processes of study gods all this unique?

Li Wenxin suddenly got worried.

He suddenly turned around and asked nervously: “Don’t tell me you’re going to end up dating a ghost in a movie like this?”

If things went on like this, you’ll be in trouble.

Su Min’s expression didn’t change. He pushed his head back, “You’re thinking too much. I’m not that kind of person.”

Hearing this, Li Wenxin commented worriedly: “But you’ve already gotten into a relationship with two ghosts. You’re too much………..”

Su Min: “???”

He looked over in confusion: “What two ghosts?”

Li Wenxin pointed at the big screen. At this moment the female protagonist was talking to Su Min about his act of bribing ghosts, “The movie last time and this one. If I add them up, that’s two of them.”

Su Min: “…….Open your eyes wider and take a closer look.”

Li Wenxin: “Okay.”

He didn’t have to wait long. The scene involving the windowsill appeared and the entire audience was shocked. Some even started to whistle. It was as if they had caught a couple red handed.

Li Wenxin who had expected something different gasped and quickly turned around: “Do all study gods like you progress so quickly?”

Kissing after hugging. Wouldn’t that mean that the next step is sleeping together?

Su Min kindly reminded him: “It’s the same one.”

Li Wenxin was dumbfounded: “You’re pretty loyal too, not bad.”

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