Guess Who I Am
Chapter 20: Translation Tool

The others may not have the nerve to but You Huo did.
He said: “That piece with the tattoo was placed at the top. It should be eye-catching. You didn’t see?”
Qin Jiu laughed exasperatedly: “You did that to deliberately disgust me yet you expect me to look at it carefully?”
He fiddled with the dolls leg and looked at the tattoo again: “Besides……..If I answered you honestly, would that be counted as extra help?”
You Huo took away the doll: “If you can’t remember, forget it.”


The others had not been in the confinement room, so they didn’t know what kind of riddle they were talking about. They didn’t dare interrupt.
As an alcoholic, Old Yu’s hands trembled terribly.
He picked up a thick needle and tried to thread it again and again. Five minutes passed and he was still unsuccessful.

Yu Wen watched him and finally couldn’t take it anymore. He grabbed it over.
“Drink, drink, drink. Now look at yourself! You can no longer keep your hands and feet steady. You did this to yourself.”
He muttered this as he helped his father thread the needle before throwing it back.
The others also threaded theirs and got ready to sew.
Only Yu Yao remained sitting there in daze. She whispered: “I find these dolls a little strange. I’m scared. Can I not sew?”

He voice was too quiet. It almost disappeared before it left her throat.
The only person who heard it was Old Yu who sat closest to her.

Old Yu hesitated for a moment. He wanted to reassure her.
He then heard You Huo said: “Wait.”

He said it too suddenly and everyone was startled. They quickly stopped and looked at him blankly.
“What’s wrong? Is something wrong?” Chen Bin asked.

You Huo walked over to the bamboo basket and bent over.
He pulled out a few arms, legs and heads before throwing it back in.
“Don’t sew.” He patted off the dust from his hand.
“Why?” Liang Yuanhao who had not spoken much couldn’t help but ask.

You Huo pointed at the bamboo basket: “The fabric in here are almost the same and all are grey but those that are completed on the wooden frame have very different coloured arms and legs.”
Lian Yuanhao frowned: “So what?”
“Nothing. Just felt it’s strange.” You Huo straightened up.

Chen Bin could tell that these examinees all listened to You Huo’s words.
He held Liang Yuanhao back and smiled awkwardly at You Huo: “That colour…….indeed is a little strange but the black widow asked us to sew it. If we didn’t are you certain nothing will happen?”
You Huo: “Not certain.”
Chen Bin: “……….”

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Liang Yuanhao still wanted to say something, but Chen Bin grabbed him and shook his head.
“How can you be 100% certain about anything? It’s up to you whether you want to listen.” You Huo originally didn’t have much patience. The old witch’s nonsense language was already annoying enough.
After he said that, he dragged a chair over to the hearth and silently started to warm himself up with the fire.

“Brother……..You’re really not sewing?” Yu Wen held the doll and asked him carefully.
You Huo supported his chin and let out an “En”.

“Okay then. I…..I won’t sew it either.” Yu Wen hesitated and eventually placed the doll back into the bamboo basket.
The others who had experienced the first exam also dropped the doll in their hands.

It was actually a very uncertain decision.
But in a world like this, nothing was certain, and everything involved gambling with their lives.
It was just that You Huo made this gamble in an extraordinarily calm manner.

He was like an exceptional risk taker. Despite the cold exterior, inside he was both wild and crazy.

This kind of risky choice convinced the others, but it was difficult to convince Chen Bin and Liang Yuanhao.
Especially after experiencing three exams and still having a very low score, Liang Yuanhao was under immense pressure. He looked at everyone with suspicion.

He had not experienced the last exam together, so he didn’t know about the team’s score and he also didn’t witness You Huo’s performance.
From his perspective, You Huo had just been testing the limits of the rules ever since the exam started. Every move of his challenged the bottom line of the examination system consequently provoking the unknown.
He really couldn’t understand this behaviour………..

Can’t he just be a little obedient?
Why did he have to go against those terrible things?
Wasn’t it better to live a little longer?

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He said indignantly: “Up to you.”
After successfully going through near-death experiences, he no longer knew what to do. He however decided to go against You Huo and honestly did as the black widow requested.

As he said that, he picked up a doll’s leg and sewed it.
Thick wool passed through the fabric making a rustling sound.

Chen Bin looked at him and then he looked at You Huo. He felt very conflicted.


The hourglass emptied very quickly and it soon became empty.
Liang Yunhuo was clumsy with his hands so he could only sew on two legs.
In the end Chen Bin also decided to follow the black widow’s request but he had hesitated for too long, so he only managed to half sew on an arm.

There was a click.
The door to the house opened and the black widow entered the house with a hunched back/
She tilted her head and glanced at the room. She then walked slowly over to Liang Yuanhao and Chen Bin.

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“Hm……….” The black widow picked up the doll and frowned. She appeared dissatisfied.
Liang Yuanhao’s face turned pale. He muttered in contempt: “It’s all because we wasted time on those useless things. If not, I would have definitely finished……”

The black widow then looked at the others only to see that they were all empty-handed. Her face instantly darkened.

The group watched her fearfully, afraid that she would suddenly explode.
What they didn’t expect was that she would lick her lips and smile again.

She placed the dolls in the bamboo basket and gathered them up. She said a series of incomprehensible words before kicking them out.


The moment the door closed, the crow’s voice sounded:
【The audio for the listening test is over. You will be given enough time to think about your answer.】
【Tomorrow at 7:30am, the reading test will begin. Please don’t be late.】
【I wish you good results.】


You Huo and Qin Jiu entered the house. The others were like eagle chicks and they all followed in behind them, packing the living room to the brim.
“So what was the purpose of sewing the dolls just now?” Yu Wen scratched his head and said, “I couldn’t tell. Seems like you’re fine if you sew and you’re also fine even if you didn’t sew.”
Old Yu patted him: “Stop dreaming. How can it be that good? It’s probably just not the right time yet. Just wait for it!”

You Huo didn’t care about this. He pulled out the recording from his phone: “Anyone have translation tools?”
Yu Wen quickly said: “I do, I do!”

“But there’s no signal here.” Chen Bin said.
Yu Wen: “Mine doesn’t need to be connected to the internet. The dictionary is already downloaded and there’s also speech recognition!”

Everyone was excited.
You Huo clicked play and tossed his phone over to Yu Wen.

Yu Wen held it like it was treasure.
The crowd stared at him in anticipation.

Soon, the black widows garbled nonsense finished playing.
Everyone didn’t dare speak. They all held their breath.

After waiting for another two minutes, Yu Wen said with a pale expression: “Fuck…………”
“What’s wrong?”
“The translation tool doesn’t have Gypsy………”
“What damned translation tool is that?!”
Chen Bin and Liang Yuanhao was in disbelief. They pulled out their own phone and soon realised that there really wasn’t.

Everyone: “………….”
We’re going to die because of Foreign Language.

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