To Be a Heartthrob in a Horror Movie
Arc 5: Unknown Prison
Chapter 90: News

Everyone could tell that it was blood.

Su Min felt a headache forming as soon as he saw that scene. It looked like the scene where someone was eaten by a shark or python.

He had watched those movies a long time ago and it had left him with a psychological shadow. To this day, he still remembered that one scene where a man-eating python swam through a water with its belly bulging in the shape of a human……

Su Min stopped his thoughts and felt sick.

The prisoners who arrived later weren’t too clear on the situation. They asked: “Ah, did someone really fall in?”

The person who had shouted initially responded: “He fell in. I saw it myself! I’m certain!”

As they spoke, the water started to bubble up even more.

Fang Shu Juan said calmly: “He probably won’t be alive.”

The surface of the water was still not calm. With it bubbling so fiercely, something must have happened below. They could even smell blood.

Su Min nodded, “The person who fell in probably is dead. Even if he isn’t dead, he would only be half-alive.”

He guessed that the prisoner was probably dead. Afterall, the cinema’s hints were never wrong.

Yin Ze stood next to him with furrowed brows, “Why are the deaths lately so strange. And it’s getting more and more bloody.”

Fang Shu Juan thought of something and asked, “People died before too?”

He had only recently entered the prison, so he didn’t know anything.

For once, Yin Ze didn’t rebuke him and answered: “In addition to the man who died yesterday in the sewer, there was another one who used a pair of scissors to cut his throat.”

“I thought you would be safe here.” Fang Shu Juan suddenly said: “I didn’t expect it to be more dangerous than outside.”

Yin Ze snorted coldly and ignored him.

Su Min interjected: “The one with the scissors may be a suicide but the sewer one and this one is strange.”

Fang Shu Juan: “It’s like a movie.”

He also remembered the small size of the sewerage pipes in the bathroom. How could a body have fit inside it? Not to mention, it would be impossible missing something like that.

It couldn’t be explained.

A prison guard not far away heard the commotion, “What are you all doing here? Hurry and scatter. If you don’t complete the job today, you will have no lunch!”

Someone called out: “Someone fell into the river!”

He pointed at the red water.

Although the prison guard may not know what had happened, the moment he saw this he could tell that something had gone wrong.

Just as he was going to enter the water to save the prisoner, there was a sudden change to the water.

A corpse floated up from the depths of the water.

After making out the appearance of the corpse, the onlookers couldn’t help but cry out: “Ah! What the hell is this?!”

The body had already floated up but everyone who saw it had the same question in mind ——– Could this still be considered as a human?

The person who had fallen in was originally intact, but his skin was now covered completely with ulcerations. It was as if it was bitten by something and you could no longer make out his appearance.

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With this, even the prison guards didn’t dare enter the water.

A strange mood formed amongst the people there. The prison guard quickly asked: “Which room is it? What’s his number?”

——– After checking them one by one, the answer came out.

The one who fell was someone from room 3.

His roommate explained: “He really was the one who disappeared. I thought it was someone else. He said earlier that he was going to the bathroom. I didn’t know he came here.”

No one knew why he suddenly came over to the river.

Su Min’s expression was a little solemn.

If the deceased was someone from another room, he would just feel a little suspicious, but he was someone from room 3 and he was certain that this incident was related to the white figure from last night.

But why didn’t the white figure kill him directly last night?

Fang Shu Juan asked in solemn voice: “Don’t tell me there’s something in this river? A crocodile? Python? Or a man-eating fish?”

He named several in a row.

Yin Ze’s expression wasn’t great, “Can’t you say something better than that?”

“Someone was eaten up. How better can it get?” Fang Shu Juan had a look of indifference, “You’re being too naïve.”

Yin Ze refuted: “You’re the one that’s naïve.”

Fang Shu Juan said: “If you’re not naïve then how did you end up here?”

Yin Ze’s expression was dark. He spoke with both embarrassment and anger: “You’re speaking as if you’re not in the same boat.”

Fang Shu Juan shrugged and didn’t continue.

Su Min had grown accustomed to the twos bickering. Their ability to bicker in a situation like this reflected how strong their mental states were so he wasn’t worried about them.

The prisoners gathered together into pairs and threes and no one dared to do anything.

“Is there something in this river that can eat humans?”

“I heard the sounds earlier and then I heard people saying that someone fell in. In the end, he died……..”

“As expected, weeding and cutting trees is safer. It’s all 488’s fault. All that just for two chicken drumsticks. Look at what happened now. Someone even died.”

“Do you dare beat him up? Even Brother Hao gave up.”

“Brother Hao hasn’t been acting right lately. Everyday he’s going on and on about ghosts. I think it’s about time for him to be abdicated.”


All kinds of discussions were mixed together.

To be honest, they weren’t upset because of the death. They were after all a group of prisoners. What made them worried was the fear of themselves meeting the same fate.

All the people here were not given a death sentence and they would be able to leave once their term was up. If they ended up dying like this, their stay in the prison would have been pointless.

No one wanted to die in prison.

The corpse remained floating in the water. No one dared to retrieve it. They only moved to grab tree branches after the prison guards commanded them.

Eventually, the corpse was pulled over to the bank.

Su Min and the others also squeezed over to take a look.

There were multiple small wounds on the corpses body. Although you couldn’t pinpoint the cause of it, you could speculate from its appearance. The blood that flowed out also came out from these wounds.

Fang Shu Juan whispered: “Better to stay away from the river.”

Yin Ze glanced at him and said: “I don’t need you to tell me that. Isn’t that common sense?”

Fang Shu Juan said helplessly: “Okay, okay, you’re the smartest.”

Su Min was made speechless by their exchange, “Why would there be something like that in the river? Is it only in this place?”

Fang Shu Juan said: “It probably is. I haven’t seen it before.”

He had basically never heard about something like this. There were many articles online describing wounds on corpses but something like this was rather unusual.

The prison guards also didn’t know what happened. They decided to call for the other prison guards over and they sent the prisoners back.

Everyone was transported back, except for the corpse.

As they travelled back, Su Min gazed out at the barren landscape mulling over the recent incident.

Yin Ze said: “Looks like something will also happen tomorrow.

Su Min said: “With things continuing on like this, everyone in the prison will end up dying.”

Fang Shu Juan rubbed his chin and asked in confusion: “With things like this happening all this time, was no one sent over to investigate?”

“Investigate? Don’t even think about it.” Yin Ze had stayed in this prison longer than the other two.

Despite so many people dying, he had never seen someone come over to investigate.

Su Min silently sighed.

He felt as if this prison had been abandoned and was no longer under jurisdiction.

He suddenly remembered something and asked quietly: “Do you know what the name of this prison is?”

Yin Ze froze, “Don’t know. Didn’t ask.”

Fang Shu Juan had asked about it. He frowned and said: “They said it’s called Unknown Prison. That name was rather strange.”

Su Min glanced at him, “You and I heard the same thing.”

What kind of prison would be called this? It just sounded completely random and out of place. No matter how casually you want to name a prison, you would usually name it according to its location.

It wasn’t strange for the movie to be titled this since it was after all a horror movie, but it was strange for the prison itself to be called this.

Yin Ze also realised something, “Could it be that there’s something wrong with this prison?”

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“Of course there’s something wrong.” Fang Shu Juan raised his chin, “Wasn’t it obvious enough with all those strange things happening here?”

Everything that had happened here clearly indicated that this prison wasn’t normal.

But they had never been in prison and they had no idea what other prisons were like. Their impression only came from things they heard through the news.

Yin Ze didn’t say anything and just turned his head away.

The car suddenly stopped. They had returned back to the prison.

After everyone got off, the prison guards once again took them to the room where they had watched the music show.

Yin Ze frowned, “We’re watching a music show again?”

Fang Shu Juan smiled, “Isn’t that good? It’s better than no TV.”

But unexpectedly, they didn’t watch a music show. After turning on the TV, the news started to play.

Su Min: “……..”

Fang Shu Juan sighed.

The others in the room also complained: “What is this? Isn’t this a chance for us to relax? Why are you suddenly watching the news?”

“I don’t want to watch the news!”

“If we’re not watching the music show, play a movie instead. There’s not a single woman here for me to look at.”

The prison guards remained unfazed and just kept guard by the door.

Yin Ze found a place to sit, “It’ll take an hour.”

It was on par to hypnosis.

Su Min thought for a moment and said: “It’s probably because the incident today was too shocking, and they wanted to show it to us through the news.”

In fact, he was a little relieved that he didn’t need to watch the music show. Like this, Chen Su probably wouldn’t pester him about dancing later that night.

The speaker above looked down at the group while the group of prisoners sitting below stared wide-eyed up at the screen.

Although they had said that they didn’t want to watch it, they had so little entertainment here, even a news report was pleasing to the eye.

Su Min saw this and had the urge to laugh.

He had also watched news broadcasts before. Something had come over his roommate Li Wenxin and he forced them all to watch it together with him.

Although the news each day was different, the music never changed so it felt as if they were watching the same thing over and over again.

The group of prisoners watched the news intently.

When the news broadcast was over, the entire room was filled with sighs of relief. There were however a couple who had enjoyed the news and even wanted to continue watching.

With this, many of the prisoners had forgotten about the incident earlier to the prisoner from room 3.

Although Su Min and the others didn’t talk about it, they didn’t forget. Even until they were sent back to their respective rooms, no one mentioned a thing about room 3.

It was as if that person was deleted from their memories.

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