Guess Who I Am
Chapter 21: Villager

A foreign language that even a translation tool cannot recognise………
The system really it too far.

“…………What about the internet?” Yu Wen poked at his phone and was a little anxious: “Is it because the file I downloaded isn’t enough? Would connecting to the internet help? Can the invigilator help with this?”

Everyone heard this and looked over at Qin Jiu.
This invigilator was standing in front of a shelf in the living room staring boredly at an incense burner. It was as if he had a pair of eyes on the back of his head. Without even turning around, he said: “The reward card wasn’t drawn by you. What are you looking at me for?”

The smell of incense in the room was too strong.
He pried open the lid, picked out something charred and threw it aside. Throughout the entire process, his slender fingers fiddled with the burner and he didn’t appear to be afraid of being burned.

The crowd heard his words and proceeded to look over at You Huo.
But before You Huo could speak up, Yu Wen who proposed this suggestion initially calmed back down, “Forget it. The dictionary should have all been downloaded. I was just casually suggesting it………..If several translation tools all don’t have Gypsy, then we probably won’t be able to find it even if we connected to the internet. If we don’t end up finding anything then that card would be wasted for nothing.”

Chen Bin looked back and forth. He couldn’t help but ask: “What card? Ever since I’ve joined this group, I keep hearing you mention it but I was too embarrassed to ask about it.”

Back when the card was drawn, everyone in the group saw it. Since they all knew about it there was no point hiding it.
Everyone quickly explained to Chen Bin the reward card and its use.

Chen Bin who heard this was stunned: “………..There really are rewards? I have only heard rumours about it and thought it was all just a lie. What did you do? How did you get that opportunity?”
Everyone was ashamed. They internally thought: It was all because the system had randomly formed the group allowing them to hug onto a golden thigh.

Chen Bin was quite understanding. Seeing everyone’s change in expression, he didn’t ask any further.
He glanced at Liang Yuanhao only to see that the other party had his lips pursed tightly together. He wore a bad expression on his face. In fact, he himself also didn’t look too great.

Although they didn’t see the reward card themselves, they had heard about it.
No matter what the reason was that allowed them to be given the opportunity to be rewarded, it proved to them one thing —– This group was very powerful.
Or more specifically, there is a very powerful person in the group.

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As for who that person was, it was self-evident.
The two of them had just happened to choose to do the opposite of that great master.

Chen Bin nudged Liang Yuanhao gently and, while others were still discussing things, he whispered: “Do you regret it?”
Liang Yuanhao had a bad expression. He said roughly: “The consequences haven’t been revealed yet. Getting it right once doesn’t mean he will always be right. I don’t regret it.”
“I do a little.” Chen Bin grimaced before looking down at the ground.


“Brother, do you want to get the invigilator to help?” Yu Wen asked.
You Huo sat on the sofa armrest and continued to play with his phone.

Qin Jiu replaced the lid of the incense burner.
He then casually picked up a colourful towel and used it to wipe his fingers before casually moving behind You Huo. With both hands pressing down on the back of the sofa, he said: “You’re really not? I’ve been holding onto this card for a very long time and I can’t wait to use it.”
You Huo didn’t even look up and just snorted in response.

Qin Jiu was even more amused.
This examinee was really interesting. He wouldn’t hesitate to ask simple questions that fall within the boundaries of the examination rules and would even treat the invigilator rudely but, when it came to the help card, he was unwilling to use it. It was as if asking for help was equivalent to him bowing his head.

What a hard to chew piece of bone.
Invigilator 001 commented inside.


You Huo tapped on his phone a few times and the black widow’s young woman-like voice rang through the room.

It wasn’t like English. Everyone could understand English. Even if they were poor at it, if you played it a few times at a slower pace, you could get about 70-80%.
They didn’t know anything about Gypsy so even if the recording was played for an entire day, nothing would happen.

They sat around silently in the living room whilst engulfed by despair and garbled noise.


That audio was played about ten times. Someone suddenly snapped their finger.
Everyone snapped back to their senses: “Why? What’s wrong?”

The one who snapped their finger was Mike.
He opened his mouth and carefully listened to the last few words spoken by the black widow before exclaiming excitedly.

Because he spoke too fast, it sounded like garbled nonsense.
Old Yu and the others were confused for a long time. They turned and asked You Huo: “What did he say?”

You Huo furrowed his brows: “He’s saying that the black widow’s Gypsy has Persian and Russian words mixed in.”
He turned and asked Mike: “You sure?”

 As a four-country mix, although Mike’s looks didn’t live up to his blood, he still possessed basic language skills. He slowed down and explained that his grandfather was Russian. Although he wasn’t proficient in Russian, his vocabulary wasn’t bad. As for Persian, he had taken a few electives on that in university.

During the process of migration, gypsies often become influenced by the people and places that they have lived in so foreign languages were incorporated into their language.
They would also learn the local languages just like how the black widow could understand the Chinese spoken by the examinees.

The village chief had mentioned that the black widow came over along with several Russians to escape the war. She was probably influenced by those Russian companions.
She herself probably didn’t realise it.


When they heard this, everyone was immediately excited.
Yu Wen stared at Mike with dog-like eyes of admiration and said: “Quick! Hurry and tell us! What did you hear?”

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Hearing this question, Mike was a little embarrassed.
His slightly chubby face flushed pink and he ummed and ahed a few times before uttering out a few words.


 You Huo looked over at Mike before turning to the group and saying: “That’s it.”
Everyone: “…………”

“What were the questions again?” Old Yu asked.
Yu Wen replied expressionlessly: “1. What is the black widow’s name, 2. Where is the black widow’s family and 3. How many people are there in the black widow’s house.”
Those four words, none of them answered the question………..

All the hope that surged inside them instantly dissipated.
Everyone’s eager expressions fell and their faces turned dull.


Before they knew it, the sun had moved to the west. It hid behind the woods, emitting a dim afterglow.
Yu Yao who sat next to the window suddenly looked past the curtains and said quietly: “The villagers………..”

“Ah?” Yu Wen moved over, “What villagers?”
Yu Yao pulled the curtains open completely and pointed out the small circular window: “There are some people on the other side of the river. They’re probably villagers?”

The frozen river glowed from the sun’s rays. On the other side of the light, there were several figures coming out of a house. They carried baskets and carefully made their way towards the river.

“It really is.” Chen Bin muttered: “The village chief mentioned that they would come out to do things at dusk and that it would become livelier but………”
How is it lively with only two or three people???


In any case, where there are people, there are clues.
You Huo put on his black down jacket and pulled the zip all the way up to his chin to cover the lower half of his face. He then proceeded to step out the door.

The others all followed behind him.

Qin Jiu unhurriedly walked next to You Huo. He then fell half a step behind.
“Clothes bought using points?”
You Huo narrowed his eyes and looked at him through the thin slits.

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“Although I have received several gifts from you, I am very generous so let me give you some words of advice.”
Qin Jiu stuffed his hands into his coat pocket and slowly walked across the frozen river alongside him, “In this exam, only a handful of people pass. In any case, during my time as an invigilator I haven’t seen many. For most examinees, it’s best not to spend them so recklessly.”

You Huo’s straight nose was covered under his jacket but white fog still formed as he breathed.
He walked over to the opposite bank. His light-coloured eyes moved, and it fell onto a middle-aged woman standing not far away.

The woman was dressed in a typical winter outfit. She wore an extremely long winter coat that wrapped her from neck to feet, and her head was almost completely buried inside a large scarf.

She crouched awkwardly by the edge of the river and waved at the man next to her: “Here, chisel the ice.”

You Huo watched them for a moment before tossing out a line to Qin Jiu: “Go give those words of advice to someone else. I don’t need it.”

After that, he proceeded to walk towards the two villagers.


The two villagers saw You Huo and was stunned for a moment. Their stiff expression then slowly turned into a smile: “Are you new visitors? The village chief mentioned it earlier.”
You Huo glanced at the village chief’s house. It’s doors and windows were tightly shut.
“Yes, just arrived this morning.” He replied.

The villagers nodded. They weren’t very enthusiastic: “You live on the other side?”

Villagers: “…………”

The pair of man and woman fell silent for a moment. Then then said: “Do you have anything you want to ask us? You must still be feeling uncomfortable since you’ve just arrived?”
You Huo looked up: “It’s okay.”
The two of them: “…………..”

They looked at each other for a while before turning back to continue digging into the ice. After digging for a while, they once again glanced at You Huo.
“Have you gone to the black widow’s place?” The middle-aged woman couldn’t help but ask.
You Huo nodded: “Yes, stayed there all afternoon.”

“Oh………..What did you do?”
You Huo said: “Made a few dolls. Don’t know if you’ve ever seen them?”
The two villagers paused. They appeared a little scared.
You Huo then said: “And some didn’t make any.”
What was strange was that they villagers again started to tremble.

After a moment, the woman looked up and said: “No, usually only visitors visit the black widow. We rarely go across the river.”
You Huo: “There were visitors before?”

The woman nodded: “Yes. They were like you and would always come in groups.”
You Huo said: “What happened to them afterwards?

The woman was confused for a moment. She then shook her head and said: “Seems like…………I didn’t see them leave.”
The other examinees who had just crossed the river heard this and almost slipped on the river.

Qin Jiu walked over and stopped next to You Huo. He bowed his head slightly and said: “You really like to humour people.”
You Huo: “………….”

When he was about to retort, the metal basin in the male villager’s hand fell onto the ground with a clang.
The two looked over and saw the man staring at You Huo for a few seconds and then looking at Qin Jiu for a few seconds. He slowly spoke up: “I seem to………have seen you two somewhere.”
You Huo was surprised: “Who? Us?”

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  1. chromatier 15th January 2020 / 3:01 pm

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