Arc 5: Unknown Prison
Chapter 98: Late Night

He had said that sentence as if it was quite normal.

But……..Yin Ze rolled his eyes, “Are you kidding me? Don’t you know why we called you over?”

Fang Shu Juan said: “Of course I know.”

Yin Ze was about to sneer at him. He then heard him continue and say: “But if I said it, you would probably hit me, so I won’t say it.”

This sentence of his made Yin Ze suspicious.

As soon the thought that he was probably referring to something else arose in his mind, he frowned and snorted. No longer wishing to look at him any longer, he turned around and climbed up to his bed.

Fang Shu Juan watched him, “Turns out you sleep there.”

Yin Ze didn’t even look back, “Don’t think about coming up.”

Fang Shu Juan wasn’t angry. He sat down on the bunk below and said: “Does this social meetup mean that I can stay here now?”

Su Min said: “I also don’t know. All I know is that it allows you to stay over for a night. As for whether or not you could do it tomorrow, it’ll depend on the prison guards.”

“It should be fine then.” Fang Shu Juan rubbed his chin and said: “If one night is okay, several more shouldn’t be an issue.”

It was indeed very convenient having them all stay in the same room. If you needed to do something, the others could join and it was also more convenient to talk. Like this, they wouldn’t need to wait until meal time or work to talk and only be able to exchange a few sentences.

Su Min asked: “Have you washed up yet?”

Fang Shu Juan nodded, “It’s soon time for the lights to be turned off.”

As soon as he said that, the speaker sounded, and everything fell into darkness. This was followed by a mixture of angry yells and protests from the other prisoners.

In a place filled with men, accidents were bound to happen.

Even if they knew that the lights would turn off at this time every night, they still didn’t feel happy about it. What’s more, the men here weren’t good people so they naturally felt more comfortable cursing out a few times to vent.

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Su Min said: “Let’s go to bed.”

“Yeah.” Fang Shu Juan slowly sighed, “There’s no blanket in the bottom bunk. What should I do if I end up catching a cold tonight?”

Because each person only had one blanket and because there were only the two of them in room 8, the remaining two unused beds were just empty wooden beds. The guards naturally assumed that, with a social meetup, they would definitely sleep in the same bed and would also share the same blanket.

Just as he was about to get up, a blanket fell from above.

Fang Shu Juan quickly caught it. As soon as he touched it, he could still feel residual heat. It was obvious that it was only just recently used to cover someone up.

Hearing that ruckus, Su Min tried to hold back his laughter, “Why didn’t you bring your own blanket?”

Fang Shu Juan said: “I forgot.”

He stood up and placed the blanket back onto the upper bunk. He said in a low voice: “I don’t need it.”

Yin Ze said: “Then why were you making a ruckus about it earlier?”

Fang Shu Juan said: “Now you don’t even allow me to speak?”

Having said that, Yin Ze had nothing to say in retaliation. He received his blanket and used it to cover himself again.

Fang Shu Juan called the prison guard over again. He returned to his room and brought back his own pillow and blanket.

Being asked to come and go, the prison guard wasn’t happy: “It’s just a social meetup so why are you being so difficult?”

Fang Shu Juan didn’t answer him.

The door was once again locked up and the prison guard left quickly. Before he left, he even specifically warned him not to find him later if it was nothing important.

Fang Shu Juan shrugged. He went back at sat down on the bed below Yin Ze’s.

Su Min didn’t understand why they would want to hurt each other so much.

He laid back in bed and felt that, with one more person here tonight, Chen Su probably wouldn’t appear. Finally, he could sleep peacefully.

But as soon as this thought appeared, Chen Su was on his bed.

Su Min: “…………..”

He really did appear as soon as he thought about him. Was he this amazing?

Chen Su leaned over and said: “You were so cute today.”

Hearing him say that, Su Min knew instantly what he was referring to. He must be referring to the incidents he saw in the infirmary.

He said: “I didn’t see you then.”

Chen Su made a sound of recognition, “I didn’t appear.”

Su Min didn’t continue asking. He internally wondered what this meant. His ability to see him without appearing was something special.

Afterall, he would be able to sense it if ghosts appeared.

Fang Shu Juan heard the noises on his end. He thought for a moment and asked: “Were you talking to me just now?”

“No.” Su Min glanced at Chen Su, “I have a habit of talking to myself. Don’t worry about it.”

Fang Shu Juan let out an ‘oh’, and no longer questioned his actions.

He had only heard about people having a habit of talking in their sleep, but he had never heard of a strange habit of talking to oneself.

In particular, his impression of Su Min was that he was very calm. Today’s visit to the infirmary was probably the only time here where he wasn’t acting like himself.

Chen Su moved closer, “Two more days.”

Su Min hummed and reminded: “Just don’t forget it yourself.”

He didn’t want Chen Su to deny it at that time and make him wait three days for nothing. It was just seeing his face so what’s the big deal?

He guessed that the movie would probably end in about two days.

Chen Su chuckled, “I won’t.”

Su Min sneered. He tugged at his blanket, “I’m sleeping.”

To his surprise, today Chen Su didn’t continue clinging to him and had instead left very soon afterwards.

Su Min pondered over this for a moment before turning around and getting ready to sleep.


Late at night, everything was silent.

There weren’t many prisoners staying up late and, because the lights had turned off very early, most had fallen asleep by about ten to eleven o’clock.

At this moment, a very soft sound could be heard coming from the corridor.

Su Min was originally not sleeping very soundly. He was also the type that couldn’t fall asleep once awakened and this time was no exception.

As soon as he heard the sound, he got off the bed.

It was a little similar to the sound on the first night, but it wasn’t a scream. It sounded a sharper, a little like an animal’s howl.

“Su Min, you’re also awake?” Fang Shu Juan yawned, “I thought you guys didn’t hear the sounds.”

When he was in his room, his roommate wouldn’t wake up at all. He didn’t have any sense of danger at all.

Su Min said: “I also just woke up.”

Fang Shu Juan went over to the door and listened carefully, “Again it’s a scream. Have you heard this before?”

“Yes. It happens almost every night.” In the darkness, Su Min couldn’t see Fang Shu Juan’s expression, “If I’m awake, I’ll hear it. If I’m not awake, then I won’t hear it.”

Fang Shu Juan said: “This really sounds like a human’s scream.”

Just as he said that, there were some rustling sounds coming from the bed behind them. Yin Ze had also also awakened. In the pitch-black darkness, you could vaguely see his figure climbing off his bed.

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Within a few seconds, he had reached where they stood by the bed. He asked, “What are you two doing in the middle of the night instead of sleeping?”

Su Min pointed outside: “Listen.”

After falling silent, the noise became even more noticeable.

Su Min: “Have you guys noticed this scream?”

All three were standing behind the door. Yin Ze stood beside him and said: “I have noticed it, but I don’t know where the source is.”

The first time he encountered this was the first night after entering this prison. He had stayed up and listened to these sounds and decided to ask the others about it only to find out that it had been happening since a long time ago.

No one knew where the source of the sound was.

Fang Shu Juan said: “It’s as if it was transmitted over to us through speakers. Though the sound isn’t too loud.”

The sound outside had changed.

From the sharp scream, it had now turned into broken wails. It was so weak, you almost couldn’t hear it.

Su Min wondered: “Could there be an underground laboratory?”

When he first came here, the sound he heard was a scream that later changed into a roar. At that time, he didn’t know what was happen. Now that he connected the dots, it sounded very likely.

“Shouldn’t a laboratory be soundproof?” Yin Ze asked: “It’s as if they don’t care whether or not we hear it.”

Fang Shu Juan said: “Probably because it didn’t matter if you heard it or not since you’re going to end up meeting the same fate anyway.”

In any case, they couldn’t get out and also wouldn’t think about things like that. If there really was a laboratory, it wasn’t something surprising.

The prisonorss were practically like fish sitting on the cutting board. They had no power to fight back and would be dealt with whenever they pleased.

Just like those people who had died earlier.

“If it really is a laboratory, then everything can be explained.” Su Min thought for a moment, “Since they’re doing experiments on someone, it wasn’t strange for them to make such sounds.”

There was a strange trope that was often used in horror movies were the dead could be turned into the living dead or a strange monster.

As long as you wanted to do it, it wasn’t impossible.

This kind of sound could only be produced if one was under excruciating pain so an explanation like this was completely reasonable.

At this moment, Su Min felt a sudden chill.

He frowned and looked over at the source.

In his line of sight, a headless ghost appeared outside Li Hao’s room. With two hands resting on the window pane, it looked inside. It looked like someone peeping inside, but without its head.

A scene like that looked pretty horrifying.

Su Min internally felt that if he was in Brother Hao’s room, he would be scared to death if he saw a headless ghost looking at him through the window as soon as he opened his eyes.

After waiting a few more seconds, the headless ghost then travelled past through the window and entered Li Hao’s room.

That action of the ghost was so fast, Su Min would’ve missed it if he blinked.

He didn’t know when the headless ghost appeared. He only saw it standing outside Brother Hao’s door after turning around.

This was probably the scenario mentioned in the movie plot introduction.

It was also after this death that Yin Ze and Fang Shu Juan felt that something was wrong and decided to investigate themselves.

Su Min took a deep breath and wondered whether Li Hao would become a headless body tomorrow.

Next to him, Yin Ze and Fang Shu Juan were busy whispering complaints to each other and had no idea what was going on outside.

Su Min asked: “Did you see outside?”

Hearing this, Fang Shu Juan looked out and didn’t see anything, “Why? Is there something outside?”

Su Min didn’t expect them to be unable to see the ghost this time either.

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