Guess Who I Am
Chapter 24: To Sew or not to Sew

Reading was more despairing than listening,

The group all collectively gasped. Before they were able to breath out, Old Yu’s cry travelled over.
“My god! Hurry and come over!”

Over the span of just one night, Chen Bin and Liang Yuanhao’s house was turned upside down.
There was blood everywhere in the bedroom. It was on the floor, the walls and on the bed………..There were also two long stains leading all the way out the front door.

When everyone rushed over, Old Yu was plastered up against the wall in the living room: “I was damned shocked by this the moment I went in! There’s nowhere to stand!”
“Fuck………What’s going on? Where are they?”

Old Yu pointed to the open bedroom door: “Should still be in bed. There’s a bulge in the blanket. I called a few times but no one answered……..I wanted to pull it away but I was worried about being too rash.”

The other people’s faces turned pale.
They had never seen a scene like this before.

“Are, are they still alive?” Yu Wen asked with fear.
Old Yu remained silent.

With this amount of blood, anyone would have already died.
What’s more the smell of blood was quite faint and the blood on the floor was dry……..It had probably dried up overnight.

For a while, no one in the room spoke.

They didn’t have very strong feelings towards the two newly joined members. This was especially the case of Liang Yunhao who didn’t leave a very favourable impression whenever he spoke or acted. However, he had never harmed anyone.
No one wanted them to end up like this.

“I’ll check again………..”
At this moment, Old Yu’s qualities from back when he was a soldier emerged. While everyone was about to vomit from the sight, he wiped the sweat off his face and walked over.
He would only be timid before his nephew.

But before Old Yu was able to do so, You Huo had already entered the bedroom.
Qin Jiu didn’t follow him in.

He leaned against the door frame with his arms crossed. The eyes that fell onto You Huo were filled with interest, but his lips were pursed in a straight line. He appeared to be disgusted by this bloody scene but at the same time he also appeared to be indifferent.

Old Yu also wanted to enter the bedroom.
But a particular invigilator was blocking the door. He considered for a moment but didn’t dare speak up.

If I wander around a few times, the invigilator would probably hear me?
Old You thought this.

But contrary to his expectations…….
He walked four laps and the invigilator didn’t look back.

If he wanted the invigilator to give him any attention, he would probably have to want until his next life.
Old Yu mulled over this for a long time before uttering a single word: “That………”

As soon as he said that, there was the sound of something heavy falling to the ground coming from the bedroom.
This as followed by hysterical cry.

Yu Wen who had just vomited rushed over: “Brother———-Brother what’s wrong?!”
Old Yu was also startled.

The invigilator blocking the door finally turned around. He glanced at Yu Wen: “Your brother can make this kind of sound?”
Yu Wen: “???”

He internally thought: What does my brothers cry have to do with you?
Soon after, he realised……
That’s right. With his brother’s stubborn personality, even if you killed him he wouldn’t cry out like this.

Then…….who else was in the room?

Everyone rushed into the room as the screaming continued.

“Are you fucking human or ghost????” Yu Wen stared at the floor next to the bed. He was so frightened, his voice trembled.

Everyone looked at the floor. Chen Bin had fallen and was sitting there covered in blood. He was screaming louder than anyone there.

You Huo felt a headache forming from all the screaming and shouting. He said coldly: “Shut up!”

Everyone finally calmed down.
They looked at each other with horror and bewilderment for a moment and couldn’t help but ask: “You……..You’re still alive?”
Old Yu carefully touched Chen Bin: “Alive. Still alive.”

“Then…….Liang Yuanhao?”
Chen Bin was stunned for a moment. He then said quietly: “Gone.”
“What do you mean gone?”

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Chen Bin spoke haphazardly: “Last night………last night someone knocked on our bed. Asked us about the dolls and even had a knife. I fainted.”
The crowd didn’t understand him.

“Wait a minute. Speak slowly. Let us hear about it.” Old Yu said.


About ten minutes later, they finally understood what had happened.

“So the person who sewed the doll would be approached and whatever you have sewed on, you will get that cut off???”
Chen Bin nodded: “She asked us who sewed more. Liang Yuanhao said he did and that he sewed two legs. And then……….his legs were cut off. I fainted on the spot. At the very end, I heard that voice say to me………..”

“What did she say?”
He swallowed and started to tremble again: “She said……..See you tomorrow.”


Liang Yuanhao had disappeared.
The trail of blood in the living from was left behind by him but the blood had stopped abruptly at the door. They didn’t know where he went after that.
In fact, they could vaguely guess that Liang Yuanhao was probably dragged into the woods.
But the woods circled the village and it was so deep, you couldn’t see the ends of it. If you wanted to find someone in there, it was equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack.

They searched for a long time and couldn’t find any traces left behind. They could only return to their houses with the crows warning.


【Warning: Reading exam has begun. Examinees, please make the most of your time.】
The crow repeated this three times. They stiffly knocked on the black widow’s door.

Everything felt like it was a copy of yesterday.
The black widow once again pulled out a pile of cards and asked the person in front to draw it.

Everyone’s expression wasn’t good.
They had drawn a grim reaper card yesterday and there was now one less person in their group.
If they drew another unlucky card, no one knew what the outcome of that would be.

This time, it was Yu Yao standing at the front.

The black widow stared at her for a long time. She stared for so long, Yu Yao’s hands started to tremble.
She lowered her head and pulled one out.

This card wasn’t as easily recognisable as the grim reaper card. On the card was a blond-haired angel playing a musical instrument. In front of the angel was a flag. The flag had a red cross.

“What card is this?” Everyone was confused.
Yu Yao gripped tightly onto the card and whispered: “Judgement.”

They didn’t think she would recognise it. They then asked: “Is it good or bad?”
Yu Yao hesitated for a moment. She finally said: “It represents resurrection, rebirth and good fortune……..”

“Then that’s a good card!”
Everyone rejoiced.

Old Yu said: “Resurrection? Then will Liang Yuanhao……..still be saved?”

Resurrection and good fortune allowed everyone to relax.
The black widow however wasn’t very happy. Her anger was even directed at Yu Yao who drew the card. Her resentful eyes were fixed onto Yu Yao.

After a moment, she moved into the house and took out an envelope from her nightstand.

Unsurprisingly, it was the letter of blessing mentioned by the question.

The black widow handed them the envelope before turning around and pointing at the dolls sitting on the wooden frame. She then started speaking: “Yeck, dui, trin, store, pansch…..”

“Desh ta sho.”

The black widow finished her garbled speech and rubbed her hands in distress.

“What’s she doing?” Yu Wen felt like he was watching a mime show.
You Huo: “Counting heads.”

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The black widow appeared unsatisfied with the number of dolls. She dragged the bamboo basket out again and stuffed a ball of yarn in their hands.
She turned the hourglass around and once again left the house.


Following Liang Yuanhuo’s incident, everyone looked down at the yarn balls in their hands in a different light.
What fucking yarn ball. This is a damned bone-cleaver!

“Who would dare sew………..” Old Yu muttered. He then threw the ball of yarn back into the bamboo basket.
Everyone followed suit.

You Huo however suddenly spoke up.
He asked Chen Bin: “Repeat what they said last night.”

Chen Bin was confused: “Which?”
“The one about obedient guests.”

Chen Bin: “Oh, that monster asked us if we sewed the dolls. We said that we did. She then said that we were obedient guests and can only live………”

Obedient guests can only live?
Everyone was stunned.

They were too frightened earlier and didn’t pay attention to this.
Hearing those words again, it was too terrifying.

“Obedient guests can only live…….Then what about the disobedient guests???”
You Huo: “Can only die.”

If you sewed, you get your limbs or head cut off but if you don’t, you die.
Then to sew or not to sew???

Everyone was anxious. They didn’t know what to do.
Qin Jiu the invigilator was bored watching them panic. He moved to pick up the black widow’s letter. Taking out the pages, he looked at the messy scrawls.

Before he could read more than two lines, it was rudely snatched away.
“Can you act a little more properly as an invigilator and stop disrupting the exam?” You Huo spat that out and then proceeded to sit down onto the sofa with the letter.

“I can’t.” Qin Jiu maintained the posture of holding the letter. He rubbed his thumb with his index finger a few times before turning his head: “What to do? I’m suddenly feeling bored being an invigilator………..”
You Huo sneered: “Your feelings sure are sensitive.”

“So when do you plan to use this help card?” Qin Jiu pulled the card out and waved it in front of You Huo.
The great master was unperturbed: “Let it rot.”


The letter of blessing was filled with nonsensical scribbles. You Huo flipped through it for less than five seconds and eventually threw it aside.
Shit question.

The invigilator picked up the letter and spoke with some mockery: “Why? The top students’ clever tricks don’t work anymore?”
You Huo got up and left.

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He walked around the black widow’s house attempting to find clues for interpreting the Gypsy language.
Considering the background of this question, the black widow’s husband was probably Russian so the black widow should be able to speak a bit of Russian. He wanted to see if there were any clues hidden around here………

But the black widow’s house was very clean. He couldn’t find anything at all.
What to do…………


The sand in the hourglass today was more than the one yesterday but everyone still felt that time went by too quickly.

“More than half of the sand is gone. What should we do about the dolls? Sew? Or not sew?” Old Yu asked.
Yu Yao whispered in a small voice: “Let’s search around again. Maybe we’ll find something?”

“Or…….We could just go back to the woods for tonight! Didn’t we manage to escape from all that last night?” Yu Wen said.
The woods at night was very scary but getting scared to death was better than actually dying.
With yesterday’s experience, everyone eagerly agreed.

Just as this suggestion was about to be passed unanimously, a particular great master once again started to act alone: “I’m going back to sleep.”

Yu Wen cried out: “Why?”
You Huo: “To try and see if I will die.”
Everyone: “???”
This can fucking be tried?

“You’re staying there all by yourself? That won’t do!” Old Yu immediately objected.
Hearing this, an invigilator casually spoke up: “Excuse me, am I not considered a person?”

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