Guess Who I Am
Chapter 26: Rank A

“The starter value………000?” You Huo casually said.
“That’s not it.” said Qin Jiu.

According to the very limited information available, the system at that time wasn’t the way it is right now. At that time, all the invigilators were specially selected. Despite the small number, they were all top elites.
Amongst these invigilators, one was exceptionally young and exceptionally powerful.

“It was something from many years ago now.” Qin Jiu said: “At that time, they used alphabets for the ranks. That person was rank A.”

Perhaps it was because the tea was boiling in the pot causing steam to rise up, when he heard the “rank A” You Huo was distracted for a moment.

Qin Jiu rubbed his thumb against the edge of the cup and raised his eyebrow, “I’ve noticed that you seem to be very interested in this senior of mine?”
You Huo returned to his senses.

He had already tossed the bread aside earlier. He supported his chin with his hand and his expression turned cold again: “It was boring waiting for the tea, so I was just casually asking. Where is that invigilator with the ability to crush you now?”

“You’re wording is not very accurate.” Qin Jiu corrected him: “When he was an invigilator, I was still an examinee. When I later became an invigilator, I didn’t work with him much so it’s hard to say who can crush who.”
You Huo snorted.

“As for where he is now……..” Qin Jiu said: “Dead? I’m not entirely sure. In any case, he was erased by the system.”

You Huo noticed a subtle change in his tone. He looked up and said: “You don’t like him.”
Qin Jiu laughed a little. The corners of his lips then lazily hung down.

Because of the systems mistake, a part of Qin Jiu’s memory was missing. All the people and events from those years were forgotten and this naturally included that invigilator A. For self-review of this malfunction, all relevant data over those years were sealed by the system and no one could access it.
All his knowledge of invigilator A came through word of mouth.

It is said that when he was an examinee, he would always pick fights with A.
It is said that their relationship was still very bad during the time they worked together.
It is said that system’s malfunction at that time only affected the area he and invigilator A governed. At that time, the two of them couldn’t come to an agreement eventually resulting in severe losses on both ends. Qin Jiu took a journey through the gates of hell while invigilator A was erased by the system.
As for all these “it is said’s”, there was no way to tell how much of it was true and how much of it was false.

Regarding the system’s malfunction at that time, Qin Jiu had almost completely forgotten about it. All that was left was a very vague memory of a particular scene.

That place was a site filled with ruins. Surrounding him were metal protective fencing. There were rusty automobiles and machinery scattered around along with broken electric cables……..

He sat on a metal pipe lying on the ground with one leg bent and his arm resting on his knee. The front of his shirt was covered in blood.
He coughed a few times and then chuckled.
There was another person in front of him.

As for what that person looked like and what he wore, he couldn’t remember. Instead, all he could remember was that far into the distance behind that person was a seemingly endless forest.

Considering all those “it is said’s”, that person was probably invigilator A.

That was the only trace of him left in his memories after all these years.
And every time he recalled this scene, his mood would become very bad.

How bad would it become?
It was as if……….he would never be happy again.

But if you called it hatred, it also didn’t seem to be the case.


The smell of boiled tea emanated out from the pot. Although it wasn’t very fragrant, it was still refreshing.

You Huo stared at Qin Jiu for a moment before standing up. He pulled out a mug that looked okay and unashamedly pouring himself a cup.
He took a few sips before finally feeling the congested sensation in his chest from eating the dried bread earlier clear up.

Earlier it was as if something had came over him causing him to chat with the invigilator. Now that he was refreshed, he had returned to his usual state. He placed the mug down and walked into the bedroom.


The bedroom was rather tidy.
There were several blankets stuffed inside the wardrobe. They were specially left there for guests who had come here to meet their unfortunate ends.

You Huo pulled one out with the intention to take a nap but the moment he closed the door and inadvertently caught sight of the sofa in the living room, he stopped in his tracks.

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A minute later, the great master threw another blanket onto the sofa. Because he did it very roughly, it almost hit the invigilator’s face. Qin Jiu who was still holding his tea cup was surprised by this sudden attack from behind. He looked at the blanket with surprise and turned to look at You Huo.

You Huo had the expression “why don’t you invigilators go die?”. He sleepily went back into the bedroom and impolitely slammed the door shut with it a “bang”.


In the middle of the night, the village was tranquil.
The monsters with knifes that they anticipated didn’t appear.

You Huo desperately tried to keep his eyes open and he waited for two hours.. Eventually gave up and fell asleep.

Knock, knock, knock.
That sound initially started from the wall outside but it soon changed into knocking coming from inside the wall.

Knock, knock, knock.
In just a few minutes, the knocking sounded from under the bed. It knocked at the bed board directly reverberating into You Huo’s back.
You Huo didn’t react. He had always been difficult to wake once asleep.

Knock, knock, knock.
You Huo still didn’t move.
With the side of his face pressed down into the pillow and one arm covering his eyes, he slept soundly.

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The knocking persisted for about five minutes, but no one paid it any attention.
The knocking finally stopped. It seemed to be very confused and also a little annoyed.
The bedroom fell into silence for a while. Suddenly, there was the sound of something crawling. Like the sound they heard in the woods last time, it sounded like something crawling across the wooden floor.

That thing crawled from the bedroom to the living room and found another living human in the other room.

Knock, knock, knock.
The knocking sounded again.

Just as the first round of knocking ended, the invigilator sleeping on the sofa moved a little.
With his eyes still closed, his brows furrowed into a frown.

From the direction of the coffee table, a female voice asked eerily: “I’m looking for disobedient guests. Did you sew a doll today?”
Invigilator: “…………”
The exam question must have gone crazy.
It dared to even cut up the invigilator?

Qin Jiu didn’t even open his eyes. He said: “Didn’t sew. What to do?”
The female voice let out a soft sigh. It was as if she truly felt regretful.
The next second, a pale arm rose up and the bone-cleaver in its hand moved to strike.

But just before it fell, it was caught by another hand.
It couldn’t budge an inch.

Qin Jiu sat up with the monster caught in his hand. He was even able to casually reach over and turn on the light with his right hand.

As soon as the light turned on, the monster’s true appearance could finally be seen.

In fact, it couldn’t really be called a monster. It was just an arm.
There was no head, no face and no body. There was nothing else. It was just an arm.

Based on its wound, it was probably cut off. It didn’t look like it was done recently so it probably happened a long time ago.
Considering what happened to Liang Yuanhao last night……….This arm probably belonged to an unfortunate examinee.

Because it didn’t have a body limiting it, the arm was extremely flexible and agile.
Holding onto the bone-cleaver, it twisted and turned whilst in Qin Jiu’s grasp as it tried to cut off the other party’s head.

Qin Jiu was annoyed.
He coldly sneered and pulled out a rope from under the coffee table. After tying the hand up together with the knife, he carried the gift over and moved to knock on a particular sleeping gods door.


You Huo was awakened by feathers tickling him.
He turned his head and sneezed before rubbing his hair and sitting up in annoyance. Only after opening his eyes, he realised there was someone sitting by the bed.

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“How did you get in?” You Huo looked displeased.
Qin Jiu shook his finger. The keys hanging from it clanged against each other, “Using the spare key.”
You Huo was unhappy: “You can’t knock first?”
Qin Jiu: “………..”
You even have the nerve to ask?

“What’s that in your hand?” You Huo’s eyes fell onto his other hand.
There, a pale thing writhed around wildly.

Qin Jiu brought the arm before him and said monotonously: “Surprise, it’s your goodnight gift. Do you like it?”
You Huo: “………..”

“This thing came over to cut your head off but you ignored it, so it went and found me.” Qin Jiu said, “Please use some of your self awareness as an examinee and help deal with it.”

You Huo was overwhelmed with disgust for about five minutes by this seemingly warm act of his.
He said to Qin Jiu: “Give it.”

Qin Jiu thought he would kill it or bury it right then and there but, unexpectedly, this ingenious examinee had instead loosened the rope. With one end in his hand, he placed the other end that was bound to the arm onto the ground.

“What are you doing?”
“Can’t you see? With it writing around like this, it must be trying to go somewhere. I’m walking it back.” You Huo said.
Qin Jiu: “…………”

Twenty minutes later, the group of examinees taking cover inside the woods saw a particular great master in the distance walking a dog……no, an arm. He was heading straight in their direction!

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