HIAHM – CH150 (Extra)

Chapter 150: Hospital Love Story 1

“Dr. Su, you have worked hard. We have an event tonight; would you like to come and take this chance to relax?”

“Yeah, yeah. Look are you doing all those surgeries the past two days. Why don’t you take a break and join us to have some fun?”

Facing the invitations from the two before him, Su Min gracefully agreed: “Okay.”

He had been in this movie “Love Examination” for a day now and had done two major surgeries. If not for the fact that he still retained the characters memory, the patients probably would have died.

The movie this time was a romance movie.

The leading male protagonist was Chen Jinhang, the most popular male doctor in this hospital. He had countless fans and many patients would also ask for him specifically.

The female protagonist Zhao Qingtian was Chen Jinghang’s junior sister. She had just graduated and was assigned to the hospital for internship. She just happened to be assigned to the same department as Chen Jinghang along with a few others.

Along the way, they encountered various conflicts and troubles, and eventually, love sparked from their interactions.

Su Min on the other hand was an attending physician from another department. Many of his patients were ones who were just hospitalised, and it would be a long time until they could be discharged.

Experiencing a romance movie was very simple.

Su Min had no intentions to break up the couple. He had only just wanted to stay in here for a while to play and relax and that was why he agreed to their proposition.

As for the details regarding that event, he never thought to ask.

After dinner in the evening. Su Min was taken to a lounge by several people. When he arrived, he saw that both the male and female protagonists were inside.

Upon seeing him, the eyes of several single female nurses brightened: “Dr. Su is actually participating.”

Chen Jinhang said: “Of course.”

Su Min asked curiously: “What activities were you planning tonight?”

“There has always been a rumour about the hospital. Do you remember it?” Wang Zerui whispered.

As soon as he said that, the lounge went quiet.

Su Min subconsciously recalled the original owner’s memory.

There are many rumours circulating hospitals. Afterall, it was a place where many people have died and there was also a morgue. It had always been everyone favourite place to talk about when discussing ghost stories.

Naturally, this also applied to the hospital he worked at.

He had heard that at night, an underground 18th floor button would appear in the elevator leading to the morgue. As soon as you pressed it, it would take you to the eighteenth floor of hell.

Su Min: “……….”

He felt that this rumour was a little stupid.

But Wang Zerui was very excited, “This is true. It existed even back when I first came to this hospital. Don’t you want to seek out the truth?”

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For this activity, he had even studied up on ghost catching the entire afternoon and had even gone out of his way to watch Lin Zhengying’s movies. Right now, his mind was filled with ideas about catching ghosts.

He couldn’t wait.

Su Min didn’t think that he would experience something like this while watching a romance movie. If he wasn’t completely certain that he was watching “Love Examination”, he would have suspected that he was in a horror movie.

He turned to Chen Jinhang and Zhao Qingtian, “Are you sure you’re participating?”

Both nodded.

Su Min felt helpless: “Alright then. Let’s go.”

After this, he would go back and sleep.

At midnight, a group of them were dispatched.

Wang Zerui led the way. Holding two flashlights, he said: “Comrades, it’s time to go to hell.”

Su Min: “……….”

Chen Jinhang snapped: “What nonsense are you saying?”

Zhao Qingtian who had always been against him for once stood on the same side as Chen Jinhang: “Dr. Wang, shouldn’t you be saying better things in a situation like this?”

At midnight, there was no one in the hospital courtyard.

They had specially swapped their shifts for this so they naturally couldn’t run around the hospital unrestricted. They also knew their limits and didn’t plan on touching anything. They only had the intentions to check the elevator to see if there was an underground eighteenth floor.

They would go back after checking.

The hallway was only illuminated by pale incandescent light. As they approached the building with the morgue, the light dimmed.

Looking out the window, it was completely dark outside.

Su Min walked at the back of the group. He could hear the slight footsteps coming from the others and felt more and more certain that the male and female protagonists were too idle and had nothing to do.

After descending the stairs, they reached a corridor.

That corridor led directly to the legendary elevator at the end.

Wang Zerui became nervous, “Is everyone nervous?”

Hearing him say this, Chen Jinhang laughed out loud: “Didn’t you say that you’re Wang Courageous? Why is your voice trembling?”

Wang Zerui said: “I’m not. Dr. Chen, don’t slander me.”

In order to defend his words, he walked ahead. His footsteps were regular. Accompanied by soft echoes, it made the atmosphere a little strange.

After walking a few metres, he turned his head and saw that the rest were still standing at the stairs not moving and was scared to death.

“Why aren’t you guys coming?”

Su Min spoke up: “Coming.”

They walked over and passed by the dark corridor. This corridor was located on the first floor and the morgue on the other hand was located on the floor below that. Afterall, they couldn’t put something like that up there.

When everyone reached the elevator, they were at their most excited state.

Wang Zerui said: “Comrades, I’ll press the button now. Do you have anything you want to say?”

A nurse whispered: “Can I not go in?”

Wang Zerui said: “Of course not.”

In fact, they were not going to go down. They were just planning on going in to see if the button for the underground eighteenth floor existed.

He reached out and pressed the button.

“I have always felt that the rumour sounded too fake. The underground eighteenth floor is so far down.” Zhai Qingtian couldn’t help but say. “This hospital would have collapsed if that was the case.”

She also had ever heard of a building with an underground eighteenth floor.

Chen Jinhang turned around and asked: “Dr. Su, are you afraid?”

Su Min returned to his senses, “Me? I’m not afraid.”

He had even experienced horror movies. This was also only a minor plot in this romance movie to help ignite the feelings between the two protagonists.

Based on his guesses, the next part of this story would involve the female protagonist getting scared and then subsequently getting comforted by the male protagonist. Like this, their relationship would improve. TV dramas were always like this.

Just as everyone was thinking different things, the elevator arrived.

It dinged when it reached their floor.

It was a sound they were familiar with but for some reason they found it a little eerie sounding.

It even felt a little stifling.

Everyone stared at the elevator. The next moment, the door opened.

The elevator was empty. There was a faint smell of disinfectants. It was something they were all familiar with. The silver interior of the elevator reflected their figures.

The timid nurse began to tremble. She whispered: “Let’s not go in. What if you go in and something…..”

She didn’t dare finish her words.

Wang Zerui took out a talisman and said firmly: “I bought this from a shrine. It’ll be fine.”

They followed him in one by one.

On the side of the elevator, the buttons only went down to underground first floor.

Zhao Qingtian breathed a sigh of relief: “It was all fake. It’s just like the rumours about the thirteeth step at school. It’s all a lie.”

“Scared me to death. Fortunately it was fake.”

“Now we can go back to sleep. What eighteenth floor? Which bastard made up something like this?”

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They muttered this as they exited from the elevator one by one.

Chen Jinhang didn’t forget to bicker with Zhao Qingtian. In an instant, the strange atmosphere was gone and they happily argued back and forth.

Su Min was the last to leave.

Just as he was about to step out, the elevator door suddenly closed.

The sound echoed through the corridor, startling the people outside who were still chatting. They quickly turned to look at the elevator.

“Dr. Su hasn’t come out yet?”

“It was probably time for the elevator door to close.”

“Hurry and press the button.”

They said this and pressed the button to open the door.

This was a common occurrence for elevators. It would automatically close after a fixed amount of time, so they didn’t think much of it.

But the elevator door didn’t open.

Wang Zerui’s hand holding onto the talisman began to tremble. He stared at the number above the elevator fearing that the number -18 would appear.

The elevator seemed to have stopped working as soon as the door was closed.

Su Min quickly stepped back and almost wanted the swear. Fortunately, his good manners allowed him to restrain the curses.

He called out: “Chen Su?”

No one other than Chen Su would appear at a time like this.

Su Min didn’t understand why Chen Su would be in a romance movie. He clearly should just be a ghost in a horror movie. Romance movies should be free from things like this.

As soon as his words fell, he found himself in a cold embrace.

Unable to break free, Su Min simply asked: “What crazy antics are you up to in the middle of the night? I still need to go back to sleep.”

Chen Su said: “Ghosts would only come out in the middle of the night.”

Su Min: “………..”

Chen Su was amused by his look of wanting to scold him but being unable to. He kissed his earlobe, “I miss you.”

Su Min: “Hah.”

It hadn’t been long since he was last in a horror movie. Chen Su was doing that intentionally.

Chen Su released his hold of his ear, “You came to me yourself.”

Su Min asked: “So you won’t show up if I didn’t enter?”

Chen Su thought for a moment, “I would still show up.”

Su Min: “………”

The space inside the elevator wasn’t small. Because it was an elevator leading down to the morgue, it needed to be large enough to fit a bed. Elevators in hospitals were all like that.

Chen Su pushed him up against the elevator wall.

Su Min subconsciously recalled the memories from the previous horror movies. Chen Su this ghost had no principles at all.

Chen Su said hoarsely: “Don’t stare at me.”

He reached out and covered Su Min’s eyes. He then sealed his lips with a kiss. Cold breath entered his mouth making Su Min a little startled.


When the elevator door once again opened, there were sobbing sounds coming from outside.

Su Min was startled. He almost though that it was the crying you heard in horror movies, but he later found the source. Two nurses and the female protagonist were standing in the corner wiping their tears.

Wang Zerui was on the phone: “…..The talisman doesn’t work! You liar! Trust me, I’ll be reporting you to the Consumer’s Association!”

The person on the phone said: “It’s useless even if you report it.”

Wang Zerui: “……..”

The petite nurse cried: “Wuwuwu. Don’t tell me Dr. Su was taken down to the underground eighteenth floor? He’s still so young and he doesn’t have a girlfriend. I still haven’t managed to pursue him.”

Chen Jinhang was awkwardly comforting the female protagonist Zhao Qingtian.

Hearing their nonsense, Su Min coughed to get their attention.

They instantly stopped what they were doing and looked over. Seeing him standing there unharmed, they were a little afraid to approach.

After almost half a day, Chen Jinhang said: “Su Min? Is it you?”

Su Min said: “If it’s not me, who else could I be?”

The nurse’s sobbing stopped.

Wang Zerui breathed a sigh of relief: “I was about to call the police. I thought you were taken down and was scared to death. Why didn’t you come out earlier?”

Su Min said: “Don’t know.”

“The elevator must be broken.” Wang Zerui muttered: “I’ll get the director to repair it tomorrow. Rubbish elevator.”

Zhao Qingtian looked up from Chen Jinhang’s arms. Her eyes were red.

She spoke anxiously: “Su Min, were there lots of mosquitoes in the elevator? Hurry and put some ointment on it.”

Su Min was confused: “Why?”

Wang Zerui moved closer and took a look: “Your lips are a little swollen. Is there a beehive in there? Do bees now build their nests in elevators? Aren’t they worried about suffocating to death?”

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