Misplacement Game – CH76

Arc 3: Humanoid Village
Chapter 76

After Xu Ziyue repeatedly expressed that he wasn’t dissatisfied with Jin’er, Xu Ziyue could only thicken his skin and allow Jin’er to accompany him and the doll to his new place.

However, the place the doll led Xu Ziyue to was the Humanoid Museum.

To be precise, it wasn’t the museum, but under the museum. There was a full equipped basement that had all the basic necessities a human would need.

Behind a wall of dolls on the first floor was a long passage that went down to the basement.

Fortunately, there were bright candle lights on both sides of the long passage and Jin’er was with him, so he wasn’t scared.

Since the candle could burn continuously, it seemed that the ventilation here should be okay. From the length of those candles, it should be rather new…..Did someone replace them recently?

After going down a set of stairs, Xu Ziyue and Jin’er walked through a flat passage before reaching the end of the basement. From beginning to end, there were no forks in the road so didn’t that mean that if anything were to happen, there was no way to escape?

Xu Ziyue quickly stored away that dangerous thought and pushed open the door before him.

—— It can’t be opened?

Jin’er only now spoke up. She said, “I might not necessarily have the time to bring you food, but I will remember to leave you some in the kitchen. If I don’t bring it over, you will need to go get it from the kitchen yourself.”

Xu Ziyue nodded. In fact, he hadn’t thought about the issue of food but looks like that matter was sorted. Jin’er’s words just now about ‘not having time’ made him a little concerned…..

Jin’er looked at the young man who had yet fully matured before her and smiled, “Because doll making is a very delicate job.”

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One could see from just that smile that she truly loved doing it but it was also rather terrifying when you associate her words with the things that had happened here.

“If possible, I want to make a doll of you. Would you agree?” Jin’er raised her hand and wanted to gently touch Xu Ziyue’s cheek but suddenly stopped when she was about a finger away from him.

She withdrew her hand regretfully and her wrist suddenly hung limply from her arm. The other hand that was still intact placed the candle down to one side and supported the broken wrist as she waited quietly for Xu Ziyue’s answer.

“Your hand…..” Suddenly seeing a hand breaking off in front of him sent him in a panic. But with the owner of the ‘broken hand’ not expressing any concern, he felt a little stupid himself.

“It’s okay. I can just go back and change it.” Jin’er smiled casually and then fiddled with it. She directly tore her hand off her arm.

Xu Ziyue: “………⊙﹏⊙!”

Jin’er asked, “What’s your answer?”

Xu Ziyue hugged the doll tightly, “….I want to be human.”

“Haa………” Jin’er bent down to pick up her candle and then turned to walk away without another word.

Xu Ziyue waited for Jin’er’s figure to disappear completely in the distance before shuddering violently.

“But this door……” Xu Ziyue looked back at the door he couldn’t push open and then tried it again.

This time he easily managed to push it open.

Xu Ziyue went in and roughly looked around. The entire space wasn’t big and was even on the more crowded side. The room was filled with things related to dolls and there was even a workbench similar to the one in Jin’er’s studio. That workbench occupied the majority of the room and the other half was occupied by a bed.

Xu Ziyue thought for a moment and didn’t move to examine the room. Instead, he placed the doll and his coffin on the bed and then squatted down beside the bed. He used his finger to poke the doll’s forehead and asked, “You didn’t let the door open earlier because you didn’t want her to come in? Hmm?”

The doll slowly changed from his standing posture into a kneeling position and lowered his head to the point that his face was almost about to sink into his chest. He gave a very small nod.

Xu Ziyue felt as if he could see blood red numbers appear repeatedly above his head 【-999】 【-999】 【-999】…..Until his bar was completely empty.

Xu Ziyue spread open his hands and covered his face. He muttered to himself with a sigh, “You can easily K.O. me……”

The doll raised his eyes and quietly watched Xu Ziyue. Seeing that Xu Ziyue had no intention to continue blaming him, he looked at Xu Ziyue confused, as if he didn’t understand what he said.

After Xu Ziyue calmed his constantly changing mood, he asked the doll whether he could touch the things in this room and received a positive response.

Xu Ziyue saw that there were some tools on the workbench. They’re probably tools used for making dolls. There were also sewing materials such as needles and threads. From the looks of it, the person who lived here was likely a doll maker.

Xu Ziyue boldly made a guess, “Is this your creator’s room?”

The expression of the doll was a little conflicted, but he eventually nodded.

Xu Ziyue picked up a carving knife and examined it, “Then where is he?”

The doll looked at Xu Ziyue and did his upmost best to use his cuteness to get out of this situation.

“Hmm…..Can’t answer? Don’t want to answer? Or you don’t know?” Xu Ziyue looked at the pattern on the carving knife under the candlelight……It looks a little familiar?

Xu Ziyue blinked a few times and remembered something.

He placed the carving knife back down and then went over to pick up the doll who was still quietly kneeling on the bed.

“Forget it, let’s sleep. It’s already very late.”

Xu Ziyue laid down with the doll in his arms and then pulled the blanket over to cover him.

The doll obediently curled up in Xu Ziyue’s arms. He then opened his eyes wide, staring at Xu Ziyue’s chest. It was only after Xu Ziyue noticed this and patted the doll’s head a few times that he finally closed his eyes.

Under the dim candlelight, a soft soothing voice spoke, “Sleep.”


The next day, Xu Ziyue who wasn’t disturbed by anyone didn’t know what time it was when he woke up.

But his grumbling stomach told him that he must have slept for quite a while.

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Xu Ziyue checked the room again but was unable to find anything useful.

He then left the basement together with the doll in his arms and saw the dull sky outside.

The sky here was almost always either daytime or night-time. No sun could be seen and there was no clock in the hotel, so Xu Ziyue had no idea what the time was.

When he left the museum, Xu Ziyue looked back at the other dolls. They were looking at him, but they also seemed as if they weren’t looking at him.

Xu Ziyue shuddered. He pushed the door of the museum open and walked out.

Xu Ziyue actually didn’t want to go back to the hotel, but food could only be found there, and he also didn’t expect to see that Lu Xiuyang had already become a doll.

In order to avoid Yan Shi and the others, Xu Ziyue sneaked back to the hotel. Although he felt that he wasn’t in the wrong, from Yan Shi and their perspective, he was in the wrong no matter what he did.

He had originally planned to avoid them the moment he heard Lu Xiuyang’s voice but Lu Xiuyang’s voice today was quite strange. Xu Ziyue couldn’t help but stick in half his head past the doorway to look.


Lu Xiuyang kept making meaningless cries. He was currently using one arm to cover his other arm….His arm looked like it was being squeezed by something sharp. There was a couple of loud cracks.



Lu Xiuyang’s voice suddenly stopped. His arm that was being squeezed also snapped off and fell to the ground. The strange thing however was that there wasn’t any blood even after the fact that an arm had been cut off. The floor was completely clean…..And the cut off end of the severed limb just happen to fall to the ground such that the severed part faced Xu Ziyue.

Xu Ziyue’s eyes aren’t that good but they also aren’t too bad.

He could clearly see the object inside that was wrapped by a layer of clothing outside. The centre was filled with bloodless flesh and the exterior looked like the plastic exterior of a doll.

It looked just like the corpse Xu Ziyue saw last time.

Yan Shi and the others had no time to pay attention to their surroundings, so they didn’t notice Xu Ziyue. He quietly crouched in the shadows and quickly retreated behind a wall.

Li Xiuyang’s body collapsed to the ground. Soon following that was the sound of Jin’er’s footsteps approaching Yan Shi and the others.

Xu Ziyue heard Jin’er’s voice.

“This is the doll you threw away and it is also your companion. I helped you get it back.”

And then he heard a voice that resembled Li Xiuyang’s voice.

But this time the one who made that voice was the doll resembling Lu Xiuyang that Jin’er had just returned.


“Are you hungry?”

With both hands on her knees and her body slightly bent, Jin’er looked down at Xu Ziyue who was squatting by the door.

Xu Ziyue was startled. He slowly looked up.

Jin’er watched Xu Ziyue look around the hotel carefully and said, “The two of them went upstairs just now.” Jin’er smiled, “Their companion was thrown away by them, but I have helped deliver them back to their room again.”

Xu Ziyue: “…..” He can already imagine Yan Shi and Hu Beijia’s expressions.

Jin’er looked at Xu Ziyue questioningly, “Why aren’t you speaking?”

Xu Ziyue felt that it was probably not good keeping silent. He also needed some distractions to help himself recover from the shock earlier.

So, he decided to ask a question, “The letter earlier said “You will kill yourself”. What does it mean? Whatever is done to the doll will be inflicted onto you?”

“That’s because they didn’t cherish the dolls.” Jin’er straightened up, “But you won’t do that.”

“Oh….” It’s all because the doll looks so good.

Jin’er saw that Xu Ziyue was still squatting there with no intention to move, “Why are you still squatting there? Not going to eat?”

Xu Ziyue struggled to form a smile, “My…legs are numb…..”

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KK has something to say:
Since they’re not necessarily dead and are just in a doll’s body can they still clear the game?? 🤔


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