Misplacement Game – CH113

Arc 5: The Seventh Sanatorium
Chapter 113

Xu Ziyue was pushed back to ward 703.

When he arrived at the ward, the nurse even diligently moved Xu Ziyue onto his bed.

Judging from the thickness of their arms, they clearly didn’t look like they had so much strength!

Once Xu Ziyue was settled in bed, the two nurses removed the oxygen mask and the needle on the back of his hand.

Xu Ziyue squinted his eyes and then slowly opened it.

The bed on his left was naturally empty.

And Zhuo Ran should be on the right…..

He had been pushed out like he needed emergency treatment early in the morning and when Xu Ziyue returned from his treatment, he had already returned.

But he was lying flat on the bed and the curtain between them was pulled so Xu Ziyue could tell whether he was asleep or awake.

Xu Ziyue laid on the bed recalling his interaction with Shen Ci. The more he thought about it, the more he couldn’t make sense of it.

In the end, he could only attribute it to Shen Ci’s data having a problem.

As for the rest, he will dig it out later!

He will be an excavator!

After lying there for a while, Xu Ziyue felt a little hungry, but it didn’t seem like a good idea to walk out just after being pushed into the room. It was better to be safe than sorry. If anyone who happens to remember his appearance when he came in saw him again…..

It was better to keep it low-key.

Xu Ziyue decided to sleep to help him endure his hunger.

And because he didn’t sleep at all the night before and only slept a little in the morning, Xu Ziyue very quickly fell asleep.

It wasn’t until about 4:30 in the afternoon that Xu Ziyue finally groggily woke up.

Xu Ziyue got up, washed his face and then looked over at Zhuo Ran’s bed. Zhuo Ran’s mouth was wide open while his eyes were closed shut. He was still deep asleep.

But he seems to be better now?

Seeing that he was still asleep, Xu Ziyue didn’t wake him. He went by himself to the cafeteria to eat.

Because there were a lot of people in line, it was about half past five when Xu Ziyue was done with his only meal of the day. It was almost six o’clock.

When Xu Ziyue returned, he saw many players standing outside with no intention to return to their wards.

If they wanted to escape, was the gate the only way?

Xu Ziyue thought about a problem that he really didn’t need to think about.

After returning to his ward, Zhuo Ran was already awake. He had taken off his oxygen mask and was stretching his body.

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Zhuo Ran’s eyes brightened when he saw Xu Ziyue retuning, “I thought you were cured and was going to leave.”

Xu Ziyue shook his head and sat back on his bed, “How is that possible? My illness seems to be pretty troublesome.”

Zhuo Ran smiled relaxedly, “How troublesome can it be? I thought mine was very troublesome but look, I’m much better than before now. Even if I’m scared or exercise vigorously, I won’t become like how I was before. You should know that my heart could stop at any time but now it won’t. Although there are many bad aspects of this world, I’ve now finally discovered its good side.”

Xu Ziyue smiled in return, “I didn’t expect you to accept it so well. You didn’t feel anything during the treatment?”

Zhuo Ran’s reaction was completely different from what Xu Ziyue had seen from the others.

Zhuo Ran laughed with some embarrassment, “I was almost unconscious when I was pushed out this morning, so I didn’t feel much. When I was pushed out, it still felt painful but that feeling soon faded away. By the time I woke up, all the pain was almost gone.”

Xu Ziyue didn’t know what to say. He only felt that Zhuo Ran’s luck was really good, and his mentality wasn’t bad either.

Xu Ziyue asked, “Then are you completely cured now?”

“Not yet. The nurse later came and said that treatment will continue the day after tomorrow, Although I am fine at the moment, I wouldn’t be completely cured after just one treatment.”

Xu Ziyue propped his chin on the palm of his hand and he looked out the door, “The nurse didn’t tell me when my next treatment will be.”

Zhuo Ran said, “Maybe they’ll tell you tomorrow. Don’t be hasty. Or did you want to go ask?”

Xu Ziyue looked at the clock which now displayed 5:55, “Forget it. Safety first.”

He got up from his bed and walked over to open the window which had left him with a psychological shadow.

There were still some people in the garden outside, but there weren’t many.

Zhuo Ran walked over to Xu Ziyue’s side and similarly looked out.

Zhuo Ran exclaimed, “Wow……Aren’t those people going back to their wards?”

“They have their own ideas.” Xu Ziyue watched the scattered players slowly begin to gather together.

At night, the players seemed to no longer be afraid of associating with one another. Was it because the players who don’t return to their wards are those who no longer need treatment?

Xu Ziyue didn’t know the reason but he wanted to see how they can escape.

Zhuo Ran glanced repeatedly at the clock in the room and the players outside. He seemed more nervous than the players outside.

Yesterday’s Zhuo Ran laid in bed. Even if you asked him to look, he didn’t dare because he was afraid of being stimulated into having a heart attack. Today was different.

He could feel the organ in his chest beat loudly, as if it was encouraging him to live more bravely.

The hands on the clock reached its destination.

It was six o’clock.

All the sounds inside and outside the sanatorium vanished in an instant.

Then soon following that was the sound of the metal gates closing one after another.

The door to the ward opened wide and white sticky substance held it against the wall.

Xu Ziyue turned his head and looked out the window. The sky that was still bright earlier had turned completely dark. If they didn’t look at the clock just now, they would have thought that it was late at night or early morning.

The figures in the garden outside were also covered by a thick layer of fog.

No sound could be heard outside, nor could anyone be seen.

There was only Zhuo Ran in his ward.

Xu Ziyue turned to look at Zhuo Ran who was rubbing his arms uncomfortably. He seemed to be a little cold and couldn’t help but feel a chill run through him when he looked at the scene outside the window.

Xu Ziyue looked at the sticky slime behind the door and felt a little disgusted. There however didn’t seem to be any new changes on the windows end.

Just as Xu Ziyue felt that they could go to sleep, there was suddenly sounds coming from outside.

It was the sound of glass being smashed.

Xu Ziyue and Zhuo Ran simultaneously looked out towards the source of the sound.

It was from the gates outside.

The ward Xu Ziyue stayed in was on the left-hand side of the building. Every floor of this inpatient building was of the same layout with the elevator and front desk located at the centre and six separate rooms on either side of the elevator. In total, each floor have twelve rooms.

The inpatient building and the treatment building are placed into a ‘7’ shape. Their window just happened to be on the inner part of the ‘7’ while the main entrances of both these buildings are also on the inner part.

And so, when they looked out from the window upstairs, they could see clearly the two roads outside the inpatient area and the treatment area.

After hearing that sound, Xu Ziyue saw several patients run out from the inpatient building.

Behind them was a deformed monster that vaguely resembled a human.

Xu Ziyue and Zhuo Ran both held their breaths.

Those players ran into the fog and soon Xu Ziyue and Zhuo Ran could no longer see them.

But soon afterwards, that monster that appeared three or four times the size of a normal human dragged something back to the inpatient area.

The thing being dragged looked like a person, but it also didn’t look like one…. Afterall, only a part of the body was left.

There were such monsters in the place they resided.

And not only was it a kind of species they had never seen before, even the nurses…..Xu Ziyue looked at Zhuo Ran and felt apprehensive about the future of the players.

Looking down from the seventh floor, that monster’s body already looked very big. He didn’t dare imagine what it was like seeing it front on.

The fog was thick at night. Xu Ziyue and Zhuo Ran couldn’t see anything.

Or perhaps those things had already happened but because of the fog, they couldn’t see or hear it.

Xu Ziyue and Zhuo Ran returned to their beds without much discussion.

Compared to Xu Ziyue, Zhuo Ran certainly felt more pressure.

The consequences of trying to escape was horrific.

But if he didn’t escape….

Xu Ziyue fell asleep under the faint green light from the pitch-black corridor outside. He was woken up early in the morning by Xiao Ran and Nurse Jin who had a very unpleasant expression.

Zhuo Ran watched with amusement at the ‘love and hate’ between Xu Ziyue, the female player and the female NPC.

Head Nurse Jin walked over to Xu Ziyue’s bed and said in an official tone: “The treatment will continue tomorrow. During this time, your doctor said that your medication can be temporarily waived but it will be made up for during treatment later.”

Xu Ziyue nodded in response as he recalled his conversation with Shen Ci to express that he understood.

Head Nurse Jin then glanced at Xu Ziyue again and, seeing that he didn’t have any intention to say anything, she sulkily left with footsteps that was louder than usual.

Zhuo Ran clapped his hands in admiration, “You’re amazing. You can even capture someone like that? You should be careful, this world is a little strange…..Be careful not to sink your ship.”

Xiao Ran glared at Zhuo Ran and then knocked on Xu Ziyue’s bedside table, “Don’t talk nonsense. Hurry and get up and let’s go eat. We need to talk.”

Zhuo Ran looked at the weak and amiable looking but rough speaking Xiao Ran and shook his head, “I can’t do it. Good luck.”

Xu Ziyue quickly washed up and went to have breakfast with Xiao Ran.

Zhuo Ran thought that they probably had a special relationship, so he didn’t have any intention to tag along.

But the relationship between Xiao Ran and Xu Ziyue….It really isn’t an ordinary relationship. Afterall, it is quite complicated.

They each got served their breakfast and they found a place to sit and eat.

As soon as he sat down, Xiao Ran said sincerely, “I asked the player on my floor who is mentally ill. His treatment process mainly involves electric shocks and medication but the feeling after taking his medication is terrible. He said there isn’t much worth in analysing the differences between the different illnesses, so he didn’t tell me much about it.” After seeing such a scene yesterday, she had already placed Xu Ziyue on a pedestal in her mind and now regard him as one of those enchantresses.

But this enchantress was male.

Xu Ziyue asked, “It probably wasn’t easy getting information from the others?”

“Of course. But information was exchanged. He tells me something and I tell him something. In any case, neither of us will lose out.”

Xu Ziyue expressed his thanks, “Thank you.”

“What is there to thank?” Xiao Ran looked around to make sure no one could heir their conversation and then leaned forward to ask Xu Ziyue quietly, “But seeing your appearance yesterday…..You didn’t receive treatment?”

Xu Ziyue thought about it. Since Xiao Ran had already seen it, there really was no reason to hide the truth. And if he can let her clear the game, Xiao Ran had no reason to hurt him.

And so, Xu Ziyue nodded frankly, “Something like that.”

Xiao Ran shook her fist with excitement.

“If I have money, I would’ve gone and bought several bottles of wine to drink and celebrate! You’re amazing!” Xiao Ran reached out to pat Xu Ziyue’s shoulder but she quickly retracted it back.

Xu Ziyue looked at her with confusion, “What’s the matter?”

“No, no. If I pat you, what if that person suddenly appears, gets jealous and no longer wants to help me? I have to hold back. Although my relationship with you is good, I want to keep my distance.” Xiao Ran said righteously as if it really was the case.

Xu Ziyue laughed, “How can that be.”

Xiao Ran shook her head, “Well——-You just don’t know. Guess what I said to that person on the cruise ship for him to let us clear the game?”

Xu Ziyue didn’t know about this, “What did you say?”

“I said ‘your lover’ and the lover naturally refers to you. He was pleased by it and decided to let us go.”

Xu Ziyue’s expression froze. He didn’t know what expression he should make.

He just felt a little sad, and a little……..

“But what was going on with that nurse? You hooked up both?”

Xiao Ran’s question interrupted Xu Ziyue’s thoughts.

Xu Ziyue looked up and smiled with some embarrassment. He then warned Xiao Ran, “As for her…..I think that if you have to provoke someone, it’s best that you don’t provoke her.”

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