Misplacement Game – CH114

Arc 5: The Seventh Sanatorium
Chapter 114

They say that king of hell is easy to meet but the little ghosts are the ones that are truly troublesome. Although Xu Ziyue has not had the chance to feel this, his experiences back at the Humanoid Village and the cruise ship clearly told him: If the boss is the driving force behind it, then the others are the executers.

And most of the time, the boss wouldn’t show up. Those that interact with the players are usually those like Jin’er…..but because they interact with them so often, they would usually overlook them.

Afterall, those that can let the plot progress and allow the players to escape the game are all at Jin’er’s level.

The boss level belonged to the group that watched the events unfold from far above.

“Is she very bad?” After asking this, Xiao Ran patted her face, “What nonsense am I talking about? If you’re saying that, then she definitely must be something terrible. But just from earlier, she seems to be…….different towards you. Be careful not to sink your ship.”

Xu Ziyue thought of the scene between Jin’er and the doll and then overlapped it with Shen Ci and Nurse Jin. He waved his hand helplessly, “I won’t, I won’t.” On one hand, he didn’t want to stand on two boats at the same time, and on the other hand……. Do you think it’s easy to stand on two boats? (KKnotes: Basically means two-timing)

One was a cruise ship while the other was a sailboat…..Even if he puts his head on the cruise ship, his feet won’t reach the sailboat.

Xiao Ran assessed Xu Ziyue and said with a complicated look, “I don’t know what to say. I’m feeling a little complicated, but I still admire you. Because you can take me out of here, I don’t even dare be jealous….”

Xu Ziyue rubbed his nose, “Just eat, just eat.”

But halfway through their breakfast, Xiao Ran still couldn’t calm down.

“Ah, but that person who you hooked up with…….he should be a doctor?” She scratched her head, trying to recall her memory from that time, “I couldn’t see his appearance from my angle but I saw his legs…..Tsk, those long and straight ones…..It’s not inferior to those people I gathered back on the cruise ship.”

Please read this from kk translates

Xu ZIyue tried to recall them but they didn’t leave him with much of an impression.

Xu Ziyue was suspicious, “They were in good shape?”

“You don’t remember?” Xiao Ran shook her head helplessly, “They’re people I gathered after I noticed you. Each and every one of them had a figure better than the other! Muscles! They’re all muscles, do you understand?!” Xiao Ran raised her arm to try and squeeze out some biceps. She tried several times but it was unsuccessful so she could only lower her arm back down.

However her mouth continued to instil Xu Ziyue with the beauty of ‘muscles’, “Those muscles, as long as it is slightly stained with sweat or water droplets…….It’s shiny and glossy! How beautiful!”

Xu Ziyue felt that this form of description could be used another way, so he said, “Why does it sound like ‘stained with seasoning, shiny and glossy, how delicious’?” Isn’t that a description for food?

“……..” Xiao Ran looked at Xu Ziyue blankly.

“Cough, I was joking. Please continue.”

Xiao Ran’s enthusiasm was completely gone in an instant. She adjusted her position and then said, “That’s not right. Don’t you like this type? And I heard that there are more 0’s than 1’s. Those four figures are really good but when I asked, they were all straight men. But straight men……can always be bent went faced with the possibility of clearing the game. I even got them mentally prepared and told them that if you didn’t want men and wanted a woman instead, I would step up. But this….Didn’t you say that you’re only interested in men? Why didn’t you pay attention to their figures?” (KKnotes: 0 and 1, another way of saying shou and gong.)

“I’ve realised that you…..are really amazing.”

Xiao Ran stared at Xu Ziyue, “Is that the main point?”

Xu Ziyue then smiled at Xiao Ran and gave her his answer, “You’re barking up the wrong tree. I don’t look at their bodies when I look for someone —– It’s not that I don’t look it at all because even if they’re handsome, if their body is a baby’s body then I won’t be able to accept it.”

“Huh…..” Xiao Ran rubbed her arms, “Isn’t that kind of creepy?”

Xu Ziyue felt that there wasn’t anything wrong with what he had said, “I mainly look at the face. If everything is good, then that’s even better but the face is most important!”

Please read this from kk translates

Xiao Ran took in Xu Ziyue’s appearance, “I couldn’t tell. Despite being so young, you’re already so deeply in the face-con pit. You don’t even look at their character?”

Xu Ziyue shrugged and asked back, “If you like a painting, would you care if there is mould on the back?”

Xiao Ran was speechless. She then nodded, “Sure enough, you’re amazing.” In various senses.

But people and paintings are fundamentally different things. What’s more, the good-looking people here aren’t actually real people. Everything about them comes from a pre-established ‘setting’ which decides what they’re like now and in the future.

And for a real person, they wouldn’t just blindly follow a certain order. Even if they did, they would have various other ideas in their mind.

Xu Ziyue thought this at first.

But now, his opinion has changed a little.

He even felt a little eager to give it a try, to try and change this unchanging ‘setting’.

Whilst in the Humanoid Village, he saw a possibility from the doll and in the escape room and he confirmed the result of those changes in Gu Ze. Now here at the sanatorium, he saw some more things that he felt may have also changed as a result.

Compared to constantly capturing targets over and over again, venturing down a path with an unknown ending seemed far more exciting and interesting.

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