Misplacement Game – CH115

Arc 5: The Seventh Sanatorium
Chapter 115

But there was no need for him to express his true thoughts.

After having breakfast, Xu Ziyue went wandering around with Xiao Ran again.

In fact, everyone in this sanatorium didn’t have much to do. There wasn’t anything else apart from waiting for the treatment and receiving treatment. Waiting for the treatment was practically torture to the players, but it was also a breakthrough. As long as their illness is cured, they wouldn’t hesitate to find a way to escape.

“Why does it have to be at night to escape?” Xu Ziyue asked as soon as this question appeared in his mind.

“Hm?” Xiao Ran looked at Xu Ziyue suspiciously, “Isn’t it because the game says that the barrier at the gates will only disappear at night?”

Xu Ziyue was taken aback, He inwardly cursed himself out.

This kind of thing should already be known by all the players.

Fortunately, he was able to salvage the situation in time.

“I’m not talking about that. I was thinking…..why can it only be at night? Could it be possible to work during the day too?”

Xiao Ran followed Xu Ziyue’s train of thoughts and fell into thought. She instantly forgot about the suspicion from earlier, “What you said seems to make sense. This is my first time seeing someone like you who would would think against the game ‘rules’…..But some have tried it during the day, including me. I tried to approach the gates during the day but there was a barrier preventing me from getting out. It’ll only be a possibility if there are other exits besides the main gate.”

Xu Ziyue nodded and then suddenly froze.

Xiao Ran and Xu Ziyue slowly looked at each other and shouted in unison, “Underground!”

The place underground was a place they hadn’t been able to access and many players who had been sent underground were never seen again……It was possible that they were able to leave the game from there.

Of course, that was if they thought optimistically. If they thought pessimistically…..they probably all died underground.

But they hadn’t seen anything being transported in and out of this place during the day so they could only conclude that there was some form of unknown passages underground.

Just the thought of this was incredible.

But they had no way of proving this and there probably weren’t many who would be willing to test out this theory.

Afterall, once they’re underground, the outcome may not be good.

So even if there was the thought of it, it wouldn’t be attempted. Moreover, Xu Ziyue himself didn’t need to escape.

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But Xu Ziyue was able to learn from Xiao Ran’s words that the barrier at the gate should disappear at night.

In the afternoon, a player with both his legs severed was brought to the remaining empty bed in Xu Ziyue’s ward.

Immediately after being brought over, a nurse came over to plug him into various machines and dress his wounds.

The player had already passed out from the plain and was completely unconscious, but his muscles still twitched from time to time.

“His legs were directly cut off by a lowering gate.” Head Nurse Jin stood on the side and considerately explained to Xu Ziyue.

Behind Xu Ziyue was Zhuo Ran who wanted to see but didn’t dare come any closer.

Zhuo Ran didn’t dare approach Xu Ziyue, especially because the head nurse was around. To him, all NPC’s are dangerous. He admired Xu Ziyue very much because Xu Ziyue seemed to be able to get along with an NPC like Nurse Jin so easily, but it was also because of this that Zhuo Ran felt the need to maintain a distance so as not to drag himself in.

“He is currently still alive. Can’t he be treated more quickly?” Although the phrase ‘die from pain’ is often used, it was rare for it to actually happen. It however didn’t mean that it was impossible.

Just by looking at the player, Xu Ziyue could tell that he was in a lot of pain.

Head Nurse Jin explained, “The anaesthetic hasn’t taken effect yet but it will soon. As for treatment….medical resources are scarce. There are more urgent patients lined up ahead of him so he can only be treated tomorrow.”

It should be okay if there are anaesthetics……But to have both his legs crushed or more specifically, cut off, he didn’t know if it was something that had happened in real life or in a game world.

Afterall, both Zhuo Ran and Xiao Ran had told him that the illnesses were inherent.

Nurse Jin suddenly asked, “By the way, that girl this morning……..are you two close?”

Xu Ziyue didn’t expect her to ask this.

But for the sake of everyone’s safety, Xu Ziyue felt that he should answer this question carefully.

“Oh her…..just a normal relationship. She needed my help for something.”

“Oh…..is that so.” Nurse Jin stared into the distance and nodded thoughtfully. Xu Ziyue couldn’t help but feel the hair on his back stand up.

After sorting the new player in 702 out, Nurse Jin and the other nurses left.

Even when it was six o’clock and the entire place fell silent, the new patient didn’t wake up.

Another night passed.

It was the fifth day at the sanatorium.

Xu Ziyue was sent for treatment again but with experience from last time under his belt, Xu Ziyue asked the nurse to let him lie on the bed and be pushed over to the treatment area.

In any case, the nurse agreed. He was then pushed over……

“Sister Nurse, can you undo the restraints on me? I can go by myself.” Xu Ziyue only had one nurse standing next to his bed because only one was needed to push him over. Once could only imagine how strong they must be.

Anyway, the nurses here were definitely different from the normal nurses.

“I’m sorry sir, the authority to remove the restraints is generally done by the doctors. We can only help send the patient over.” The female voice sounded extremely apologetic but the general gist of it was ‘No’.

Xu Ziyue looked up at the ceiling from where he was lying and could only sigh…….He had dug a hole for himself.

The nurse pushed Xu Ziyue into the elevator and, after reaching the 13th floor, she considerately pushed Xu Ziyue over to the innermost counselling room.

Xu Ziyue turned his head and watched the nurse knock on the door. Several seconds later, the door opened from the inside.

Shen Ci stood inside the room. When he looked out, he was taken aback by the scene before him and he couldn’t help but smile, “What a strange sight this is.”

The nurse stepped aside and slightly bent over and bowed, “Director, the patient has been delivered.”

Shen Ci nodded. The tone in his voice when he spoke to the nurse was significantly colder, “Mhn, you can go.”

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Xu Ziyue’s eyes widened. He looked at Shen Ci and then at the nurse who had turned and left.

Xu Ziyue asked, “Director?”

Shen Ci nodded with a smile, “Director.”

Xu Ziyue: “……”

Surprised? He wasn’t really surprised. Shocked? That’s not it either.

Xu Ziyue twisted his body in attempt to get off the bed but unfortunately, he couldn’t.

Shen Ci saw this and walked out of his room and bent down to untie the straps binding Xu Ziyue.

Since someone was untying him, Xu Ziyue could only remain still. He took in Shen Ci’s appearance and felt that an appearance of this level was definitely the boss! That’s why the identity of the hospital director shouldn’t be surprising.

After Shen Ci untied Xu Ziyue’s restraints, Xu Ziyue immediately got up from the hospital bed. He explained, “The nurse wouldn’t undo this thing for me, and I couldn’t do it myself. Since everyone is pushed in like this, it would be too strange for me to walk in so I asked the nurse do to it….”

Shen Ci nodded to indicate that he understood. He then stored the straps away, “But I did manage to see something quite nice.”

Xu Ziyue looked at the bed and then at Shen Ci, “You…..have such a hobby?”

Shen Ci smiled and didn’t say anything. He then turned to return to the counselling room.

Xu Ziyue followed behind Shen Ci and asked, “What are we doing today?”

Shen Ci turned on a switch by the shelf and warm and comfortable piano music sounded in the room. Hearing Xu Ziyue’s question, he asked back, “What do you want to do?”

Xu Ziyue became even more confused, “Am I not here for treatment?”

The room was a little quiet. Xu Ziyue felt that he may have killed the conversation.

If he analysed it carefully, Shen Ci indeed didn’t show any intention of giving him any treatment. If that was the case, then wouldn’t the reason for him to be called here be so that they could have some alone time together?

But it was only their second meeting. It didn’t make sense to do something like this.

But……He could test it out.

And so Xu Ziyue suggested, “I think this place looks good. I want to….take a stroll around this floor. Is that okay?”

Shen Ci raised his brow and then nodded, “Alright.”

As the director here, he could do whatever he wanted.

Taking Xu Ziyue around on a stroll wasn’t a problem.

Xu Ziyue found it even stranger. Since when was he so easy to talk to?!

But since he had already said it and Shen Ci agreed, they could only go and take a stroll around.

There were many rooms on the thirteenth floor. The first room Xu Ziyue choose to see was an exhibition style room. All four walls were covered with various award certificates, some of which were written in foreign languages that Xu Ziyue couldn’t understand. The ones in Chinese, he could understand.

They were all commendations for major treatment breakthroughs but the receiver of commendation was a ‘laboratory’, not a ‘sanatorium’.

“These are proof that there has been a breakthrough for countless terminal illnesses. It’s nothing to look at.” Shen Ci leaned against the door frame, staring deeply at Xu Ziyue.

Xu Ziyue glanced at the various commendations on the wall before walking back out. As Shen Ci said, there really wasn’t much to see, but he also found out something from this.

Turns out the predecessor of The Seventh Sanatorium, or it’s previous name, was ‘The Seventh Laboratory’.

Xu Ziyue walked over to Shen Ci and deliberately asked, “Doctor Shen, why is our sanatorium called the seventh? As a human, wouldn’t you naturally want to be the first?”

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