Revenge – CH2

Chapter 2

Old Wang searched around. Here, he couldn’t find a single cigarette. According to Zhou Wen, he already knew what had happened.

With no information and no-one coming to take the body of the university student, the hospital held onto the body for two days before sending it to the crematorium……Zhou Wen was too late.

However, Zhou Wen was an elite of Division 9. If he wanted to investigate something, it wasn’t hard.

The hospital and police station – In just two days, he had figured out what had truly happened but he had no evidence. What’s more, those high school students who dared to street race were not only underage, but also from a good background. With their family’s support, these obnoxious second generation youngsters disregarded the law and after hitting someone, they even went back a few times to ensure that he was dead.

Having that kind of background was actually no big deal for Zhou Wen who is used to dealing with the higher ups. It was just that their relationship with the local police and hospital was enough….enough to push all the responsibility to the deceased. And so, in a small part of Shanghai, a university student who was cycling home after finishing his home tutor job had died quietly without much of a commotion….

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Thus, the case was settled. All the evidence were destroyed and it was almost impossible to reopen the case.

Old Wang knew what kind of person Zhou Wen is. Despite having the word ‘Wen’ in his name, he was someone who liked to solve problems with his fists. (KKnotes: Wen (文) means literary/gentleness/culture). When he was just a rookie soldier, because of his excessive straightforwardness, he was often isolated by the others. Later, by chance, he became a member of Division 9 but his temper remained the same…..Yes, it was his personality that he liked about this soldier….

That person who grew from a rookie soldier who knew nothing about the world…….used to be regarded as the sharpest blade in the country……Who can guarantee that this same blade would not have any problems? And what’s more, for this blade to be pointed at his own country…….

Named as the “April 25th Murder Case”, the case is undoubtedly a high-profile case that brought the attention of China and the entire world.

Although there weren’t many deaths in this case; only eight, it still left a very, very large impact. Almost all the newspapers and TV stations were covering news related to this case and, online, discussions about the murder were endless. It was just that everyone had come to the same conclusion; the murderer is a pervert!

——If not a pervert, how could he kill the eight children using such cruel methods?

As for the reason for the murder, no one intended to look further.

Yes, eight children. On the evening of the 25th of April, eight children in Shanghai were killed. The method of murder was exactly the same. Although the police at first questioned whether they were all committed by the same killer, the obvious fingerprints left on the corpses clearly indicated that —– They were all committed by a single person!

“The murderer definitely had an accomplice. If it was just one person, it is impossible for him do all this in a single night! —- This was what the police spokesperson had said when facing the reporters. It was very convincing. Especially since all eight victims lived in high-scale apartments with top-level security and in different locations in the city. If it was done by one person, then how could he kill them all without anyone noticing and only having people discover the bodies the next day?

But the truth was actually the opposite of that. It was actually the work of one person.

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Zhou Wen, at eighteen years of age enlisted into the army and at nineteen, he was dispatched to work for the National Security Bureau. Due to his various achievements, he joined Division 9 and now he is twenty-six…..From this, it was evident how outstanding he was.

There are only about a thousand people in the National Security Bureau and these people, although they might not be the best in the country, are undoubtedly the elite of the elites. Zhou Wen, from a rookie soldier progressed into a member of Division 9 in the National Security Bureau, was able to demonstrate his ability.

However, Division 9 exists for the safety of the country yet he became the country’s cause of fear and panic….

After the “April 25th Murder Case” occurred, the entire Shanghai police force took action and established a team of experts for the case —- A case as influential as this, not to mention the with background of the victims, was enough to for a special task force to be formed.

“The murderer is clearly accustomed to killing. It is likely that he is from the battlefield and is proficient in torture. What I don’t understand was why he wanted to kill these children and even at such a big scale……” A middle-aged man spoke.

“That’s why I’m telling you that he is a pervert! To actually do those things to those children!” A woman in her thirties shouted as she pushed up the thick-rimmed glasses on her nose. She then said: “Right now, the biggest problem is that we can’t catch the culprit even with his fingerprints….There’s also the other issue of those four words “Eye for an eye” that was written on the wall in blood. Those children are all students. How can they have anyone holding that much grudge against them? Even if their fathers come from a relatively good background, it still isn’t much. Of them, the most powerful one is An Nan Tian who is just a slightly well-known CEO of a private enterprise in Shanghai………”

“If it was a grudge against the children’s parents, then they would have gone to attack the parents. The murderer had the ability to enter their homes to kill those children and could naturally kill them as well but he only killed those children and even used his own blood to write those four words …….” The middle-aged man who spoke at the beginning spoke up.

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“Used his own blood to write it?” A young man in his twenties asked. He had just joined the task force and although young, he still had the credentials that allowed him to join.

“Mr. Gu, we have confirmed that the blood was not the blood of the deceased and the weapons found in the scene also had the same blood traces so we can say with a lot of confidence that it is the blood of the murderer.” The middle-aged man spoke but he referred to the young man as “Mr. Gu”.

“So to say, I think the murderer has some sort of grudge against these children.” Gu Liang thought and said.

“But they’re just children…” The middle-aged man was confused.

“Zhang team leader, do you still remember those children entering the police station a while back because of a car accident?” A woman asked with a dark face: “Zhang team leader, that event left a very deep impression for me. The university student who was hit was really pitiful…..”

“The university student!” Gu Liang exclaimed. Everyone present also understood that this was definitely an important clue.

The middle-aged man immediately asked someone to bring out the case file. It was a common case in China that could happen any day; a university student running a red light on his way back from his home tutoring job and getting hit by a car. It was just that the witnesses of that case happened to be the victims of this case!

“Who on earth is that university student?” On the case file, teenager named Zhou Wu smiled brightly. He looked to be in his early twenties but when he smiled, he looked like a child and inexplicably familiar.

“Zhou Wu’s life is pretty simple. After his parents divorced, he and his brother left with their father and after the father passed away, they lived together with their grandmother. His family was poor and if his mother didn’t help out with finances, he would not have been able to survive. Later, his brother enlisted into the army and his circumstances took a better turn,” A women with the dark expression said this as she opened the investigation documents, “Because it was just an ordinary car accident, the case was closed very quickly. His brother was in the army for many years and could not be contacted, his mother had already started another family and his grandmother couldn’t come to collect the body so in the end we made the decision to cremate him. The father of this case’s victim, An Ping, also paid a compensation of five hundred thousand —- After all, although he ran a red light, he was on a bicycle and An Ping was on a car. Zhou Wu had always been a good student and after receiving the five hundred thousand, his family also did not have any dissatisfactions. In the end, it was just a car accident….”

“Wait! It’s very likely that this time it was to avenge Zhou Wu’s death!” Gu Lian suddenly interrupted the other party’s words: “Zhou Wu’s brother. What is the brother name?”

“Zhou Wen, just an ordinary soldier.”

“Zhou Wen…” Gu Liang fell silent. He was no stranger to that name.

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———-“Your mom, Laozi was beaten black and blue to catch this drug dealer and you get half the credit?”

The first time Gu Liang saw Zhou Wen, they were not close. He who had just graduated from university originally wanted to sail through life smoothly was naturally not seen favourably upon by those who had to rely on their own abilities. At that time, he liked to look down on others and, with a gentle and warm façade, he internally cursed at the others and their ancestors. But later, he just had to be saved by the man that he disliked the most; a man with absolutely no background or support. At that time, he was an egotistical young master and felt that he had given the other party an opportunity to perform a good deed. It was only until later at the hospital when he saw Zhou Wen who had broken three ribs and lost a large chunk of meat from his leg expressing his happiness to Old Wang —— just because he had received a bonus.

At that time, seeing the other person caring about his younger brother more than his own life, as an only child, Gu Liang had to admit that he also wanted an older brother like Zhou Wen. It was just a pity that he is older than Zhou Wen by two years.  

——–“With this bonus, my brother won’t have to worry about his university fees! His grade are so good so he must attend university. I heard that there are lots of fun things you can do in university, and you would need money to join their clubs…….Not to mention making friends, if he could find a good wife that would be even better. My bones would not be broken in vain……”

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Gu Liang who was holding onto the case file suddenly didn’t know where to put it. The situation had just become extremely simple. Apart from Zhou Wen who had entrusted all his hope and his entire future to his younger brother, who else would do something like this? Who else would have this kind of ability?

“Zhou Wu’s car accident. Could there be something else to it?” Gu Liang suddenly asked.

“Yes! Some have said that those children were street racing…….”

“I understand.” Gu Liang stopped talking and only poked at Zhou Wu’s photo with his finger.

The people in the conference room looked at the silent Gu Liang with surprise until “The March of Justice” suddenly started playing.

Gu Liang grabbed his phone that is playing “Use our flesh and blood to form our new Great Wall” and smiled apologetically before leaving the room. He leaned on the wall outside and pressed the answer button, “Hello”. Li Shao Yu’s voice came from the other end.

“The case you are in charge of this time was done by Zhou Wen.”

“I already know.” Gu Liang felt his throat constricting and the words could not come out smoothly.

“In fact, Zhou Wen came back two days ago to surrender but Old Wang suppressed the news. Not to mention, his identity is too special……Zhou Wen is about to break down. His only brother that he cared for had passed away like that.….” He could hear the voice of Li Shao Yu who had always been indifferent tremble: “Zhou Wen said to me that he does not regret it….”

“Cough,” Gu Liang cleared his throat. “Why did you call me?”

“Wang boss wanted you to tell the media that the case has been closed and the culprit has been caught. He will be executed in two weeks and also, although the superiors do not want the public to know too much, the victim’s family can go and meet the murderer.”

“I understand.” Gu Liang didn’t hesitate and hung up. He strode back to the conference room: “I just received a call. The culprit has already surrendered. Of course, the following events at the court no longer has anything to do with us. I just hope that everyone can prepare with dealing with the media.”

Gu Liang said it all in a single breath and once again glanced at the sunny photo of Zhou Wu on the table. He took a deep breath and continued: “Tomorrow, I will go and explain everything to the victim’s family. The press conference will be held the day after tomorrow.”

“Mr. Gu, who is the murderer? What should we say?” The middle aged man questioned.

“The murderer…” Gu Liang smiled: “The murderer is just a brother who loved his brother too much.”

“Is it Zhou Wen?!” someone exclaimed but Gu Liang just continued looking at the photo ——– Your mom Zhou Wen. Your brother’s mouth doesn’t look a single bit like mine!

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