Revenge – CH3

Chapter 3

Recently, An Nan Tian never had a smile on his face but everyone around him expressed their understanding.

How could someone who had just sent of their old child smile?

Not only did An Nan Tian suppress his smiles, he also suppressed his tears.

“Ping er ah…… Ping…..” An Nan Tian listened to his wife’s nonstop cries and his heart felt even more unconfortable. Since that day when his wife Liu Yuan went to call her son to have breakfast and witnessed that bloody and horrific scene, she had barely slept and only cried day and night. During this short period of time, she had lost more than ten kilograms. It was more effective than any of the weight loss methods she had tried in the past…….Thinking this, An Nan Tian felt his eyes stinging. Seeing the originally plump Liu Yuan dry up into a twig, his tears almost fell but he couldn’t let himself break down. This family only has him left to depend on!

“Don’t worry too much. Take care of your body. The murderer will definitely be caught.” Directing the others to place a glass of soy milk and some buns onto the table, he again said: “Come and eat something. Don’t hurt your body.”

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“The murderer! What use is capturing the murderer! I just want my Ping er!” Liu Yuan threw the soy milk to the ground which immediately flowed across the wooden floor. An Nan Tian sighed and waved for the housekeeper to come and clean up. Having originally come from a poor background, Liu Yuan had never broken anything and even hated seeing water on the floor afraid that the floorboards would be ruined. But now, she no longer cared……

An Nan Tian took out a cigarette to smoke. Liu Yuan originally didn’t allow him to smoke so he only smoked a few times for business but now he smoked up to five packs a day. Liu Yuan who hated the smell made no move to stop him.

Without that out of control son of his, the family was destroyed.

An Nan Tian is not a native of Shanghai. When he was young, he was also poor. With Liu Yuan, they were poor to the extent that they had to borrow money to fund their wedding. It was only until later when he used his art background and started a business in glass sculptures that he was able to make it big. From a small shop to a small factory and later moving to Shanghai and even involving himself with the construction industry, his business expanded…..

But no matter how big the company is, and no matter how much money he made, what use was there? He, An Nan Tian, had lost his child and his child was murdered!

An Ping was a child that only arrived when An Nan Tian was in his thirties. At first, because he was busy and did not pay attention to Liu Yuan, they had lost two children and afterwards, she no longer became pregnant. When the two had lost all hope, they suddenly had An Ping. You can imagine the degree of love and doting they had for An Ping. At that time, Liu Yuan also decided to devote herself as a housewife and no longer dabbled with the business.

An Ping grew day by day and had all kinds of problems but, in the end, he was still a good child. Last month was Liu Yuan’s birthday and he bought her a big cake and even gave her a footbath……At this moment, that footbath has already been washed several times with Liu Yuan’s tears.

The new housekeeper carefully cleared things up and saw An Nan Tian once again call someone to comfort them —— In addition to Liu Hua, An Ping’s grandparents from the countryside were also very upset. As a result of hearing the news, An Nan Tian’s mother ended up in the hospital.

On this day, An Nan Tian had not been on the phone for long when the doorbell rang. Without needing anyone to prompt her, the housekeeper immediately went to open the door.

From outside, four people dressed in police uniforms walked in.

“What are you coming here for?! What for?! Bastards! Why don’t you go and catch the murderer!” Li Yuan screamed like a madwoman and grabbed the man at the front with a horrendous scar across his face.

The policemen did not speak and just slowly pried Liu Yuan’s hand off a finger at a time: “The case is already closed. Today, we are going to bring you to meet the murderer.”

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“The murderer?” Liu Yuan suddenly froze. She then laughed as tears poured out her eyes: “The murderer! I want him to pay for it! I want him to pay for it! Hurry and tell me where he is! Tell me now!”

Just as An Nan Tian wanted to hold her back, Liu Yuan had already fallen to the ground and fainted. He felt his heart writhing with both happiness and grief and couldn’t help but feel a complex mixture of emotions within him. Eventually, he also spat out a mouthful of blood.

The scarred policemen watched the scene indifferently and without any expression: “Send them to the hospital first.”

When An Nan Tian once again woke up, he was on a car with Liu Yuan lying beside him and an IV needle in his arm. Around him were the policemen who were at his home and the scarred man sat beside him. As his eyes met the eyes of this person, he was shocked. There were no signs of emotions in his eyes apart from indifference, as if he didn’t care about anything.

“I want to go see the murderer!” Although An Nan Tian was shocked, he also knew that the man would not hurt him. Otherwise, he would have done so already.

“We are on the way now.” Li Shao Yu who sat next to An Nan Tian said this as his eyes flashed with coldness. He knew that as the country’s weapon, he shouldn’t stand on Zhou Wen’s side but deep inside he couldn’t help but feel upset for Zhou Wen.

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Zhou Wen’s love for his younger brother was very clear to all his colleagues. As long as he wasn’t on a job, he would always take out his brothers’ letters and read through them whenever he is free. They would often go out for a mission that lasted for a few months and when Zhou Wen returned, there would be dozens of letters addressed to him from his brother. He had watched him open those letters with a stupid grin on his face and show off to the others. The others would clamour to beat him up but they couldn’t help but feel a little envious…

Zhou Wen had always spoken about his brother. Every day, the topic that he talked the most about was about his younger brother. On the day Zhou Wu had his college entrance examination, he and Zhou Wen were undergoing desert training. They were thrown in the middle of the desert to fend for themselves and while the others tried to conserve energy and refrained from talking, Zhou Wen chattered on about his brother’s results and his future. At that time, seeing his chapped lips and peeling skin, he couldn’t help but envy the little brother who was protected so well by his older brother.

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This time, Zhou Wen over did it and no one could protect him….

Li Shao Yu sighed. If it wasn’t for Zhou Wen being unable to find any evidence to convict those murderers, if it wasn’t because his brother’s death led him to lose all hope in life, then maybe he wouldn’t have made such an extreme decision? People like them, if they wanted to kill someone without leaving a trace it was very easy but of all things, he used the most extreme methods to enact revenge…..

An Nan Tian watched as the police car drove out of Shanghai and the scenery became more and more remote. Once again, his heart started slamming against his chest. The murderer wanted to meet them but the murderer is actually at such a remote place?

The car drove on for another half an hour and headed towards a newly established cemetery. An Nan Tian’s face changed and immediately his head was covered. The design of the cover was strange. Not only could he not see out of it, he also couldn’t open his mouth.

An Nan Tian wanted to struggle but the people around him held him down. Having lived in comfort for so many years, how could he have the ability to break free?

Just as An Nan Tian was starting to feel despair, the car stopped and the cover on his head was removed. He looked outside and only saw a steel building concealed by surrounding trees and a pair of soldiers guarding the entrance.

Is this a prison? An Nan Tian watched the police wake Liu Yuan up and helped her out the car.

“Follow me.” Li Shao Yu said and no longer spoke.

An Nan Tian supported Liu Yuan and walked very slowly. Seeing this, Li Shao Yu also slowed down his pace. The group of people entered the small green metal building and after a few bends, they went down some stairs and walked down a long passageway passing by several expressionless soldiers. An Nan Tian realised, this definitely was not something as simple as a prison. Naturally, this place must belong to the country. Could this be a secret base? But why would we come here to meet the murderer?

Li Shao Yu brought An Nan Tian to a room that was divided into two halves by thick iron bars. An Nan Tian entered and saw the other parents of the victims there as well. Having undergone the same things, these people were also very thin and pallid. Many of them also had a fearful expression on their faces. Li Shao Yu walked towards the corner of the room and the door slowly closed on them —– Everyone had gathered.

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